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4 Reviews for Butterfly Maze Magic

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Good blade for learning strokes. Nice handle. Good feeling.
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I have this with Dignics 09C on the forehand and Dignics 05 on the backhand, both 1.9mm.

It's the strangest thing: The blade is up there in speed for a wooden blade. It's at that last level before the slowest offensive carbon blades. However, it doesn't FEEL like it's fast. When the ball registers, you feel that sorta "enveloping the ball" feeling on its good-sized sweet spot. But yet, you can really get some mean punch on attacking backhand blocks and full topspin shots on either side. So, it has all the gears when teamed with hard, spinny rubbers like Dignics. It also feels nice and light when you have to react as quickly as possible at the last second. Serves are as ideal as can be with this blade. Perfect touch and spin can be had every time on the serve. Defensive serve returns are quite easy too, as the blade doesn't have a problem keeping the ball low and short with hard, fast rubbers. This blade is great with an anatomical handle. It is the finest quality of wood, of course, because it's from Butterfly and because it's made in Germany. Japan and Germany are known as the manufacturing kings of the world. So even at this low price, you're getting double your money's worth compared to any other company. Butterfly are like what Fender are to the guitar industry. They can make the best stuff at every price point. And even 2nd place will cost 30% more for the same quality. Plus, Butterfly makes the best stuff overall. So, you really can't go wrong by getting everything Butterfly that you can. For example, I'd rather have Sapphiras than anything else at its price point. Don't necessarily worry about the stats too much. Butterfly have insane standards compared to everyone else. When Butterfly says a rubber is 87 speed, it probably means it's more like 100 in any other company. Same goes for spin. And they last the longest too. They get the most out of boosting and they're a status symbol. You just feel better when you see that Butterfly logo on your gear. No other company does that. So, don't mess around with cruddy Chinese stuff. Pay just a little bit more to get the Butterfly made thing at whatever price point you can afford, in any category. It's worth it.

This Maze Magic blade is equal to 80-100 dollars in any other company. And the bonus of seeing that Butterfly logo on your racket is priceless. If you can't do it with a Butterfly, then you're just not doing it right. With Butterfly, all things are possible.
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Amazing blade. Bought is as a backup and equipped it with butterfly roundell hard on forehand and the medium roundell on my backhand and I use it as my main racket now. So light and great for offensive and blocking and it comes at an amazing price.
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Amazing blade for a cheap price. Very light and comfortable with a straight handle. Fits nicely and is fast for a 5ply and wood blade. Great for offence players who don't wanna pay the price of an exspensive carbon blade.
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