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Reviews for Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC (12)

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very heavy, very bad in every area, the worst butterfly blades. MUSHINESS on the highest level, I hate this blade it plays like stratus powerwood but with worse feeling
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After 6months this should get the worst blade on earth award.
Medium soft feeling
Bad touch because IT is very mushy like every clone
Bad behavior in blocking
Very good spin on service
The weight distribution is worthless, its too heavy on top and handle is empty. My hand Hurts after 1hour of playing.
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Spinny, fast with enormous control , great touch in passive short game, nothing is better than this one. I love how easy you can change space from spinny Looping balls to easy blocks from every area. I think this is funny when you receive and you can block like samsonov, spin like apolonia but at the same time there is no Cons so you can have equipment to your prestige and you will play better . You must give time to play because sometimes this blade little bit change and you get more control in power shots because your timing will change,
The best butterfly blade and probably will be discountined soon. Better buy now than never.
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9.5/10 for OFF style. FH: Butterfly Dignics 80, 2.1mm, 47g (0.23g/cm^2), 40 degrees (Shore A). BH: Donic Coppa X1 Turbo Platin, 2.2mm, 44g (0.217g/cm^2), 47.5 degrees (ESN), 37.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC, 87g, 157mm x 150mm x 5.7mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Limba - Limba - ZLC - Ayous - ZLC - Limba - Limba.
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having played with a Joola Fever before, this paddle definitely adds to the speed and possibly also the spin of my shots, but it is and it feels heavy enough to slow my reaction. esp transitioning from underspin to topspin is more difficult with this paddle.
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What a blade...Uhhh...I used many faimous blades before, like Timo Boll ZLC, Timo Boll Spirit, Nittaku Acoustic, Xiom Stradivarius, DHS MaLong 5, Viscaria, but this blade have the best feeling. Far away is the best of all. Everything works better with this blade. A lot of spin, a lot of control, a lot of gears, fantastic block. Is an amaizing blade. Worth every penny. When i put this blade in my hand... I have a strong feeling of confidence. Mistakes are forgiven with this blade. Every stroke goes in right direction. No kind of errors. It'a a blade who make points. You have a winner senzation with this blade. Paired with Dignics red - backhand, Xiom Vega Pro black - forehand, give all kind of quality performance. This blade is a diamond. Also great and clear unique sound. Also very beautiful. Very good job, layer ZLC.
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92 gr FL. Very good with medium soft rubbers, good dwell and control bear-medium distance. Looping Machine, softer and slower than viscaria 87 gr, same rubbers. Little vibration and woody feel. Best blade for me so far. Ventus spin fh and ventus soft bh.
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90g. Compare to DHS HL5. Rubber t05. HL5 best for topspin far from table, more to linear trajectory. IFZLC best for medium distance looping, high arc with spin.. Soft ifzlc>hl5. Vibration hl5>ifzlc. Flex ifzlc>hl5. Speed hl5>ifzlc. Spin ifzlc>hl5 for close table loop. Far from table hl5 speed n spin is better. Handle both small. It still a hard blade if compare to any allwood or alc blade. Not for beginner. I have many blade but no one can perform like this one, thin, flex but fast. Soft touch when slow hit but fast enough when hit hard. It will "holding the ball" if u have the skill. High level player that like to fast spin loop close table will appreciate this blade imo. Not a blade for beginner. Heavy price but no regret.
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As good as the old ZLC.
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Having played Avalox for so many years, BTF Innerforce ZLC comes a bit too quicker, fantastic on long loop far from table, for short returns can try a bit harder and require more techniques. Spin, fast, but need to work on control. Its 1st class of speed and spin, 2nd class of control, well comparing to avalox. The control is said to be good but it doesnt tolerate ur mistakes as much as avalox do. But surely better than average blades.
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Soft woody feel, glassy sound, carbon stability.
Slower than IF Layer ALC by a notch and a bit more linear a bit more flexible (just a bit), visibly faster than Korbel JP (new batch). Great blade for allround spin play. Passive and active playing possible due to enough speed and rebound.
Works pretty well with T05/H3(tuned), great dwelly outers + deeper composite layers.
Medium to Medium-Low throw angle, with high throw rubbers works perfect.
Sweet spot is also great. I am not sure but I can't directly feel the carbon (but there is a glassy ping and stability), this blade vibrates a bit (just a milisecond) but this gives good vision of the ball patch.
One of the best control blade around there (same "can't miss" feeling like TB ZLF/Ai Fukuhara).
I would rate it as lower end of OFF range, not OFF- at all.
Really close to IF Layer ALC but with surely softer feel, bit more vibrations, little slower but dwellier.
I would even not compare this one to Garaydia series (much thicker) hence different playing characteristic (I owe ALC one and they tends to be better at snapping ball rather than spinning it).
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Nice blade, great quality and pretty good playing characteristics.

Having said that... there is nothing about this blade that justifies the insane price! Innerforce Layer ALC is about $100 cheaper and plays better in all aspects. I can't think of one reason to recommend this blade over a cheaper blade of similar style -- unless maybe you have a fixation with the yellow handle!
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