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8 Reviews for Butterfly Kenta Matsudaira ALC

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Perfect control, good rotation, super quality, narrow handle, best product from Butterfly
After one year im not impressed, too slow
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Bought from Japan retailer. Very expensive blade but quality is the best and I had 45-50 butterfly blades and even super zlc mizutani is not in the same shelf. Kenta is more selected handmade material than other butterfly blade.
The feeling is hard but spin is propably the biggest positive when you want give your opponent lesson, how to dance..
Put Rakza 7 soft on BH and Fastarc G1 on fh and look how your opponents will be helpless in blocking your spin.
The flex of blade gives you extra ton of rotation.
Definitely suited for plastic balls
Blade is slow and its better for player who plays near the table.
Price+ International fees+ shipping makes you cry but who cares when you have piece of art.
This blade should be in museum of art sitting next too Viscaria, 9ply clipper, Jonyer Hinoki, Primorac.
It's funny because it's only for Japan market and I didn't see any Kenta in Europe and this is the reason why blade is unpopular
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special blade and plays very similiar to Tb spirit
But it has more flex
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a wonderfull piece of art by butterfly. the quality of the blade is supreme, the feeling is amazing. first of all i have to said that the handle is a litter thinner than TB ALC (for me was great), almost the same speed but kenta alc has better control. if u want to use this blade i recommend u to use tenergy in both sides but if u dont want to waste a lot of money in rubbers u can algo use acuda, bluefire or xiom vega or omega rubbers . chinese rubbers in butterfly blades are not compatibls ( every time when i put a hurricane rubber in a bty blade it always dissapoint me )
if u want to use hurricane rubbers i would recomend u to buy the hurricane long 5, it suits better in that blade.
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This blade has very good control and feel. The handle is quite small compared to any blade that i have been used and it gives a loose movement that can impact a spinier loops. If it combined with wrist movement, it will create a great spin attacking loop.

To do backhand flick, it is so easy with this blade. I used a soft to medium sponge to do it for example Donic Acuda S3.

Because of its small handle, sometimes i felt like i have loss the way to hold it like I always do. All I need is to run couple of stroke then it will bring back the control feeling.

From my opinion, this blade is suitable even for beginner to play with. This blade will help you improve so much because of its incredible feel. For a beginner, you just need one blade to bring you to next level and going to top level.
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I stick to 2 different blades, a 729 bomb and this one, this is my main blade. Its a great blade, the narrow handle actually gives me more stability to my shots, theres more spin i get thanks to the narrow flared grip. I had several different rubbers put onto this, dhs h3 neo, boosted h3 neo, donic bluefire m1, donic bluefire m1 boosted, gambler aces,friendhip 729 higher tension they all felt great with the exception to donic bluefire m1 unboosted, it was too hard and madey style of play suffer. Hurricane 3 boosted was the most fun of all rubbers i put onto this blade. I would recommend sealing this blade before putting any rubber on just for peace of mind of not destroying this racket.
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Insanely good for players who want an offensive blade that is capable of doing good defense. I use it with Tenergy 05 on BH and Tenergy 05-FX on FH. Nice mix between control and speed. Not too fast not too slow, just right. I recommend either using Tenergy 05 or Tenergy 80 with this one.
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Nice blade for controling dan smashing such as Kenta Matsudaira style. A litle bit faster than Timo Boll Spirit, regarding to stifness of this blade. The handle of this blade very comfortable for Asian player, because the handel more thin dan flat than Timo Ball Spirit.
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