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3 Reviews for Butterfly Hadraw SR

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I tried to pair with a few rubbers as t05, Rakza 7 soft, Xiom Vega series, andro hexer, and... feeling and control not fine 6 out of 10.
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This is my first customized ping pong paddle. I played with multiple paddles in comparison including Killerspin Jet 800 N1, Double Happiness 4002 and Stiga Evolution. This blade, along with Tenergy and Sriver rubbers, gives me the best control of the ball.

I highly recommend this product.
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My new favorite. Its like the Hans Asler or Clipper that's well used and has ,"aged",liked a good wine.
My ,"Clipper", and ,"Zhang Jike", are wonderful but for a player and trainer of 17 years this seems to be the best I have come across in a long time as you will see this by my reviews.

The Tenergy rubber sheets are top notch but Mendo and Mark V still do the trick for me.

People will often go for the fastest Carbon one and not realize that the extra speed is immaterial if they cannot return serve or play basic shots possible. Its like trying to do Calculus and Applied Maths if you cannot do basic Arithmetic.

A friend and colleague of mine played in the German 2nd league for many years and never used a blade other than a Stiga Allround and a Donic Allplay

I digress-this is a wonderful blade and one that you will like and use if you want one that is fast but has a great feel and compared to many blades that are one the market has control- ten out of ten.
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