Butterfly Zhang Jike

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• The blade named after & used by the 2011 World Champion, Zhang Jike from China.
• The front of the blade is emblazoned with a classic Chinese dragon motif!
• Enjoy the popular vibration reduction characteristics of Arylate & the added power of Carbon in this fire breathing beast!

Arylate fiber layers will reduce the amount of vibration at impact. Much like Carbon, Arylate also enlarges the size of the sweet-spot making the racket more consistent. This characteristic will generally result in a racket with a ‘medium’ or ‘soft’ feel which is ideal for players who emphasize spin or require more touch. Or you can get the best of both worlds and try an Arlyate/Carbon combo blade.

Class: OFF
Feel: Medium
Plies: 5W+2AC
Speed: 91
Control: 60
Weight: 89g
Blade Thickness: 5.7
Blade Size: 157x150mm
FL Handle Size: 100x25mm

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Reviews of Butterfly Zhang Jike (16)

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 External Review on December 5, 2012
This blade is perfectly balanced, you can do everything with this blade, because of medium stifness and its superb control this blade is perfect with 2 T05 max! very good! This blade will become legend!
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 External Review on November 21, 2015
I had purchased and I have been practising with it , my forehand is SKYLINE TG3 blue sponge and my backhand is Tenergy 64 , first experience it is fast blade , I have tendency to play loop and it feels great , short push and flick work precisely as you want with tension rubbers (backhand) as the forehand you need more power to excel in the spin , and if you are not then the ball will always bounce to the net, push , drive and flat shot and drop shot are consistent . This blade offer you more than you know only if you able to dig depth into it. I think tacky rubbers and mid speed rubbers are very compatible with the side if forehand. Block is very good but not perfect and combined with high tension rubbers if you choose non tension it will block with slower speed and your opponent still can catch your block . One hell of consistent blade .
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 External Review on November 12, 2015
This blade like Viscaria, TBS, TB alc but nice handle
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 External Review on December 10, 2014
I find that this blade as the better felling of all viscaria familly (viscaria, TBS, TB alc, Zhang jike, ZJK alc). The FL handle is the best and yeah the felling is even better than it is on vthe other "viscaria clones". Works great with Tenergy 80 both side.
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 External Review on July 8, 2014
The blade is damm beautiful and have a good control due to is really an offensive blade. I too am its user.
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 External Review on January 8, 2013
A beautiful blade with great aspects.
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 External Review on November 12, 2012
I played with the Primorac for a long time because it is a very good all-round blade. I didn't move up to a Primorac Carbon, some believe it is the follow up but it really is too big of a jump in speed, OFF- to OFF+. I decided to go with an OFF racket. I wanted significantly more speed though so I opted for an Arylate-Carbon racket. Between this and the Viscaria, I would say this is better due to the more comfortable handle. I use this racket with Sriver 2.1 on both sides.

I have played with my coach's Primorac Carbon before and it was very fast, due to the carbon fiber. You can see the thin black lines running along the edge. Here with the Zhang Jike, the lines are thin but alternate between blue and black. I guess the blue is the Arylate. Upon playing with it in a warmup I noticed no speed difference from my Primorac. This was disappointing. Then I started hitting harder, and suddenly the Carbon came into play. After that, even my soft shots had the power of Carbon.

The best comparison here is that the Arylate acts as a sleeping drug on the Carbon to give the blade more control. Hit softly in the warmup and you will have incredible control. Then you start hitting harder and you wake up the Carbon, suddenly all of your shots have amazing power behind them. Yet, the Arylate still stays in remnants, limiting the Carbon's power slightly but at a great benefit as it now still has a great amount of control.

Overall upgrading from an OFF- or just a wooden blade you will be very pleased with this blade. It took practically no effort to hit my normal flat forehands and spinny loops. This blade is absolutely amazing for loops. Once I started hitting with normal effort my loops were great, as fast as my previous loop kills. Of course when I hit a hard kill or a loop kill the ball was a bullet. And yet I could still place it where I wanted it. Great blade for loopers, you won't be disappointed. It had the power of Carbon but the Arylate makes it controllable. Buy this, you won't regret it.

I have been playing with this blade for 6 months now... it definitely is very controllable and the speed is about as much as any intermediate player should need. The control is fantastic and so is the dwell time. If you want to counter left and right leaning over the table you can do that precisely. Standing well back from the table, you can execute spin-loaded loops right into the corners with more kick than cayenne pepper. Overall, if you want a looping blade, this is probably the best one you can get. It has a beautiful soft feel and enough dwell time to put tremendous amounts of spin and control on the ball, and the carbon layers give it enough speed to become atomic.

Might be switching back to this from my Primorac. I recently became a chopper but still have aggressive looping tendencies. I actually find this blade better for looping and chopping than an all wood blade. Creates good heavy spin and good speed when necessary. Good damping in the short game for heavy pushes. Gears are kind of messed up. I usually hit the ball very hard downwards and let it bounce, then hit it again, over and over, about 9-10 times before playing with it, to wake up the carbon. Otherwise my shots have no gears, Power shots have no power. Gears overall are a little weird but a great blade still.
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 External Review on October 2, 2012
i prefer this over the Viscaria, mainly because of the nicer handle. anyway the blade is 5.7mm and not 7.1mm....
Plays like the TB ALC IMHO. i cannot feel the difference between the two. i find that the TBS, TB ALC, Viscaria and ZJK to be very similar. excellent blade. currently using Nittaku Fastarc S-1 FH & BH.
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 External Review on September 16, 2012
Fatastic blade. I use it with two T05 2.1 and it's perfect, VERY good on blocks, very good control and also fast enough (faster than my TBS). Even if is not yet a best buy i reccomend to all offensive players,that wants a good control too.
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Review by sidhant on September 11, 2012
It's a very good and light blade my coach just bought it and it is very fast when you are looping you don't need to put a lot of power
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