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The Timo Boll T5000 is an update on our classic Carbon Series.

This is uncompromising all-out power blade perfect for the power attacker.

The Boll T5000 features a large sweet spot, hard feel, and produces tons of power for point winning loops and smashes. The Timo Boll T5000 is a perfect match for any of Butterfly’s new high tension rubbers.

Speed: 100
Control: 70
Weight: 90g

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Additional Information

FAQ: Does Megaspin sell Japan-made Butterfly blades?

Some Butterfly blades like Korbel and Grubba are produced in factories both in Europe and in Japan, so they exist in 2 variants. When a Japanese blade has a Europe-made version, we always carry the Japanese variant. Other blades like Butterfly Timo Boll Offensive are only made in China so we cannot carry a Japanese variant of these blades.

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Reviews of Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 (18)

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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 on April 19, 2018
I asked for the lightest blade with anatomic handle and it weighs 85.9g measured 5.5mm thick. Has very beautiful patterns and quality. Razka 7 soft is suitable for both sides, but I have it on FH & Razka 7 on BH. The feel is not too hard it's just right and has good feel with very little vibration when hit hard due to the T-5000 carbon absorbing most of the vibrations. The speed is very fast. equal to Primorac Carbon. but slightly slower & not as bouncy as my JMSZLC but with better control. Faster than Zhang Jike SZLC with comparable control & spin. I like this one the best. It can do all kinds of shots: touch shot over the net, slow, or fast loops, flicks underspin. I adjusted to it within 20 minutes. It's one of my favorite blades so far. The T-5000 carbon works great on a thin blade like this with perfect blend of speed/control/spin. why bother with the other newer innovative composites like the ALC, ZLF, ZLC & Super ZLC. Butterfly just wants you to try all of them and your money. Here is the summary of my review:
Speed=9.6. Control=9.2. Spin=9.5. Feel=9(solid & clear), Flick=easy. Flex=6.5. Hardness=6. Balance=good. AN grip=nice shape but small. Dwell=avg. Smash, flat hit & Drive=excellent. Throw=med. Serve=excellent. Sweetspot=huge. touch shot=excellent. Overall=9.7
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 on March 21, 2017
Been using for less than a year. It is an awesome powerful blade, good with tibhar mxp forehand and xiom omega v.
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Review by guest_2ox3rvyz (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 on September 24, 2016
This blade is simply incredible. It has an ultra crisp contact, and with an ST handle it fits like a glove. I really don't know why others complain about the control, with spin art on both sides the placement was impeccable, and the spin was great, the ball's fly arc was perfect, I also use a ZJK Super ZLC, and this will make shots that would go into the net with the ZJK, as the arc on it is much lower. This however is a wonderful blade for the highly offensive player.
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Review by vclaim (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 on January 30, 2016
Very fast blade. Use it with tibhar evolution mx-p rubber. It fit my game well
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 on May 29, 2015
Its really fast blade and not for everyone u should have good footwork...i use t05 on fh and t05fx on bh ... u can loop , smash, if you have good feel u can chop, it is fast, but control is great.. for short play its bouncy so it need training to get used to it..flicks are easy,throw angle is high, but not to high , and topspins are fast, not crazy fast.. there are faster blades, like kilerspin diamond c , off ++(+) from dhs...
, so if u feel that tbs or alc and other off blades are slow for u, u should try it...u can give nice spin on serves..
if you dont train few years with good trainer then dont even think about doesnt feel to stiff and hard , it has nice feel...
one of the best blades that i used..
speed is simular to samsonov carbon, little bit faster, with harder feel and more control , little bit higher throws...
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 on July 14, 2014
awesome power
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 on April 19, 2012
a Good look and Green Grips which i like! :D
But this Blade is nearly a fail.
Its fast but theres no Good Control, a Bad Ball Feeling Bad Touch and it performed Strange!
There are better blades on the market for Sure.
I think they just producer it to Finish the Boll blade series!
That failed. What a Pity that such a Good Looking Blade in green can be so poor.
And its expansive too!
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 on February 2, 2012
best for offensive .... i recommend
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 on January 28, 2012
best blade for offensive players...
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 on December 25, 2011
koto slim help dis time

cabon at 2 plies is spring in blade

kiri center help loop

this blade is tension in blade on 2 plies

thank timo boll and butterfly at help deside this blade
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