Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF

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Named after China' elite player, Liu Shiwen
Designed to suit the close to the table, quick-fire machine gun like attacking style of Liu Shiwen Contains ZL Fiber technology which provides excellent bounce and lightness. Innerfiber construction enhances playability by providing improved dwell time. Decorative mythical bird motif on front.

Class: OFF
Feel: Soft
Speed: 87
Control: 81
Plies: 5W / 2 ZL Fiber
Weight: 86g
Blade Thickness: 5.6
Blade Size: 158 x 152mm
FL Handle Size: 100 x 24mm

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FAQ: Does Megaspin sell Japan-made Butterfly blades?

Some Butterfly blades like Korbel and Grubba are produced in factories both in Europe and in Japan, so they exist in 2 variants. When a Japanese blade has a Europe-made version, we always carry the Japanese variant. Other blades like Butterfly Timo Boll Offensive are only made in China so we cannot carry a Japanese variant of these blades.

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Reviews of Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF (18)

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 External Review for Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF on August 30, 2017
Does everything well.
Topspin away from the table is especially amazing. If you dont miss the ball, it'll never miss the table. Consistency of shot and spin is otherworldly.

Also very light (mine is 84g), can do the good but heavy spinny rubbers.

Dont think ill ever want a different blade
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 External Review for Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF on August 11, 2017
I love this blade awesome will say one of my favourite blade used Victas Koji Matsushita Offensive little heavy them Butterfly Liu Shiwen plus lighter bat like try new thing.
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 External Review for Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF on October 1, 2016
very good blade. easy to play and very flexible
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 External Review for Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF on April 14, 2016
Light offensive blade with large sweet spot, good combination of speed and control, and very easy to play.
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 External Review for Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF on January 17, 2016
Great blade...switched from my Jonyer H after 15 yrs with the new ball, and boy, my shots have that punch once again. great touch close to the table and then explosive power with the "klick" sound for fast mid distance looping. Smashes are powerful too. A great Allround Attacking blade for the modern game....its the Jonyer H of the modern game. Forget Carbon..this blade gives you great touch for the short game, generates great spin (similar to my Jonyer H), explosive power mid distance for looping, great blocking and suited for the modern allround attacking player. It is a quality blade...expensive but quality. I like the thin FL handle..very similar to my older Jonyer H. Slightly head heavy...but that is good as the pros always use head heavy bats. Butterfly engineers got this blade right (I guess it started with the innerforce ZLF techno!
logy). Lighter than most carbon blades. with exceptional control and spin, with explosive speed when needed.
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 External Review for Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF on January 12, 2016
Un lemn foarte bun cu control si viteza mare. Eu joc cu Tenergy 05 max pe Fh si Rakza 7 soft pe Bh. Un lemn bun pentru toate tipurile de joc si cu un simt deosebit .
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 External Review for Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF on December 6, 2015
The proposed weight is 82g and mine is 92g. This shows how much variation the blade can be. Haven't tried mine,, but it is supposed to be like INF ZLF.
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 External Review for Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF on May 26, 2015
This year (2015) the manufacturer came out with straight handle version too, which is a bit bigger then the original flared version. Similar like the innerforce series straight handle. So the straight handle version has a bit wider connection between the handle and the blade which results in less vibration and just a bit stiffer feel and comfortable to male / bigger handed players.
I tested the flared version. The blade is a quality product, nice finish and design. Small chinese style handle, even small for my girlfriend. I tested the blade with Donic Bluefire JP01 on FH and JP03 on BH.
The blade has a sorft touch and a nice woody feel, but not much vibrations. Speed is around ALL+/OFF-, but because of the soft touch and the bit tacky JP sheets feels ALL+. The blade is very linear in terms of speed, with high dwelltime gives inormous control. This blade is a looping blade smashes are only good close to the table, midrange strokes are very weak. Looping is very efficient even in midrange, because of the high dwelltime every type of topspin play can be achieved. Spinning up heavily chopped balls are piece of cake. Counterloops are fine. The other big thing is dropshots and drop pounches. These defensive elements can be preformed with very good control and nice speed.
My girlfriend is using this blade at the moment and I recognised, that her loops became stable, with this blade she plays more consistent.
Overall: very good blade for looping and close to the table. Ideal for girls who play counterhit game but want to loop, strategy ALL/OFF-, quality product.
Bit small handle, costs a bit much. Update: Works well with MX-P (fh) and EL-P (bh), but this setup has more vibrations due to the sponge hardness difference between Fh and Bh, please don't use rubbers with more than 4 degrees (european) difference in hardness.
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 External Review for Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF on November 15, 2014
Easy to play and lots of control depending of what kind of rubber are you going to use. Very good in looping and smashing. After experimenting different rubbers I found the best combo for this blade are T05 FH and T80 BH. Perfect combo! Try it and you wont regret.
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 External Review for Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF on June 26, 2014
I have tried TB ALC, ZJK ALC, TB ZLC,and now I want to try this blade
FH: Andro Rasant Power Grip
BH: T-05FX

Awesome setup... easy to play
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