Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk

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Collaboration Model with Joo Saehyuk

• Perfect for defense as well as quick counterspins far from the table.
• The enlarged head of the blade provides the necessary control for chopping and blocking.
• The Joo Saehyuk is first choice for defenders who rely on heavy spin combined with fast topspins due to the hard feel.

Class: DEF
Style: Defense
Plies: 5W
Thickness: 6mm
Made in: Japan

Head Size: 165x156mm
Flared Handle Size: 100x24mm
Straight Handle Size: 100x23mm

Weight: 103g
Reaction: 104
Vibration: 85

Additional Information

FAQ: Does Megaspin sell Japan-made Butterfly blades?

Some Butterfly blades like Korbel and Grubba are produced in factories both in Europe and in Japan, so they exist in 2 variants. When a Japanese blade has a Europe-made version, we always carry the Japanese variant. Other blades like Butterfly Timo Boll Offensive are only made in China so we cannot carry a Japanese variant of these blades.

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Reviews of Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk (20)

Review by zhangweizhe (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on February 27, 2019
I use it for all around game, and I really like the size, my sample from megaspin weight 103g, and 99g,
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on May 16, 2018
The best blade for modern defender. No vibration and consistent for chopping far from the table. The weight is a bit more than normal blade but it will not affected the fundamental of your defensive style.
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on March 27, 2018
Llevo tres mese usandola y me a enamorado. Una gran madera con muy buen control en tospin y cortando desde atrs. Uso tenergy 05 1.9 mm en la derecha y va genial.
El problema viene en el revs, estoi usando la grass d tecs 0.5mm y va rpida.poco control y el bloqueo es dificil, sale disparada. Conocis alguna goma de picos que encaje perfectamente en esta madera?
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on November 20, 2016
I've used this blade for a year and a half now. The weight of the blade I got is 102gr. I know, it's very heavy. The guy from our t.t. club got the same blade, but the weight of his was 91 gr. So, be aware of occasional variations. The Joo Se Hyuk blade is oversized and when paired with heavy rubbers like DHS Hurricane NEO 3 (max) + long pips with sponge will make it physically demanding to play with such heavy racquet. If you want to get this blade make sure to be physically very fit, otherwise you won't like it. If you play classical defense with this blade you will be disappointed, because this blade will not give you that feel of the ball you're looking for. It's a stiff blade that gives you some vibration when you loop with it. Though, control is good and there's enough power to chop and effectively loop away from the table. I found this blade to be very consistent when smashing and attacking close to the table as well. INVERTED RUBBER that proved to be consistent on this blade are: 1)Butterfly Tackiness Drive 1.9mm, 2)DHS Skyline NEO TG2 (max), 3)DHS Hurricane NEO III (max). All these rubbers gave me ability to chop and attack very effectively from any distance. The weight of this blade became a problem when I put DHS rubbers, though I have to admit my chops and loops became mega spiny!!!
When it comes to LONG PIMPLES, TSP Curl P1-R (1.2mm), DHS Cloud & Fog III (1.0mm), worked awesome on this blade.
All in all, Joo Se Hyuk is a very good blade that will make happy most of the Modern Defenders that are very well physically fit. Otherwise, you're risking to put this blade aside and use something lighter with similar properties.
NOTE: due to resent change in rules and policies to a new plastic ball, heavier blades and physical conditioning will be priority number one among t.t. players. So, I think Joo Se Hyuk blade will find many admirers for that reason.
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on September 27, 2016
a Defensive Master Sword of Omen! . . . Dangerous Effect when you installed Defensive type of Rubbers and Pips.
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on March 26, 2016
To be clear here... this is a FAST defensive blade!

It's essentially an over-sized offensive setup. Very hard, very stiff.

If you're used to playing with any of the slower defensive blades (donic defplay, matsush*ta, xiom aigis, etc.), then be prepared for a real shock! This plays very little like those.

Not to say anything negative about the Joo blade. I simply want to inform potential buyers of what to expect. If you attack more than you chop or about break even, then this blade will probably work for you. If you enjoy doing opening loops and having enough fire power to drive back even the most stalwart attacker... this will do!

If you prefer doing classical defense and chop, chop, chop all day long -- then you might want to look elsewhere. The Joo blade sacrifices some control for a more potent offensive gear. Blocks well also as a result. Stiff! Relatively heavy blade by itself, coupled with the over-sized frame, and you can imagine how heavy it will be with dense rubbers. For reference -- the Joo blade with Tenergy 05 fx on both sides weighs in at about 198 grams. Now you can see why they generally use pips on one side of this! :p
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on September 4, 2014
if you are a modern defender. this will do
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on March 17, 2013
It is no exaggeration to say that Joo Sae Hyuk blade is the ultimate blade for the defender if we take in to account the different models available in the market today from various brands. It is one of the best, if not the best, available today. It is hard and fast. It has practically no flex. It needs these properties to help the defender to attack or top spin when necessary. First let us look at the pimple rubbers part. It pairs very well with TSP Curl P 1 R 0.5 / 1.0 + long pimple rubber. Another popular choice of defenders, Feint Long II also matches well with this blade. Depending on the comfort level one should choose the fore hand rubber and the sponge thickness for the same. It is always better to start learning with the best rubbers in the business, the defender friendly tensor rubbers in near max sponge thickness. Andro Hexer and Tenergy series rubbers were found to be OK. This blade seems to excel in the long range defense when compared to its use in the short range or close to the table blocking. Joo Sae Hyuk is very good in generating low flat path cut balls or chops close to the table or from a distance on either the back hand or the fore hand. In this business this blade is simply great. Joo Sae Hyuk is not the best choice for the close to the table OX pimple blocking strategy. There are superior options for that. One can control the short game very well with the Joo Sae Hyuk blade and it is purely a matter of practice. It is certainly an improvement over the Diode blade in many ways. Diode itself was a great defensive blade. One just needs to find right rubbers for that. There are no warping issues with the JSH blade. This blade is very durable. It is a heavy and expensive blade. You would not regret the investment you made in this masterpiece once you master this weapon. Good luck!!
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on June 1, 2012
Wow, I mean, just wow. Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk is one of the perfect blades for all Defenders. I paired this with a Donic Gallardo Sound, and a certain DHS pips (I don't remember the name) and brings out an extremely awesome feeling when you close up a point with a simple topspin drive stroke. It gives a smooth stroke to every chop you make, but you need to be picky for your corresponding rubbers. I recommend long pips, not short pips on this one.
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on December 16, 2011
I loved JSH ST. I gave an overall 8 because the blade is just way too heavy. I've tried 2 in the past, they were 108g and 103g. Well, you can use LP OX on one side to keep it light, but still a little too much after about an hour of chopping and looping.

This blade is very tricky, it is slow when using DHS H3 NEO, and fast when paired with a fast rubber.

For testing purposes, I used YinHe M2, 37 deg (I love M2 37, it's got a sticky surface and great speed) for FH, and Pogo LP OX for BH. Hitting and looping was a breeze. Since it is a heavy blade, there is no need to chop harder than just an easy/smooth BH chop.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for the choppers. I would use it if it is not so heavy.
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Review by vbakh001 (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on September 5, 2011
This is high quality blade.
Very easy to chop and loop with.
In order to get maximum benefits from this blade player MUST BE in excellent physical shape to move a lot, otherwise you will change this blade for a blade that is slower and softer.
JSH blade is excellent to play far from the table.
I'm using this blade with:
FH: Yanus DF 1.5mm
BH: Octopus 1.2mm (LP)
This combination works amazing for me.
I went up with this blade blade from 1700 to 2200 for the period of 11 months only.
I highly recommend this blade for a modern defender.
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on July 12, 2011
the blade is good for choppers, mixing a little looping is also fine. overall, the blade is good but handle is quite small for me
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on March 28, 2011
se nesesita una alta tecnica para poder cortar desde lejos tiene buen control al ser pesada da potencia y segun la goma que tengas
yo ahora uso una tenergy 64 y una feint 2 1.1 al ir mejorando se nesesita defender mas de lejos por los topspin del oponente y la feint 2 1.1 pierde potencia y llega muy por la red haciendo que nesesites un trajo mas fuerte para que llegue a la otra punta.
pero en lo personal prefiriria que sea un poco mas flexible y suave si tengo que puntuar la sin tener en cuenta mis gustos personales le doy un 9 la madera es rigida y dura no al extremo pero lo es
cambiare a una de puntos con espesor de 1.6 y vere que pasa
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on February 13, 2011
I didnt like this bat when I first tried it. But the more I used it the more it grew on me. The only thing I dont really care for is the handle. Kinda slick. I prefer the Defence 2 handle more. Great for chopping and looping. Will work as a classic or modern defence. Is somewhat heavy but I like a heavy blade. Bty says 100g. Also very expensive at close to $100.
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on December 30, 2010
truely that this blade isn't for every one, but when i tried this blade, it was slow when i chop, but when i put a bit power on the blade, the ball was just disappear when it come out of the blade, and of course my enemy lost that point :D
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on December 15, 2009
high quality 5 ply drive-looper's dream. If the surface is smaller, it could be a great offensive blade. Watch how Joo plays, this blade is truly designed for exactly his style.
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on June 28, 2009
This is the best blade i ever tried!
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on November 2, 2008
That's nearly perfect for defenders. A bit top-heady, but I can play this blade quite well.
You can play very complanate with lots off control. Topspins and swats, too.
But when you're near to the table you have to play very focussed, 'cause the control ist not as good as far away from table.
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on September 6, 2008
Great for modern defensive players, high control and wonderful speed for a defensive blade. I really liked the feel of the blade in my hand, the handle was perfect for chops. Only downside is the steep price tag, especially for a defensive blade which get banged around more I find.
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 External Review for Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk on February 29, 2008
I know this is a defensive chopping blade, but I couldn't get over the fact that it felt dead. I should mention I'm a blocker, not a chopper. The weight wasn't too bad compared to the MPS and it's nice and thin, but . . . it's not for everyone!
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