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The Innerforce ZL Fiber represents the next generation of Butterfly's high-tech ZL line of blades. This blade is similar in design to the Timo Boll ZLF, but with some major modifications. The Innerforce ZLF features a slightly thinner center core and larger ZL Fiber secondary plies. The head of the blade is also somewhat rounder in shape. The result is that maximum control is maintained while increasing the blade's speed. More ZL Fiber in your blade will help you bring out your own "Innerforce" in your play

Speed: 91
Control: 79
Play Style: OFF
Weight: 86g

Wood Ply:5 W/2ZLF
Height :158mm
Width :152mm
Thickness: 5.6mm
Blade Feel: Medium

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Reviews of Butterfly Innerforce ZLF (12)

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 External Review on October 18, 2009
this blade is just like an advanced version of the photino, but with a bit more speed and control. just like my review of the innerforce zlc, every shot with this blade will go exactly where you want it to go and it's speed is unstoppable. I used this with tenergy 64 fx forehand, and roundell backhand, both 1.9 thickness.
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Review by ruisilva on May 5, 2015
The ZLF Fiber is the perfect blade for all round and offensive play. Super Dwell time, great speed and feeling of all wood.The blade as premium butterfly finish and FL handle works excellent to hold. I have paired it with T80 on BH and T80FX on FH which makes perfect match in heaven.
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 External Review on October 21, 2014
Very light blade evenly balance, I would say weight is more concentrated in the center with heavy rubber . Blade has excellent control and speed not too fast, the materials used on the blade does favour to put alot more spin as evident with louder click when looping. This has been tested with same rubber different blade happen to be a butfly alc aswell. The feel of the blade is medium but feels softer when spining also you can feel the flex with big strokes evidently the curve that it produces is amazing. The blade goes well with medium rubbers , but I suppose its individuals choice. I can't find any thing bad about this blade , honestly you can do pretty much everything if you a spin attacker, power smashers look somewhere else. Compareing with tbs I would say they both are looping monsters but with different feel, thus medium hard or medium feel. I would say both innerforce zlf and tbs are in a class of their own. I like both.
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 External Review on September 22, 2013
This is one of the best blades I have ever used.

Very good control and when you play topspins, it is like the ball is sticking to the racket. I never believed, that the wood could have so much influence!

However, I do not like the design of the grip. The yellow colour looks dirty very soon, as do the edges, because of the sweat.

I cleaned the grip after every training so that it would look "new" longer, but this only removed the writing.

So, if butterfly reads this:

Great blade, but please change the handle. And use some varnish at the lower part, to avoid darkening please..
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 External Review on February 27, 2013
very nice blade with a lot control and feeling . 89 g . i m really love this blade
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