Butterfly Garaydia ZLC

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Powerful High-Reaction Model With ZL-Carbon

The ZL-carbon provide the stability for the attack. Create a very good feeling with a lot of spin but still keep the ball trajectory low. Garaydia ZLC suitable for close to the table both wings attack style. A little vibration give the paddle even more feeling for blocking and looping.

Class: OFF
Style: Attack
Plies: 3W+2ZLC
Thickness: 7.1mm
Made in: Japan

Head Size: 157x150mm
Anatomic Handle Size:100x25mm
Flared Handle Size: 100x25mm
Straight Handle Size: 100x23mm

Weight: 86g
Reaction: 122
Vibration: 137

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FAQ: Does Megaspin sell Japan-made Butterfly blades?

Some Butterfly blades like Korbel and Grubba are produced in factories both in Europe and in Japan, so they exist in 2 variants. When a Japanese blade has a Europe-made version, we always carry the Japanese variant. Other blades like Butterfly Timo Boll Offensive are only made in China so we cannot carry a Japanese variant of these blades.

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Reviews of Butterfly Garaydia ZLC (15)

 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on April 30, 2020
I own many awesome blades and this one sits there at the top along with my Donic Waldner World Champion '89 blade (both with different characteristics but with the same results). Paired the blade with Tibhar Evolution FX-P MAX on both sides. Very powerful when hitting hard and the sound is music to the ears. Great combination for blocking and ball placement. Very nice control with a medium trajectory as long as proper technique is used. The blade is well constructed with thick Japanese Hinoki outer plies, ZLC, and Kiri center ply. The blade without rubber weighed 91 grams and when the rubber and side tape was added the total weight is 186 grams (perfect) using 2 digital scales for accuracy and both had equal numbers. When comparing the Garaydia ZLC to the Donic Otvcharov Carbospeed blade with the same origin and make-up they almost sound identical with the same great characteristics and playing ability. The one feature I do like with the Garaydia ZLC is how well the flared handle sits in my hand (very comfortable). Great looking blade give it a try. 5 STAR blade with a 10.
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 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on December 21, 2019
I use the T5000 and now I bought a ZLC because the Garaydia model has been discontinued and there are few left - I don't think there will ever be a new Butterfly model with Hinoki so thick on the outer leaf.
When compared they are similar, both OFF +. ZLC is slightly slower with slightly higher arc. But due to the ZLC, the control and block on the table is much better and the contact time with the topspin ball is longer - now I have no difficulty attacking underspin services. Services have more effect.
Overall, the ZLC model is undoubtedly better and the energy dispersion of the ZLC material on the topspin blocks is incredible: in such fast wood it is easy to block aggressively but also the soft block with the ball bouncing two or more times in the opponent side.
In short, it is an OFF +, very thick and good quality Hinoki wood in the outer sheet which produces surprising good control in the block and in the short game. Now I use ZLC with Tenergy 05 (FH) and 05FX (BH): my game is still fast and aggressive but I have better control.
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Review by hans_huysmans65 (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on September 9, 2018
Great Blade for the advanced player has good control and touch. Not heavy and has large sweet spot with lively speed when needed. I use with Rasant R47 spin 2.1mm Rubber on my Forehand and Rasant Hexer 1.9mm short pips Rubber on the backhand.Well worth the money. Has increased my performance by 20% - 30 %.
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 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on April 29, 2018
What a powerful Blade. It is very fast, and also has a nice throw angle, plus the zlc carbon and the thick hinoki outer ply gives It a nice touch. It is not balsa in the center, it is Kiri. For me, It was too powerfull, I gave It to my coach for a better usage.
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 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on October 24, 2017
Amazing blade! Superb control and touch! The blade is fast, but with feeling.
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 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on October 14, 2017
Great blade with Tenergy 05 FX max on both sides :) Topspin is very powerfull and the rotation is awesome :) Control is good for me with this rubbers
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 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on July 9, 2017
Very well balanced in terms of speed and control. I've used many blades, Viscaria, Schlager, Innerforce Layer ALC.S, Rosewood NCT VII, Intensity VPS V, Clipper Wood, and maybe only Viscaria comes close to such balance. Close to the table attacks are very efficient with strong support for away from the table counterattacks. Good dwell time to generate powerful spin. Short game gives all-wood like control. The best blade for my style of play.
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 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on January 27, 2017
Once you learn to tame the beast, so to speak, blocks are much easier! Really being able to utilize that "airiness" comes in handy, and soon the true control of this blade is unearthed! So, it may feel too fast to begin with for most.


Loops are stupendous! Heavy, loaded, and not super speedy. A good amount of dwell time really lets you load up on the ball. And despite its thickness, the ball doesn't actually rocket out all that fast. Sure, it has a quicker kick than defensive blades such as the innershield ZLF. But nothing like a hard 7 play all wood blade, where you feel as if you're playing with a 2x4 plank!


The short game, again like the blocks, is really fantastic! The backhand flick feels like a dream! Great touch over the table. I've never been a great pusher, so my opinion here isn't worth too much weight. Having said that, I didn't fare any worse with this blade than any other.


Smashes - not ideal, due to the airiness I keep mentioning. If that is your game, you may want to look elsewhere.


Chops - doable, yet not too forgiving as the blade is fairly fast


All in all, a truly magnificent weapon!


Pros: Light weight, spinny with good dwell, very controllable once tamed, large grip, solid blocking, soft 'airy' feel


Cons: price, too fast for some styles or experience levels, doesn't chop or smash very well, unforgiving during initial uses, you have to enjoy fast blades
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 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on April 28, 2016
Such a beautifully crafted blade. Of the 15+ nice blades I've owned, this one (along with the alc version, which I also own) feels by far the most premium. I thought that a control rating of 9 had to be exaggerated before i purchased it. However, the level of control and feeling is remarkable in such a quick blade. While promotional material describes it as ideal for close range play, I find that it is a fantastic mid distance weapon as well. While I love my garaydia alc as well, the zlc has that lethal extra kick away from the table that make a difference in a tight match. I play with T05 FH and T80 BH, and aggressively looping underspin is a breeze with this setup. While the short game will never be my strong point, i was pleased with this blade's performance in the short game. I am undoubtedly honeymooning with this blade, but I simply love it so far. The only caution I would give is that the Garaydia zlc would probably be a little aggressive for anyone under solid intermediate level.
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Review by pinknoise (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on April 27, 2016
Awesome product. !!
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 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on April 11, 2016
Mine is a chinese penhold with 05 fh and rzkza x on the back. Excellent power with so many gears, esp so much power on the fh with soft feel. I've also have the alc it is also good but less power but still a very good blade, i've got nittaku h3 neo national on fh and provincial on the back. I've tried about 25 blades in 5 years I really like these two, worth every penny I paid.
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 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on December 1, 2015
I was hesitant to make the move to this paddle, as I was fairly happy using my donic black devil carbon, which was the fastest blade at the club, but it just seemed that my game had to revolve around the playing characteristics of that blade, so I was tempted to get the garaydia t5000, but speed isnt the say all be all, or else I would still be using the black devil. Once switching to this paddle, the price tag became obvious, well worth the money, there is a reason for that price. In the short game, it is very dynamic and controllable, with a light touch. For away from the table, it has enough power to rip the ball, and best of all, it is flexible enough to impact tremendous spin, and allows for easy looping. My game has now been able to evolve in all categories, as this blade CAN do it all, at a high level.
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 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on July 12, 2015
Just bot this marvelous product . Played once,and just one word for it-ASTONISHING! Due attack acts almost like off+. Exeptional spin and flat smash. Spin can be made far,close,or even from table.During passive game,you feel able to continue,or attack at once(as you wish). Flip goes easy,so i disturb my opponents quickly. In defence,feels smooth,mild ,very precise. I just love this one. In block,chop and spinning is very forgiving. Comparing to TBALC, everithing is twice better , even sound. Craftsmanship-i think BTfly just scored !Blade looks like piece of jewel...My Garaydia weights only 81gram,with rubbers exactly 180g. I use Xiom Omega IV pro max. Maybe with T05 would act even better,but i dont know how it is possible?
Was too amazed with speed that i was not thinking well about control. So,control is zero! I had at same time Innerforce ZLCZLC(old version), with same rubbers(T05) - 5 times better blade is innerforce in all aspect of play...
Be very attentive if you wanna buy Garaydia-does not worth money Butterfly ask(180eur). I switched to Xiom Vega tour and just now i see what is true quality of blade
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 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on July 6, 2015
Hello, I just have to say that centre playwood isn't balsa, be carefule fellous. Good luck.
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 External Review for Butterfly Garaydia ZLC on June 13, 2015
Brand spanking new for 2015 is a very fine and exquisitely designed blade from Butterfly's latest offering. It has the latest cutting edge design technology with ZLC and this blade is absolutely gorgeously stunning as well. I really like the green jade jem placed on the lower part of backhand side of the handle - such a beauty to behold!

The 1.6 mm thick outer Hinoki plies on both sides feel like heaven and provides very little vibration. You can really feel like you're gripping the ball. I don't believe outer plies this thick are even available on any other blade in the market - let alone in Kiso Hinoki.

For me personally it is just a bit fast and harder to control when paired with Tenergy's. However if you're over 2200 you'll probably do just fine. That's when you can make the speed really shine.
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