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29 Reviews for Butterfly Spin Art

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9.6/10 for ALL style. FH/BH: Butterfly Spin Art, 1.9mm, 50g (0.246g/cm^2), 48 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Tibhar IV-L Balsa, 70g, 157mm x 150mm x 7mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood): Ayous - Ayous - Balsa - Ayous - Ayous.
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Effing awesome.
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I use spin art 1.7 at my backhand for control and to kill the third ball near the net. On my forehand I use tenergy 05 hard. I used to play with tenergy's at my backhand but they are to sensitive for incoming spin and weird services. I changed to shriver original and that helped a lot. I missed the spin though. So now I am using spin art. You have to get used to spin art because you have to brush the ball. You need a good technique. If you don't have good technique do not try this rubber. Forehand strokes and backhand strokes differs from each other. This is my strategy with the modern ball. Hard rubbers are the way to go forget soft rubbers.
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Speed: 8.6
Spin (Chinese Style): 10
Control: 8.4
Weight: 51g in 2.1 (0.252g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 48
Gears: 7.3
Throw: 3.7
Fast Loop: 9.9
Slow Loop: 10
Counter Loop: 9.6
Touch: 9.4
Block: 8
Smash: 7.5
Slice/Chop: 9.5
Serve: 10
Flip/Flick: 9.3
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.9/2.1
Durability: 6.9
Value: 7.3
Overall: 10
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Ratings for 1.9mm. Spin Art is a very hard rubber with a medium tacky surface. Compared to Tenergy 05 it is has more gears, low gear is slower for touch shots and high gear is fast for loops or smashes. I have used Spin Art 1.9 on the backhand of Timo Boll ZLC and Timo Boll ZLF. It weights about 49g cut in 1.9. Chops are loaded with spin. Backhand loop is direct, fast and with lots of rotation. Service receive is better than with Tenergy or Rasanter - the rubber grabs the ball and slows it down due to tackiness. Service receive is why I switched to Spin Art since it is often what decides the point - if you pop the ball even a little too high and your opponent is decent then they will kill the 3rd ball. With Spin Art I have more control over the ball placement, speed and rotation so I win more points because I can vary my shots so that my opponent is less likely to know what I am going to do. When attacking, Spin Art is especially deadly with off the bounce top spin close to the table. The rubber doesn't really bottom out because it's very hard, even harder than Nittaku Hurricane 3 Pro Turbo. Durability is similar to tenergy, the edges break off easily. Dwell time is short on soft shots so it's better to be active. Keep moving!
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Speed: low (8.6).
Spin: high (9.4).
Control: very high (9.8).
Tackiness: medium tacky (5).
Weight: heavy (51g, 0.252g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: hard (59/48).
Top sheet hardness: medium hard (51/38).
Gears: above average gears (7).
Throw: medium high (5.7).
Consistency: always identical (10).
Durability: lasts longer than average (6).
Top sheet thickness: average (1.7mm).
Surface thickness: average (0.8mm).
Pip length: medium (0.9mm).
Pip width: average (1.7mm).
Pip spacing: average (0.7mm).
Overall: good (9.3).
Value: expensive (3).
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Very problematic rubber. Speedy, but nothing close to chinese rubbers. Very uncontrollable in comparison to Hurricane 3 or Tenergy 64 on Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk blade. Very few gears. There is absolutely nothing it does better than H3, therefore it has almost no good characteristics borrowed from Tenergy. Neither loops or chops are satisfactory. Only blocks were slightly acceptable, but still very few control and mostly only long trajectory. Balls are easy to receive by the opponent. Like the rubber is absorbing all the useful power you generate, and remains just fast pretty simple ball without room for variations. Footwork makes sense, but just up to the moment you place the ball on a table. Trying to increase the power results in lots of misses regardless of the stroke preparation quality. In other words the efforts are not worth.

Maybe it doesn't play on JSH, but still it's one of the worst rubbers I have ever dealt with. Also tried on Butterfly Korbel SK7 (and to play against) - without significant improvement over JSH. Moreover it's price makes overall impression even worse.
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It is a speed and spin rubber, can be used in many different ways and speeds, it differs on the holder style. Smashing will give it a lot of speed, making it spin from a place lower than the table with low speed and lots of rotation, or more speed and just a bit less spin can make the ball fly if you do not have the experience to control it, but can be a very accurate if held by a experienced player. As a result the rubber sure is very good and I recommend to all people that like a speedy and full of spin game.
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Hey! This is my review for Spin Art 1.9 BH and 2.1 FH, which I compared to the Andro Powergrip 1.9 BH and 2.1 FH.

Long story short, the Spin Art takes home the prize easily.

About Spin Art:
-The rubber is somewhat hard, but not really hard
-Insane directional spin
-Great power
-The spin resulted in great control

Now I will compare the Spin Art to the Andro Powergrip by naming which one is better in each particular category.

Spin Art

Spin Art

Spin Art (mostly because the spin)

Andro Powergrip

Returning serves:

Both aren't great for defense, but they work.


Spin Art = Harder than Andro Powergrip
Andro Powergrip = Softer than Spin Art

About the same when new, but the tackiness effect on the Spin Art lasted longer and was slightly more noticeable over time.

? - I have not worn out the Spin Art yet, but the tackiness effect seems to last a little bit longer. The Andro Powergrip lasted 2-3 months of 6 hours a week (48 hours to 72 hours of play time, about).

That's all! Overall, I choose the Spin Art as a preferable rubber for an offensive or modern defensive player that knows what they are doing. I don't recommend either of the rubbers for beginners or those just becoming intermediates.
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COMBINATION OF Tenergy 05 + DHS Neo Hurricane 3; it has a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF POWER!! Deadly Attacker, suitable for hard hitters...Attacks like a Super Croc! ZUPERRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr.....
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Amazing Rubber!, but u should have trained some time before buying this rubber though . You have to work more with thoose type of rubbers with hand sponge, its not like an soft tensor rubber. However its an amazing rubber with lots of spin go try it!
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Like h3neo married springsponge. And thats a good thing! Takes some time to get used to. Very very nice!
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This is an absolutely amazing rubber from Butterfly. Having tried most of the high-end rubbers available on the market, Spin-Art demolishes Tenergy in almost all aspects of the game. Let me break it down for you:

Speed: You need FOOTWORK to unleash the monster. Tenergy may be more forgiving (because of the softer sponge), but with this rubber you need to bend your knees and transfer energy from lower body to upper body. Better technique = better results. Amazing speed on all loops, flicks, and smashes.

Spin: A bit less than its tacky Chinese counterparts (think DHS Hurricane or Tackifire C), but still, very impressive. Serves are a breeze (especially sidespin serves like pendulum, reverse pendulum, tomahawk, etc.) Third ball attacks can be very spinny, your opponent will have a hard time blocking your loops. But again, FOOTWORK is important! Same with pushes, very spinny, lots of backspin.

Control: Simply amazing for such a fast/spinny rubber. Pushes are easy to control, chops work well, very few unforced errors on loops.

Disclaimer: I use a black 2.1mm version on my forehand, on a Butterfly Millerga blade. My USTTA rating is ~2100.
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Got this a few weeks ago (16/1/13), have had chance to play a few times now to give a review. using 2.1 Black on BH of Tibhar Stratus Powerwood. The rubber is heavier than the T80 I am using on the other side, 51 grams cut.
The rubber gives huge spin, particularly on pushes chops and serves, more than any other rubber I have used including Tenergy. Those who try to loop my chops and pushes really struggle even the technically better players are struggling to deal with the amount of backspin. Control is good and blocking is ok. Heavy topspin can be generated when needed on the backhand. Not as fast as Tenergy but was never designed to be. Sponge is hard. Good for allround game with great spin and control. For looping chop not quite as easy as with Xiom Omega IV Pro and lacking a little speed but this could be compensated for with a faster blade
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At first, I find it hard to adjust with this rubber but after i got used to it, I found out that the spin of my return had improved a lot...... I suggest this to players who wants spin without losing control. But the price still bother me.
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I was previously using SpinArt on my backhand with T25 on forhand with a Bty Timo Boll blade. Yeah, plenty of spin. Yeah, fairly quick. But. tbere are downsides to thisrubber: a) hideously expensive; b) quite heavy; c) there is no "feel" to the rubber, you have no feel of the ball. After I moved away from SpinArt my game improved. I now use Donic Coppa Platin JO FH and BH on a Donic Persson OFF blade. Quicker than Spinart (and T25) with maybe slightly less spin, but much more feel and control over the ball.
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I have this rubber on both sides of a Hurricane King blade and I can tell you it is amazing in short game. Spin is max you can get from any rubber, control is god as well and speed is medium to fast.
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It is like a cross breed of TENERGY 05 and TACKIFIRE C. ;)
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Best rubber you could have in spinning
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Excelente Caucho, lo compré hace una semana y he practicado solo 4 horas, mi servicio mejoró y el topspin es mas agresivo. Muy buen control. Solo me disgusta el sonido, la espuma es muy dura y el sonido es un "tack" mu agudo.
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heavy, but definitely spinny. tackiness makes this rubber feel like a classic chinese rubber, only with the spring sponge tec.
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Spin! not for lazy style!
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Just great! Unbelievable control on loops with great spin. Switched to Spinart from Vega Pro. I think Spinart is superior in all dimensions. Too expensive, though.
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Coming from using European/Jap rubber, this sort of chinese rubber gave me hard time at first. In fact i hated it. I had to change my technique, especially for topspin and cut. But once i changed my technique, after about 2 hours of practices, i realized this thing is a beast. So much control and power and spin. One thing if i have to say is that you cannot be lazy with this rubber. Proper form and footwork, power transfer from lower body to upper body is must.
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definitely good for chopping and high spin loops, but not very fast. for faster but less spinny loops try tenergy 5. I use this rubber with tenergy 5 black 2.1 and spin art red 2.1 with timo boll alc. works like a charm but slightly heavy. spin art definitely lives up to spin levels but not as fast as i expected. definitely good for short chops with deadly spin. definitely the spinniest rubber so far in the butterfly family i would give 8.5/10
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very good for backhand.
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Just Perfect! perfect for my game.. ^^ Spin and Speed is great and the control is awesome.

Opening loops, Counterloop and service return with this rubber are an ease.

Passive Blocking is also very good. Not much kick like Tenergy series but still Great.
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This is a hard version of Butterfly's spring sponge with a *slightly* tacky topsheet.

When you take it out of the packet it feels really hard and very heavy - like a concrete slab. Looks like a Tackifire topsheet on a harder spring sponge. I suppose a lazy way of describing it is a hybrid of Tenergy and DHS Hurricane 2/3.

It's not outright quick in general play, and it seems very controlled in the short game and for service returns. Flicks, pushes and blocks are all good. Looping is slightly tricky, because it's not massively tacky for brush looping and it's very hard for a euro style stroke. But I really liked hitting - if you put some beans into a smash, you get good results from the sponge. If you rip the 3rd ball over the table then you get good spin. A lazy stroke won't get you much spin though.

I bought T05FX for a more controlled version of Tenergy, but I actually prefer this more. I don't mind hard and heavy rubbers though, so if you're into soft tensors then this will be quite an adjustment for you. Really very good!
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nice ,really nice
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