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Butterfly Feint Long II

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Long Pimpled Rubber For Steady Spins

• The effect of long pips-out rubbers is maximized when the pips are easily bent & deformed.
• The thinner & taller the pips, the more effective.
• The aspect ratio (the length of the pips divided by the width of its top) of Feint Long II has reached the limits of the ITTF rule.

Class: Long Pips-Out
Surface: Pips-Out
Style: Long Pimpled Rubber

Speed: 62.5
Spin: 32.5
Hardness: 38

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Reviews of Butterfly Feint Long II (14)

I think this is a much underutilized rubber these days with so many new pips on the market. I decided to commit to learning this rubber over the covid lock-down and can say there are many fine qualities to this rubber. First off, I have used P1r over the years, as I primarily try to play as a modern defender. FLII has a denser sponge which immediately adds some more control when it comes to handling spiny balls. The pips are also much more stiff than the P1r. That being said, with a good chop one can send very troubling balls back to your opponent. My ball tends to fall shorter on the table than with P1-r, this will take some adjustment. These pips (at least in 1.1 sponge) do not provide much in the way of spin reversal, although one can learn to chop-block close the table for deceptive and tricky shots, side swipes also work fairly well. The true power in this rubber lies in the control and the ability to produce many varieties of shots, one can nearly hit like an inverted player (pushes are much easier with this than with P1r or FL3). Great rubber, give it a try but expect to put in the work as it doesn't reward passive play.
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After playing few months P1 I tried yesterday FL2. Way easier to play. Lot of own spin, easy to manage spin. Nice blocking and attacking if U want. Great allround lp. Much more forgiving than P1R. Chopping is very stable and controled. Staying with it for now.
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Awesome for: beginning longpip players, low level table tennis for consistency, for all around gameplay, still works at high level table tennis.

Chopping is good, not the nastiest chops but enough to force mistakes... especially after chopping more than one topspin in a row it starts to shine. However the real hurt you can put on your opponent comes from the ability to also place the chops easily and consistent at the right spots.

On drives this pip is nothing to write home about. It doesn't produce anything special and your opponent won't be impressed with the horror that can be long pips. However you'll be able to place the ball where you please and smack a short high ball with easy as a change-up. Which is basically all you need if you are a chopper who rarely attacks with the long pip.

The pip is a bit faster than most I tried but it's not hurting the consistancy by much.
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Coming from inverted rubber. First tried Curl P4, and then Feint Long 2.
Feint Long 2 has better control and also easier to chop with. I felt like I can do more things with Feint Long 2. Love it.
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Good pushing and push/chop
Flat hitting at awkward angle, sponge makes harder flat hitting, removed it
Good chopping, low throw and spins back to middle of table if chopped to long.
Durability: 8.5
Mixed long pip/short pip feel, would recommend one or the other
Nonetheless, fun to play with and troll sometimes. Would not recommend to first timers that chop or play defensive
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