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17 Reviews for Butterfly Feint Long II

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Really nice controlled long pip. Displays uniformity in quality and consistentcy. I like as it plays both chop/def and decent hitting abilities. These are essential qualities in a modern defence scenario.
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Very nice pimples to learn defending. It is very controllable and easy to use. Defending far from the table is its best strength. Close to mid distance is not for what it is designed for and where it falls off compared to other long pimples.
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I would say that this rubber is great for someone who wants a more "offensive" choice for their rubber.

This rubber is made out of a softer rubber compound (which could give it more spin).

Therefore, this rubber could be a great choice for a player with an attacking style of play (such as a player who likes to push their opponents back).
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I think this is a much underutilized rubber these days with so many new pips on the market. I decided to commit to learning this rubber over the covid lock-down and can say there are many fine qualities to this rubber. First off, I have used P1r over the years, as I primarily try to play as a modern defender. FLII has a denser sponge which immediately adds some more control when it comes to handling spiny balls. The pips are also much more stiff than the P1r. That being said, with a good chop one can send very troubling balls back to your opponent. My ball tends to fall shorter on the table than with P1-r, this will take some adjustment. These pips (at least in 1.1 sponge) do not provide much in the way of spin reversal, although one can learn to chop-block close the table for deceptive and tricky shots, side swipes also work fairly well. The true power in this rubber lies in the control and the ability to produce many varieties of shots, one can nearly hit like an inverted player (pushes are much easier with this than with P1r or FL3). Great rubber, give it a try but expect to put in the work as it doesn't reward passive play.
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After playing few months P1 I tried yesterday FL2. Way easier to play. Lot of own spin, easy to manage spin. Nice blocking and attacking if U want. Great allround lp. Much more forgiving than P1R. Chopping is very stable and controled. Staying with it for now.
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Awesome for: beginning longpip players, low level table tennis for consistency, for all around gameplay, still works at high level table tennis.

Chopping is good, not the nastiest chops but enough to force mistakes... especially after chopping more than one topspin in a row it starts to shine. However the real hurt you can put on your opponent comes from the ability to also place the chops easily and consistent at the right spots.

On drives this pip is nothing to write home about. It doesn't produce anything special and your opponent won't be impressed with the horror that can be long pips. However you'll be able to place the ball where you please and smack a short high ball with easy as a change-up. Which is basically all you need if you are a chopper who rarely attacks with the long pip.

The pip is a bit faster than most I tried but it's not hurting the consistancy by much.
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Coming from inverted rubber. First tried Curl P4, and then Feint Long 2.
Feint Long 2 has better control and also easier to chop with. I felt like I can do more things with Feint Long 2. Love it.
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Good pushing and push/chop
Flat hitting at awkward angle, sponge makes harder flat hitting, removed it
Good chopping, low throw and spins back to middle of table if chopped to long.
Durability: 8.5
Mixed long pip/short pip feel, would recommend one or the other
Nonetheless, fun to play with and troll sometimes. Would not recommend to first timers that chop or play defensive
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Not much long pips effects. It works like a short pips.
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Good pip to switch to from inverted rubber. I recently switched to modern defense and got Feint Long II 1.3mm on my BH side of my Primorac (vega asia 2mm on the FH) and I am liking it. It won't do any work for you in spin reversal but if you use proper technique you can get some nice chops and spins. Also fun to see people react to knuckleballs off flat strokes in response to their topspins. they just can't handle it :D
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Feint 2 is the do it all pip. It's a great all-arounder. It has enough grip to vary spin but not too much (Feint 3) where returning serves becomes a problem. Hitting is also good, since it can generate its own spin.

In comparison to other pips out there, I think this one is best for an all-around game, classic and modern defense. Many pros have used this successfully. There are better and cheaper pips for passive blocking games and people looking for "disruption."
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an easy to use lp, if you are trying to change from inverted to lps then this is a great rubber to try. also nice spin generation as well as control
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I've read a lot about people that can't get any spin on their chops with FL2 but I think this is just a matter of technique since I get more control AND more spin with the FL2 than, lets say, Curl P1r. I'm using a black FL2 1.3mm on a BTY Korbel (however just bought the blade) and I really like all the possibilities it gives me. I can choose to chop with sidespin, no spin or HEAVY backspin by adjusting my chops a little.

PS: At first the rubber is really sensitive to spin and it's really hard to return a serve with much backspin for example but after you played with it for a couple of sessions the grip kinda wears off and the rubber becomes better. Kinda like a tacky backside rubber.
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I'm using a 1.3 red feint long II and 2.1 black tenergy 64 on butterfly grubba pro. the spin reversal will add up when you keep chopping the ball, far from the table, harder and harder. the rubber still have some grip to it so be careful when you return the service. have to open the paddle up a little bit with forward and up motion to return pushes or soft back spin pushes for a dead ball return, close the face of the paddle and pushes forward for a soft top spin. open and cut off the bounce to return a hard chop. the tightness of your grip holding the paddle can produce a dead ball or a hard back spin, soft hold would be a dead ball. overall a great rubber, not recommend for beginners
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the butterfly feint II long pips rubber is a rubber that is very easy to controll for defenders and choppers. produces very good wobble on serve returns but this rubber can be best used with close to table play, when you step away from the table it is a lot more difficult to put in the right effect and more easy for opponents to read the ball and thus finish it off, also better to stay at the table because then you can hit with the feint II and that is also nearly impossible further away from the table.
Overall a good disturbing rubber for close to table play with good controll and variation
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Another startling news scoop!

It seems to have an effect on lower level players blocking their top spin drives at the table using the 90 angle even with 0.5 sponge. I put on my bbc all blade which is stiff and slow to give chop blocks which appear to just dip before the looper can loop over it. It generates enough spin for a loop! and it feels good at absorbing pace. Spin sensitive so better for the chop from far away and not for serve returns. Surprising results blocking at the table once again.
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Butterfly Feint II is a epitome of good long pips rubber. It is extremely tricky, and it is extremely suitable for choppers, defensive players, or those old people who just use long pips and block lol. It can create killer spin. It reverses spin extremely well, and it sends the ball back slowly and kind of floating, so it is really hard to return a shot created by this rubber.

I had a friend who used this on his backhand really well. He was a chopper, and his chops with the Feint II were virtually impossible to loop back because of the spin.

If you want this kind of effect, try it out!
I highly recommend for any kind of players previously mentioned!
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