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Reviews for Butterfly Feint AG (10)

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I bought a 1.7. This is a tension sponge, so it is very fast for a long pips.
Very spiny, I could comfortable topspin with it (flipping it of course either side) a bit more than Faint Long III.
The ability to chop with this AG is fair but I think it was made to push, counter or volley not to chop. Try better chops with a Dtecs Grass 0.5 or TSP P1.
Control is the player IMO.
Deception is poor due to its spin again (IMO).
Reversal is also very light or none. It reacts like a smooth rubber Again, the grip (spin) make it difficult to serve-return.

I'll revise this post later
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Very good for blocking and easy counter loup ,
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My first LPs after quite an amount of SPs and I really love it! I'm a enthusiastic basement player anyway so take this as a grain of salt :)

Use it with 1.7mm sponge on Xiom Powerlite plus 1ply hinoki Jpen blade. Attacking is fast, even faster than some SPs, and nasty with all the sink and skidding effect - if you manage to flat hit solidly, the ball will hardly return. Blocking give wobble ball that could mess your opponent's timing.
All others doable strokes (loop is out of question) are fine, maybe except for chop - the ball return float, but maybe I have to blame my blade for being too fast and springy.

Overall - good attacking pips, pricey but would last very long time. For those with offensive mind, try it and give it times.
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During the off season last year I bought a complete Butterfly setup. Jo Sey Huk Blade, Tenergy 64 1.7 & Feint AG 1.3.
I mainly use the pimples for service return and then play short chops over the table and attack anywhere from close in to mid distance. I do not play LP for disturbance but if its there use it. This rubber does not have much in the way of disturbance but high control in the slow game, good spin on chops and when hitting the ball the rubber has those extra gears. I'm not to sure if I prefer this or my old LP of the last five seasons DHS Cloud & Fog 3. The DHS LP had more effect plus I could also get loop from it. A good buy if your an attacking all rounder.
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Great attacking LP. I'm an attacker (both wings) who used to play inverted (Tenergy 64 BH & Tenergy 05 FH). Feint AG 1.3 is like playing with inverted rubber. I can flick, loop (same movement for inverted looping), push, block, and hit...didn't need to adjust much when using LP. Players in my club has never seen anyone play LP aggressivly especially with BH. I use Fent AG (BH) and "old school" SRIVER on Joola MC-1. I play once a week and give the top dogs (1800-2100) in our club problems.
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For players who wish play consistent chops and block aggresively at the table. Very consistent when chopping, the grippiness of the rubber allows you to really dig into the shot. Not for players who wish to get cheap points by making the ball wobble and win through deception and not their own ability to play the sport. However, if you like to play chops away from the table and pressure your opponent when at the table through flicks and blocks this really is a good rubber! Would reccomend it for people who can play table tennis and not people who dont understand spin and just want something to correct their own short comings as a player, as this rubber does still react to spin.
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Very fast attacking pips, quite enough spin BUT poor control, i think it's because the high tension sponge.
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Good for backhand fast attack spinny balls without loose control, defensive paly is posible but isn't the game for this rubber. Excelent quality!!
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Is the worst pips in the world. For defensive players is a bad decision. I was play and I play several pips and this rubber is the worst. Only this.
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Good rubber sheet for players who play allround game.
Chopping is easy to play and gives consistent returns and high control allowing you to dig into the chop to generate more spin from slowly spinning balls but spin reversal is average.
The speed and control of the rubber allows blocking up close and mid distance from the table, however, the disturbing effect is low compared to other longer pimpled rubbers. Players who rely on blocking and deception should consider a different rubber.
The higher speed and control of this rubber which has resulted in a lower spin reversal and disturbing effects allows you to really drive home any loose balls. Opponents chops and chop blocks can be topspinned consistently with ease.
Reccomend this rubber for defenders who do not rely on deception, players who play chops mainly but who like to attack opponents chops and weak balls.
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