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Reviews for Butterfly Impartial XB (4)

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gram 2 lata blok kontra super z 2 strefy brak mocy przy stole super gram atak bekchend 2,1 czarna.
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Im trying a BTY short pips after a long time. Last one was Raystorm one decade ago. But Impartial XB is a whole different world. If I had to describe this SP in one world it would be "Catapult". I use it in max thickness and its very, very springy when bouncing against the ball. Speed is almost the same of Rakza PO, which I still consider the fastest SP Ive tried so far. This is good to attack but cause some issues when blocking and receiving short spinny serves. I must be very careful when blocking slow topspins because the rubber tends to catapult the ball back like crazy. So its necessary a fine motion to kill spin first. Overall a nice rubber with super nice sound, like the old speed glue days.
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Definetly different from Friendship 802 1.5mm

I’m currently using Impartial XB 1.7mm and the weight is way more compared to the old Friendship 802 1.5mm. I would assume the quality of the sponge ans the top sheet is way better so that is heavier maybe but it is still a reasonable weight!

The quality of this rubber is excellent in terms of quality and I love it from Day 1! As long as you strokes/counter hits are vertical, they will go back fast yet stay low during the process. Loops are definetely doable except require more of a vertcial loop like Shan Xiaona’s Forehand loop. Otherwise, if you see a moderatey high ball, smashing straight forward is excellent! The sponge is soft to medium soft and the pimples are firm but slightly flexible (3 or 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of being flexible or moving).

The catch is that there is no real in-between stroke. Its a loop or block/counter-hit or smash. I REALLY love this short pimples out sheet!
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Will be reviewing this sheet soon. It is on the way so be prepared for an updated review!


(All statements will be compared to Friendship 729 Short Pimples Out 802 1.5 mm Rubber Sheet)

This rubber is definitely a little bit heavier that 802 and that might be due to more materials being used for the product overall. It took me a little while to figure out the feel today but all massive topspin shots sent my way were easy to send back super low as long as my counter hit (while taking the ball off the rise) was semi-vertical.

I love the way this rubber plays. It spins and has a low trajectory but the rubber overall makes the shots go flat compared to Friendship 802 1.5mm (which actually really surprised me). Blocks are amazing and when you need to flat hit it does the job too. Give the rubber some time (as I am doing) to bring out it's full potential.

I highly recommend this rubber if you want SPEED/BLOCK/MEDSPIN but go try or look into Impartial XS if you want SPEED/SPIN/lLOWBLOCK.
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