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Butterfly Impartial XB

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Read our detailed review of Impartial XB and XS

In Pursuit Of The Balance Between Attacking And Defense

• A High Tension pips-out rubber poised between passive and aggressive play
• Impartial XB s recommended for the steady defensive minded player that will not hesitate to seize the attack!
• The use of High Tension Technology adds more tension to the rubber surface providing increased speed and power
• The soft sponge layer helps provide a solid foundation of control
• The new Impartial rubbers are Butterfly's fastest pips-out rubber sheets

Class: Pips-Out
Surface: Pips-Out
Style: High Tension Pimples-out Rubber

Speed: 119
Spin: 67
Hardness: 30

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Reviews of Butterfly Impartial XB (7)

Very mechanical and it feels that you are driving a car with manual transmision. If you are looking for a sp rubber that behaves almost like an inverted rubber, BTY XB is not the one. Spend time developing the skills to handle this rubber to get the best of it. Blocks feel amazing and flat hitting is taken to next level. Probably you would have to figure out the mechanics to generate loops and good underspins, once you get it to work you will realize that BTY XB is a monster. Killer rubber, hands down.
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The best short pimple for agressive and for active blocking style. I used it with different blades, but the best result is with a 7 ply hinoki penhold blade (Xiom hinoki s7). Very fast and not sensitive for incoming spin. With this blade the spin is increased a lot. Blocking and flat hitting is incredible. Very good feeling.
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Switched to this rubber from BTY Challenger Attack. Much improved speed and a gain in spin. An easy to control pips put rubber for almost any level of player depending on style/level and thickness used. A good transition rubber for those who used inverted before as the spin is very good for a pips rubber. Deception is not this rubbers goal but is great for blocking heavy loops at the table and fast counter hitting. You can even loop if you use the proper technique and lift. Good for the short game with control. A good offensive all round pips rubber. Not as fast as others but would suit a wide range of players wishing to transition from inverted rubber. Returns are low with variable speeds from slow to fast. Expensive but I believe worth the money as it will last a long time.
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gram 2 lata blok kontra super z 2 strefy brak mocy przy stole super gram atak bekchend 2,1 czarna.
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Im trying a BTY short pips after a long time. Last one was Raystorm one decade ago. But Impartial XB is a whole different world. If I had to describe this SP in one world it would be "Catapult". I use it in max thickness and its very, very springy when bouncing against the ball. Speed is almost the same of Rakza PO, which I still consider the fastest SP Ive tried so far. This is good to attack but cause some issues when blocking and receiving short spinny serves. I must be very careful when blocking slow topspins because the rubber tends to catapult the ball back like crazy. So its necessary a fine motion to kill spin first. Overall a nice rubber with super nice sound, like the old speed glue days.
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