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Butterfly Challenger Attack

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Pimples-Out Rubber for Quick Attack

Ideal for the pips-out player looking for more spin variation as well as easy control over the opponent's shots.

CHALLENGER-ATTACK produces far more spin than normal pips-out rubbers.

Class: Pips-Out
Surface: Pips-Out
Style: Pimples-out Rubber

Speed: 95
Spin: 65
Hardness: 35

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Reviews of Butterfly Challenger Attack (14)

This rubber is very light and a lot grippier than anticipated. The combination of soft sponge and high pip density contributes to a seriously spinny pips out rubber. In 1.9mm sponge, you get a pretty powerful pips rubber. Flat hits are quite fast. So in the end, it is very versatile. Plays very well on a JPN pen hold blade. Both blocks and quick attacks are very effective.
Of course, this is not a tension rubber. So expect to need proper form and weight transfer to generate very high speed shots - but that is part of the fun of playing.
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Good for BH side especially playing against servers with tough side spin. Mitigates the spin and you can attack with strong returns. I don’t use this rubber all the time as it is reserved for a certain opponents at my office. On the forehand side, I tend to stick with the hard rubbers with max sponge for looping.
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Hi all. I'm using 1.9 red.
This wonderfull pips has Very good controll. Blocks are very efective specialy when take early on the rise. U can play active "flat" block (producing fast quite and dead ball), chop-block (litle underspin to dead balls) and block with top rotation. Hits are consistent. If U try play with spin ball trajectory is unpredictable and oponents had issues to read it. Remember one thing using this excellent pips out rubber - its perfect when U play active with it.
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I played competitively from 1970 to 1994, then left the game and returned in 2016 at age 64. I returned with long pips on backhand but didn't have much fun since I could not attack on my backhand consistently. Talked with a 2300 player who just switched his backhand to Butterfly Challenger Attack so I tried it. Fantastic control and I can flat hit or loop a little with my backhand. Challenger Attack is great at touch shots as well. I am an 1800 level senior who would like to find the best blade and rubber combination so I am interested in input on Impartial XS and Raystorm or another short pips rubber that would increase speed and have strong control. I use an ebenholz nct v table tennis blade with Tibhar MX-S max rubber on forehand. I was a strong forehand looper previously, but now it seems I flat kill most forehands. If anyone wants to email me Gary Whiddon with input please do. I wonder if a different blade would be beneficial with the rubber. I am playing great now with Challenger Attack 1.9, but just wanting to improve. Thanks
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Soft and spinny short pips.
One of the best with the Clippa
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