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5 Reviews for Butterfly Impartial XS

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the best pips here next to tsp spin magic
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Very fast with excellent control. Topspin and service have great spin. Very easy to use. I think that it works great on fast or medium fast blade. Not so good in soft woods. Hitting and flat blocking is very efficient. If you are a penholder it will be an exellent rubber for you. Now I can win easilly players that have higher level than me, because now I have better control and my loops and blocks are very fast. Great rubber!!!!
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Very good rubber, produces good spin but still low curve than invert when do topspin driving. My feeling is that it is between traditional short pimples and typical invert.
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This rubber is awesome. I have tried plenty of short pip rubbers in the past and without doubt this rubber produces the most spin. It is very quick yet it is easy to control with practice. I use it on both sides and find both blocking and looping very effective. It has a small amount of disruptive qualities, but these should not be relied on, as I feel they're quite small.
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This is an fast, controlled and spinny short pips rubber.
Good feeling and easy to play with him.
Enough spins, nice blocks and excellent ball-drive.
But there is a big problem, which destroys all the good properties.
It's absolutly not deceptive. This is so pleasant for the opponent than
a inverted rubber.
But then why should to play with him? Then I will buy a normal inverted rubber.
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