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Butterfly Super Anti

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Anti Rubber To Toss Opponents

Super Anti has an exceptionally low friction topsheet designed to produce a no-spin ball.

Effective when used as part of a combination racket with rubbers of an offensive nature on the other side of the racket.

Class: Specialty
Surface: Inverted
Style: Anti-Spin Rubber

Speed: 40
Spin: 30
Hardness: 25

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Reviews of Butterfly Super Anti (18)

6.2/10 for ALL style. FH: Friendship/729 Super FX Blue Sponge, 1.8mm, 45g (0.217g/cm^2), 48 degrees (729), 39.5 degrees (Shore A). BH: Butterfly Super Anti, 1.9mm, 37g (0.181g/cm^2), 24 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Donic Crest AR+, 85g, 158mm x 152mm x 5.8mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 9 (5 Wood + 4 Composite): Limba - Limba - ZLC - Carbon - Ayous - Carbon - ZLC - Limba - Limba.
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Big regret to lost my clean money for such trash rubber!
The pips is best solution against top attack player,and my new idea is attack with pips and butterfly has very good pips quality .(long pips)
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WORST Anti rubber out there. doesnt do anything dead rubber.
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Very fun rubber to throw off players that don't know better. This rubber doesn't only do a good job of ignoring/mitigating spin, it really slows the ball down substantially. I put it on my forehand and twiddle constantly throughout the point to throw off the rythm of the opponent. Blocks stay low and slow and are consistently returned into the net. It's a novelty and not something I'd play with all the time, but it's very fun to use from time to time.
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If you don't like heavy spin then you should get this it works. Only thing I can say bad is that if your return isn't where you want it the ball will get killed. Great for stopping all that crazy spin.
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very good anti spin rubber. very easy to attack
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Tried this long time ago. Not my favorite anti rubber. Felt too hard. I see other antiplayers speak highly about this, so its not that bad i think.
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Quite deceptive, this rubber have a lot of qualities, first of all is very good for chopping the backspin balls, also good to hit flat in backspin and topspin , but for topspin is verry good to chop with it! I only try the 1.9 mm version and it's deadly against long & short pimples!
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Great anti; very slow (takes a little while to get used to). Great reversal. Too slow to hit with, though it is good for blocks and twiddling chops/pushes. I would wager that this is the slowest anti in existence. I wanted to give a 1.8 for speed, but ttdb won't allow it. It's definitely way sloer than the Yasaka anti power.
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i use these rubber im my forehand, i like two hit with these, confuse my opponent, in my back hand i use long pips ox
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As name tells you: it is an anti spin rubber. So you are limited with it as you are with any other anti spin rubber.

Due to the soft sponge you can return heavy attacks quite good - at least your opponent's first heavy stroke. Very skilled players may outplay you by several fast attacking hits in a row, getting you out of position. But that would need a high level player.

Combine Butterfly Super Anti with a rather tacky backside rubber and you can use the advantage of changing heavy spin with dead balls, twiddling racket would be great.

Good anti spin rubber. High quality.

Please NOTE:
The sponge of this rubber is soft. Very SOFT!!!

As the top sheet is very solid, some people might mistake it and say Super Anti would be of rather hard sponge - NO it's not. ;)
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The speed i slow, the yasaka Anti have much speed. The inversion is normal. The chop is good. The disturb is evanescent. The best in tne hard wood.
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i really liked playing with anti-spin on a defensive blade (matsuhita). it is light, durable (ha! well the construction anyways) and is actually versatile. it has good touch feeling. i find long pips to be more interesting, but anti has its place.
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Definitely not my rubber. The bounce is very unpredictable, sometimes bounce slowly, sometimes no bounce at all.

I tried to chop a ball with it and the ball just spin in place, drop in my area, and my opponent says "thanks". :(
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a good anti-rubber for blocking and it makes the opponent difficult to make continuous topspin,sometimes they will make the ball out because of the anti-spin,good for attack and easy to attack too
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this anti-spin rubber actually not really antispin.when I block a sidespin,it still spin just like inverted rubber however it is more controlled rather than inverted.
so I have to chop a bit to return heavy spin.
And funny thing is,it is looping the ball when I'm reflectly RBP.
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(Black 1.9 Review):

A splendid anti-spin rubber indeed! Doesn't take long to get a hang of and performs like it should. Dead/Soft sponge helps to change the pace of a rally instantly and offers unique play style advantages when coupled with a spin oriented rubber. Slow, bizarre, and hard to read, this rubber stands out as a very good example of an anti-spin type rubber. Great at returning serves, blocks, chops and the well placed knuckle ball attack.

--Deception and Defense all in one--
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Nowadays anti rubbers have become popular again because of the ITTF Ban to frictionless long pip rubbers.Superanti is one of the best anti on the market.You can smash,block topspin with it easily,at least more easily than pip rubbers.Also you can send floating balls which couse your opponents send the ball out of the table.Those who wants to use anti will test it.
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