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Reviews for Butterfly Feint OX (3)

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My favorite LP, after trying many over the past decade. Pips are fairly stiff, ribbed at the top. Reversal is average, spacing is average, more than PR1, less than P3alpha. Love the sticky backing, which is strong, yet allows for transfer to other blades. Definitely an all-arounder. Blocking at table as well as classical defense are great. Medium reactive to spin. I'd say this sets the standard for all LPs. Both experienced and inexperienced can use it.
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perfectly all around.....

for example...the best pips player in the world that has all perfect strokes would find this rubber the best suited for his game.....

expert users OX long pip
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been playing ox pips for a very long time now......went fron tsp p1r palio ck531a friendship 755 ox....all based on recommendations of a chinese national long pip player (ck531a user).....i finally switched to this pip.....if you are looking for consistency....pure consistency, nothing flashy....nothing insane, nothing bad and nothing questionable....this is the pip for is about the same speed as p1r ox, and much slower then both chinese pips that i have tried, reversal means nothing any more because every long pip in ox gives enough spin to baffle an opponent....i would consider this the HIGHEST quality allround pip in exsistence.....for everything and perfect for use at all levels.......

note....same top sheet as feint soft....same aspect ratio as feint long 2 taller and stiffer pips then feint long III slower then all three
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