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47 Reviews for Butterfly Sriver FX

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Too dull for any propper form topspin. Very spin insensitive, only nice thing i found is the chop block. It removes the pace like long pips. 5/10 not very good I.M.P
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I would say this rubber is not good for any style because of soft sponge with soft sponge you can not produce enough power. Next you should know that in last years we changed from celluloid ball to 40+ plastic ball that means it is now harder to win by just spin - you need more power in your shots but with soft sponge you can not produce it. and the main thing this rubber was created in 1967 that means it is not created for the new trends if you are a beginner you should start with hard rubber remember soft rubber means weak rubber in case of that you can not produce enough spin speed and power if this review was not helpful please contact with me. Also sorry if my English is bad I am from Poland
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Use this rubber on my backhand... Excelent rubber to block spin.. For those who have problem with backhand block to the opponent's spin coz ur return too long, this rubber suit U.. Simply good rubber for beginner to intermediate.. Spin is also ok.. Even not as good as tenergy 05.. I would say this is a good defensive backhand rubber
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8.6/10 for OFF style. FH: Butterfly Sriver EL, 2.1mm, 42g (0.204g/cm^2), 35 degrees (Shore A). BH: Butterfly Sriver FX, 2.1mm, 40g (0.195g/cm^2), 33 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Rosewood NCT V, 93g, 158mm x 151mm x 6.2mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood + NCT): Rosewood - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Rosewood.
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Worst rubber i have ever used
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Speed: 8.5
Spin (European Style): 8.7
Control: 9.3
Weight: 39g in 2.1 (0.19g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 33
Gears: 2.7
Throw: 4.2
Fast Loop: 8.9
Slow Loop: 9
Counter Loop: 9.1
Touch: 8.6
Block: 9.7
Smash: 9.2
Slice/Chop: 9
Serve: 8.9
Flip/Flick: 8.9
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.9/2.1
Durability: 3.4
Value: 7.5
Overall: 8.9
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My impression for using this rubber for 9 months before changing to normal Sriver is moderate speed and very soft rubber. In my opinion, I feel FX version is too soft to have a good control on the ball, at least for my BH game. When opening the loop, you have to get much accurate adjustment than normal Sriver or the ball will go long off the table. I also feel that it is too springy for me to keep up the fast rallies to keep the ball low and aggressive. Maybe it is good for beginner who does not have a lot of power or for speed glue plays but otherwise stick with normal version of Sriver.
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Just slapped it on a T-6 & so far not thrilled. Needs a faster blade. Toss it on my T-11+ & get back...subject to change.
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Just A good rubber for starting players with a budget of around: 80
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This rubber was manufactured and designed for speed glue. Without it, it's just a slow control rubber. With speed glue it's a totally different rubber with super control and power.
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Awesome rubber as always
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Legend rubber in speed glue era.. Good on the hard blade, like Sardius or Gergely...
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Nice rubber for control and spin....
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got this as my first custom rubber for a cheap, 5 ply JOOLA blade
Perfect for beginners:

not too fast
above average spin, similair to joola brave
speed similair to 5q sound but a bit slower
average throw
soft and consistent- perfect for beginners
fantastic blocking: control and accuracy and if taken early, often a counterspin like shot

pushing and chopping is great
lifting backspin isnt too difficult because rubber isnt too tack so backspin on ball doesnt sit on the rubber. however, the rubbers speed makes for a short trajectory on the shot
good smashing
suprisingly good drives
ok spin on serve
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Great rubber for backhand.
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Very good rubber the first 3 months.
good spin, speed and control.
Great for push and placements.
Descent serves.
Great backhand shots.
Not too fast.

After 3 months it turns really badly.
The grip is totally gone. Makes the rubber too bouncy due to the great elasticity.
The ball flies over the table and into the net.

That was 5 years ago. I did only practice 2 hours a week.

Not very durable.
Most chinese rubbers lasts longer.

Used in max on Donic Persson Powerplay.
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For many years my backhand black 1.7 mm perfect for learning topspin technique.Not very fast,but control at the highest level
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I'm beginner, and i'm using this rubber on my backhand( primorac carbon blade). For me its a very good rubber with speed and control.
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my very first jap rubber! 2.1, used in my FH on a vsg 1000 and 2000. anyway, it suited my slow spinny loop way back then, chops are high as sky, flicks are hard to do since its bouncy. speed is not the issue, you sacrifice it for spin.
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This was a rubber made for speed glue, which of course is now banned. It's spin and speed is just ok; this rubber is now for control. It is average at best for spinny serves. It's great for a beginner looking to develop their shots; I am using it to work on my backhand, which is much weaker than my forehand. It allows you to develop the correct technique without worrying about missing. It is light and soft and completely non-tacky. It plays well close to the table, further back it requires some effort.

That being said, in max thickness it can produce some pretty fast backhand flicks. Not as fast my Vega Europe, but still enough to win the point. It feels a little dead sometimes, but it gets the job done. Soon I'll be able to 'graduate' from my sriver fx once my technique is sorted. :)
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honestly this rubber is really slow. It has amazing control. you can do all strokes with it easily.
I use it as my backhand (sponge 2.1 mm)
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this blade is quite good for those who just starts to play table tennis. it has balanced speed, spin, and control. but i can say that the spin and control is better than the speed. compared to the price, i really recommend this for beginner and experienced player
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This rubber is only for those that lack confidence to put the ball away. A good player (i.e. good footwork and power) would smach the crap out of the ball if one looped with this. I would recommend a thinner sriver or sriver el for more control over this rubber.
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Its one of the grestest rubbers on the butterfly history. Its great for the players that doesnt control the backhand (as me) U can loop chops easily and continue attacking with no problems
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1.9mm Sriver FX

Paired this with an OFF bat and currently uses this on my FH. This replaced my Yasaka Mark V MAX on FH and I'm very glad with my decision. I also love the softness of the sponge.

Control is very good. Loops and chops are consistent. On smashing dept, you should put a lot of power into it. Definitely a very good rubber.
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Hahaha. Just tried it speed glued and it was so cool. At first its a little bouncy but after that you start to feel the power and the high control which comes like from other dimension. Now I realise that this rubber is almost unusable unglued. For the first time glued it felt like i has about + 30% power and spin. after about 4-5 reglues i guess it will have no mercy. "This dog'll hunt! " ...
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I borrowed this rubber during a prctice match..... On a primorac carbon blade....First things first...

Speed: Not what I expected not that fast but good for a beginner(good enough for backhand)

Spin: Also good enough for a beginner....(Missing that extra spin on serves and brush loops)..

Control: Excellent... very comparable to a Mark V!... Might be good if fitted in a hard all wood blade...(primorac) original

Overall: Nice rubber for beginners but not good enough for pros or semi-pros at least....

Note: If you plan to buy this rubber you might as well buy the Mark V...(original) or the
Mark V XS
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very good rubber fore bh.
i play with sriver fx on fh and bh 1.7 mm. its very spinny and the control is very high, but it is a little bit slow. good fore a allround player on bh.
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The Butterfly Sriver FX is a soft-sponge variant of the Sriver family, which are very good classic rubbers. This rubber is decent unglued, but it's real beauty starts to shine with speed glue. For the purposes of legality, I'll only discuss about this rubber unglued in this review. This rubber is soft and fairly moderate in speed. Because of its softer sponge, it is very easy to his spinny shots and thus suitable for beginners. This rubber has a fairly spinny topsheet as well, which makes it a great all around rubber. The rubber is durable and a good value for the money (it's about $31 retail now). I would definitely recommend this to beginners or players looking for a control rubber that is good in both attack and defense. If you're looking for a fast rubber, or a very spinny rubber, look somewhere else because this rubber is not for you.
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A good rubber for offensive players,slightly tacky and a good racket for looping.
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A good rubber for offensive players,slightly tacky and a good racket for looping.
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Sriver FX is a soft control rubber with the ultimate speed glue effect. It has a soft sponge and takes the glue well, the result is a fantastic all around rubber great even for offense.

When speed glue was banned, FX took a huge blow in the sense it was nerfed quite badly. It lost pretty much all of its speed, in my opinion making it quite a slow rubber although putting it on a very fast blade may ease this a bit.

Sriver FX is magnificent for blocking, chopping, smashing, serving and counter looping were a breeze for me when I played this rubber on my backhand.

I would recommend Sriver FX to a beginner for the backhand since intermediate and above players will not like the fact that its slow. It also is easy to control and helps develop strokes. Its a forgiving rubber that does nicely on any blade for me.

Value for money is totally worth it since its cheap - half to less than half the price of Bryce(s) and Tenergy(s) and its very durable and won't require much maintenance. Mine is about 3 years old, and still in pretty good shape.
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Good for beginners with a hard racket
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When I moved away from Flextra, I started using Sriver FX on my FH. Oh boy. I used Sriver in my BH and I must say I loved the combination.

Even though some users say this is a better BH rubber, I always found the combination work for me. I looped well with the FX, it delivered the goods pretty much like Sriver but I felt it had more kick to it. Another favorite. It lasts a lifetime too.

I love playing with FX farther from the table and tomahawk serves with FX are just killer (not much difference from Tenergy 05 so you can be the judge).

I'd say this is a great rubber from beginners to advanced players. Another classic!
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Non-speed glued, this rubber lacks ALOT of speed and spin, would'nt reccomend for close to the table loopers like me...
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Entry level rubber for beginners like me. Very durable, plays like 90% new after more than 2 months. It's a classic Euro/Jap rubber with no tack at all, so to get lots of spin the ball really has to sink into the sponge, which is very soft. So not much serve spin from it. I've found I'm much more suitable for cheaper Chinese rubbers.
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Good rubber for almost any style of allround to offensive play except for hard-hitting. I think this is a great option for controlled loopers, but at the same time this one may be a bit too soft for other very aggressive players. Sriver EL may be a better option for most people looking for a softer version of Sriver.

Then again, if you aren't a very hard hitter, this one might not be a bad choice either. This version of sriver might just be the best considerind defensive play along side offensive play. I think this one is the best as chopping and giving feedback.
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Butterfly Sriver FX is an extremely powerful, fast, and spinny rubber. It is used most often on the forehand to produce loops with high amounts of spinny and high arc. The throw is pretty normal, but you are able to do one of those kinds of "brushing" loops.

For best results, you will have to use speed glue or booster or tuner, since the Sriver FX is a rubber of the speed glue era and is not a tensor. Without any enhancers, the rubber simply does not have enough bounce on it.

The quality is pretty good, especially because it is only around $30. This is a great rubber for any intermediate player who loops.
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pretty good backhand rubber. not nearly enough speed for forehand, but is overall a good-enough kind of product.

haven't tried it speed glued, but I suspect it'd be a candidate for forehand in that condition.

it's just the right speed/spin/control/softness for a proper beginner (i.e. child starting out with a coach.
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I think this rubber need more spin in some of my plays the ball travel fast but with less of spinny.
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Baby brother of the Sriver family. Built for speed gluers, not a very good forehand rubber because of strength has been sacrificed for the soft sponge. Very different when glued. Very good control.
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Great rubber for speed gluers. Rubber is terribly different when unglued. Very similar to its big brother Sriver in that it is a great all-around rubber, however if you're looking for power then the softness of FX is not the way to go.
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This is another winner from Butterfly. It's defnitely a soft rubber that is exceptional for looping. However it may be too soft if paired with a soft blade. High degree of control, better mechanical spin than the regular Sriver and El. Recommend in 2.1 so that the hitting game does not suffer.
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This rubber is great. It's very well allrounded.But it excels in the looping/blocking department. A great rubber for hard blades. I recommend it to beginners and loopers who like soft,spinny and fast rubbers.
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This is a good bh rubber but beware, it is made to be speed glued and the sponge is extremely soft. Its relatively bouncy, I use it on bh of a backup
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It is not worth it at all
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too expensive, dont get it if you dont reglue, great with glue
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