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Butterfly Feint Long III OX

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Butterfly is proud to announce a totally new defensive weapon, Feint Long III. Designed for the aggressive chopper, Feint Long III features a softer more flexible top sheet combined with a softer sponge. The result is a long pip rubber ideal for long range heavy chopping strokes with maximum control.

Speed: 60
Spin: 40

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Reviews of Butterfly Feint Long III OX (23)

I tried many LPs and this is the easiest to use. Almost anything goes back to the table with any kind of stroke. Easy doesnt equal effective tho. This one is not difficult to play againts. I expected reversal and deception to be far better than it is. For the high price you do not get anything special. Go for a Dawei instead.
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A good long pips but not the best on the market. I use black with 1,1mm sponge and i rate this pips as average in compare with other cheaper pips in the market. The characteristics of feint long 3 are:
1. One of the main weakness of this pips is serve receiving. The common weakness of the long pips in serve receiving is that long pips is very difficult to receive a long no spin serve. The most common mistake made by pips player is that the throw angle when you returning a long no spin serve is quite high and easy for your opponent to do the 3rd ball attack. With feint long 3, you will have more difficulty to return this kind of serve because the throw angle of this pips is high. You need to focus on you wrist movement training if you want to improve your serve return with this pips.
2. Feint long 3 is NOT created for passive blocker! Chopping is the key. You need to focus on chopping close or far from table, then this pips will become your ultimate weapon.
3. It can use for attack, especially for a backspin ball.
4. If you would like to see the video of a world class player who using feint long 3, please check the video of Ruwen Filus using this pips on You Tube. He even can defeat the wonderkid Harimoto.
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The most grippy pips on the market! It works like short pips for some aspects. The rubber is very slow and the control is very high! Difficult return serve, because you need to recognise very well the incoming spin on the ball.
Passive strokes: not allowed
Don't put on a slow blade (like koji mastushita) because you take almost zero reverse and you need to much effort for put the ball on the table. Recomended on fast blade like Koji Offensive or Joo see Hyuk!
Very high quality rubber
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Rubber doesn't excel at anything. Decent at chopping, decent for reversing spin, below average blocking, poor on offense. Well built and up to the butterfly standard but I recommend softer, less tacky long pips or just a chopping inverted. The in between is hard to work with.
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***1.3mm Red*** I've been playing with these pips since they came out in the early 2000's. For me, they're the most consistent, and controllable, pips on the market. Can overturn all spins accurately, and consistently, and shines when blocking deep off the table. Serves well, returns serves well, and can be used to aggressively attack high balls. They are NOT deceptive at all; it doesn't produce flat balls easily, and thus does not cause the ball to wobble/look weird very often. All in all, an excellent pip for the modern "off the table" defender.
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