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More speed, more power, a rubber that even exceeds BRYCE. A High Tension, high quality rubber for champions of the next generation; produced under strict quality control, BRYCE SPEED has a higher energy efficiency, more speed and greater power than even BRYCE itself. Try BRYCE SPEED and experience the superb advanced High Tension technology of Butterfly.,P.* This is a highly delicate product. You are recommended to protect the rubber surface with a Rubber Film by Butterfly or a similar product after a match or a practice.

Speed: 140
Spin: 97.5
Density: 38

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Reviews of Butterfly Bryce Speed (28)

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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce Speed on April 30, 2017
The fastest rubber out there no doubts, lacks a lot of control when blocking.
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce Speed on November 8, 2012
ok i just recently changed my game including equipment. Violin with Bryce Speed Fh and FX BH.
one of the best blocking rubbers out there for those who play close to the table. This is on par with T05 when used for playing closed to the table depending on your game. T05 higher throw helps with looping close to the table but the Bryce Speed is more than capable for looping close to the table but has slightly less margin of error.
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce Speed on September 8, 2012
this is a top notch quality rubber from Butterfly. Physical Appearance, Its non tacky almost none a bit shiny top sheet
a yellowish in color of sponge. A medium hard around 36 degrees.
Low throw rubber, test this with Wang Hao Hurricane by Nittaku as Forehand and at Zang Jike backhand.
My verdict is that BS is perfect for a backhand weapon. From manufacturer 14.0 plus in terms of speed. I say its near 13 to 13.5.
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce Speed on March 11, 2012
I've been using this for 1 month now..
My TT Gear is
BTY Werner Schlager T5000
Reactor Thunder ( White Sponge )
BTY Bryce Speed.

Here's what I've experienced.

Chops : You can do it when you are in a unimaginable position. I've done it alot of times.

Topspin : Definitely Fast. Good for near or far away from the table.

Dropshots : Due to it's low throw. It's a great weapon for dropshots.

Smash : Just amazing

Loop : A little hard at first. But once you get the hang of it. You'll soon be killing choppers.

Block : EFFORTLESS. Just align your bat with the incoming topspin or loop and it will be like a counter-attack because of it's speed.

Counter-Attacks : Great. Needs good technique.

I have been playing for only a year. I am a chopper now. :)
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce Speed on February 1, 2012
I started playing with bryce speed BH and speed FX forehand moving from tackifire C soft BH and Donic Desto F3 BS FH on Grubba ALL+ Oryginally I ordered ready made bat chosing primorac OFF- blade but there was sth wrong with it there was no tuch feel or consistency with my shoots and to open the game seems to be mission imposible. I took some risk and spend another 50 for Balsa Carbo OFF. Once i put this together it was compleatly different game the feel was back straight away block was so easy and return difficult for oponent as there was lot of speed. It took some time to adjust to its speed but my trainer corrected my mistakes with BH & FH topspin play soon it become a weapon that won me 6 straight wins in South & west midlesex TT league 2nd division against players that I loose B4. I went to test it playing for 1st team division 1 and I give tem a hard time over there after juz 2 months of practising twice a week
Highly recomended but dont hit panic button if it doesn't work for you at first practice session it needs time but its worth it
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce Speed on December 3, 2011
iv got on my backhand with t-05 forehand on butterfly primorac blade off carbon and its a great rubber hard to open up against backspin good to punch with after a while not alot of spin or contol so im going to change it to t-05 fx
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce Speed on October 10, 2011
Great rubber for punch's, blocks, and smashes. Loop drives are difficult but deadly when executed correctly. Not so good for topspins and keep a rally going. Need to play against offensive players to get the most out of this rubber because it feed of power.
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce Speed on October 9, 2011
A very good rubber for bh suprisly and its a bit like t05fx witch i had last time with t05 and its a great combo,because you will have great spin on your serve then the amazing open up.Great pushes and blocks.
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce Speed on April 14, 2011
Like anybody, i am out there to find the best equipment, everybody knows tenergy05 is a force to be reckoned with. So i compared the two on a michael maze blade, And i can assure you, that it is the best combination, even better than tenergy05/tenergy64.
Tenergy offers the spin on serves, and amazing loops, where bryce speed gives the ability for fast blocks, counters, and killer smashes. After playing with this rubber, i realized two things, you need to be skilled to handle bryce's speed, (has a very low recovery time), and that bryce and tenergy are fairly equally matched. If your game is spin based tenergy05 is your rubber, but if you want speed, look no further, bryce speed is the fastest rubber ever. I have compared many rubbers, and wasted my own money to give you the best advice.

my personal favourite is bryce speed.

P.s. Bryce speed is a whole lot faster than tenergy64
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce Speed on February 8, 2011
Very good quality rubber. Nice feeling. Great topspin and speed. Good control.

We compared this rubber to Sriver, it wasnt even close. This rubber is much much better.
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