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5 Reviews for Butterfly Flarestorm II

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amazing pips out rubber
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I use this rubber on a 7-ply J-pen blade. It is incredibly fast! Perfect for attacking weak pushes and finishing the point early. Counter-hitting your opponent's loops is also pretty reliable. Blocking is just okay. The hardest shot to execute is the short push and for this reason, service return might be difficult. If you are used to spinny pips like Raystorm, Spinpips, or 802-40, you will need a few weeks to adjust to this rubber. If you are more used to "classic" pips like Spectol and Hammond FA, it won't be such a big adjustment. Although I would definitely categorize this rubber as a "classic" short pip (what Japanese manufacturers call "speed type"), it can still produce decent spin at mid distance, so you can loop a little bit if you have to... and if you work really hard!
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Its wonderful .i use it on primorac .it is very fast and good for attackers.its speed can be a deadly weapon against your opponents. Practise is needed to gain control on this rubber because it is very fast.
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The Buttery Flarestorm-II (2.1mm, red) has a soft resilience upon ball contact. Its lightweight, elastic micro-environment grip, and propulsion performance gives reliable Three Dimensional Spin ball releases. A player can temper Flarestorm-II rubber sheet release speed by varying the angle before contact with the ball. The dynamic player with a Shakehand Grip "hitting" the ball will find a strong catapult effect. The dynamic player with a Chinese Penholder Grip "stroking" the ball will find a variable speed "wobbily" spin effect. For the Offensive-Defense player this product is a "thinker's" tool able to take advantage of a Penholder Grip player's 270 to 310 degree human wrist action manipulating the ball with an inverted 85 degree (elbow) angle to become a "Corkscrew Spin" (the only three dimensional spin in Table Tennis) release.
This possible because the ball is "stroked" and stays "gripped" while the ball is torqued over the entire rubber sheet surface before being catapulted off the racket (made possible because the human wrist performed a supination or rotation.) Fighter pilots call this technique "Inverse Immelmann" in Air Combat Maneuvering. When the corkscrew spun ball is released its inverted rotation is aero braked making it buoyant all the way over and then dropping just behind the net giving the opposing player no opportunity to return the ball no matter how fast, skilled, and experienced he is. Therefore the Flarestorm-II is an "Air Superiority" tool for the dynamic thinking Table Tennis Player who uses everything within his reach. Players using lateral wrist movements will able to send an incoming Heavy Top Spin ball back with an "earthquake" like shaking motion and causing the ball to slide off the other player's racket.
Although very expensive for a High Technology rubber sheet, its scientific achievements are best appreciated by cerebral Table Tennis Players. But when the players just "hit" the ball back-- it becomes just another "rubber band" and ignoring all the possibilities that this great product can perform.
Players wanting to discover Extreme Table Tennis and Marathon Table Tennis nonstop performances without shoulder fatique, no finger numbness, and no back pain-- this is a comfortable rubber sheet able to practice the previously "impossible" techniques.
Finally can give Butterfly ten stars for their engineering efforts after 39 years of using their table tennis products.
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Very hard to control. You definitly have to have experience using short-pips before using this one. If you know how to use it however, these pips will be a nightmare for you opponents. If not, then they will be a nightmare for you.
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