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Butterfly Tackifire C

Rated 3.8/5

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A Lot of Spin by the Highly Tacky Surface

The most notable trait of Tackifire C is it's tacky surface, which makes you think of a Chinese rubber.

By this the strength of the rubber lies in a controlled service, return play with loads of spin, and in the block-play.

Class: Super Spin
Surface: Inverted
Style: High Friction Pimples-in Rubber

Speed: 85
Spin: 110
Hardness: 41

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Reviews of Butterfly Tackifire C (11)

 External Review for Butterfly Tackifire C on November 18, 2010
Great rubber, very tacky. Excellent control for close to mid range play. Great for defensive minded players trying to implement an offensive stroke into their game.
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 External Review for Butterfly Tackifire C on July 11, 2010
I use TF C for my BH on my BFY Timo Boll ZLC blade and have BYF T05 on my FH. Never are 2 rubbers so completely different ! Firstly for me it is too slow on the BH as I need something with more kick and an ability to produce more lift with a short throw. However for serves, blocking, pushing, chops and control this rubber is the real deal. I agree with the other comments as it would need to be on a fast blade to get the best from it. Good rubber for an allround/slightly defensive style of play.
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 External Review for Butterfly Tackifire C on June 22, 2010
Versatile rubber that can do any shot from long-range chops to close-net smashes.

Its specialty is close and medium range topspins and spin-play. On the down side it can be a bit unpredictable at times (recommend combining with a medium-fast control blade). Doesn't really excel at blocking because it favors an active playing style.

The throw angle is just right for any possible shot. You don't get the "upshoot" you'd get from a chopping rubber but it's still a good backspin aggersor tool.

The only major issue is that it tends to be a bit pricy. I would however recommend the buy because the lifetime is excellent.
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 External Review for Butterfly Tackifire C on March 6, 2010
gomma pesante ,buon spin, discreta velocita' ,prevalentemente indicata per un gioco allround, ma comunque pur sempre btfy.

[English translation by Google: heavy rubber, good spin, good speed, mainly indicated for an allround game, but still btfy.]
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 External Review for Butterfly Tackifire C on October 2, 2009
I can play only with new-tacky. Short durability.
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Review by gpfrostyblue21 for Butterfly Tackifire C on January 13, 2009
Not very impressed with overall spin of rubber. Definitely not a 110 rating probably more like 90.
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 External Review for Butterfly Tackifire C on January 4, 2009
Bty's tackifire c rubber is very similar to earlier version of the tackifire series. it is still a great rubber for chopping and other defensive game.

It is a rubber with awesome spin. it is very tacky, as its name probably hints at. its speed is rather slow, there is kind of a feeling of the ball floating through the air, which all makes it a great rubber for chopping and the such. its okay for blocking and coutnerlooping, it has pretty good control as well. it was pretty hard to loop quality shots with it, but i guess it is possible, but it is still mainly a defensive rubber. i think all choppers should give it a try.
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 External Review for Butterfly Tackifire C on January 3, 2009
This rubber is very good for BH it is not to fast but it can produce very heavy spin, very good for serving and chopping, blocking is also very easy to do, its not a very speedy rubber but its great for alround players on the BH
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 External Review for Butterfly Tackifire C on November 10, 2008
This rubber is a bit dificult.
I guess it's the same rubber like Tackiness C, but the sponge is much harder. You can't play topspins away from table. You can just swat the ball.
I don't think, that Joo Se Hyuk plays this rubber really...
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 External Review for Butterfly Tackifire C on September 5, 2008
A good rubber for close to the table topspin, very sharp angle with loads of spin. Hard to counter-loop off the bounce due to the hard sponge and tacky nature. Tackifire-C has a good defensive side with it, because it is slower it provides better control with chops from close to mid distance. I would suggest a somewhat fast blade due to the rubbers low speed. Expensive, yet durable.
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 External Review for Butterfly Tackifire C on April 11, 2008
Very very spinny for a Japanese rubber. It feels alot like playing with a sheet of Hurricane. Just as slow without glue!

Downside is its cost, and weight (sheets run from 50-60g cut).

If you do consider using it for a control based offensive game, it suits a carbon type blade better due to its low speed.
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