Butterfly Sriver G3

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SRIVER - Generation Three for Greater Spin and Speed

The High Tension Technology of BUTTERFLY has been steadily improving since 1997. We have now successfully built into the legendary SRIVER, the latest development of High Tension Technology.

The result is SRIVER G3, a big step forward for SRIVER in both speed and spin. We have retained the typical playing characteristics of SRIVER in both a steep trajectory and power. SRIVER G3 keeps the traditional values of past successes but offers greater spin and speed.

Density: 38

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Reviews of Butterfly Sriver G3 (21)

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Review by ge_force84 (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Sriver G3 on October 26, 2016
excellent control and i can feel the power and speed of the rubber
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 External Review for Butterfly Sriver G3 on May 17, 2016
U can improve your topspin stroke.. Try n' u will not disappointed...
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 External Review for Butterfly Sriver G3 on May 18, 2014
I think this is a great backhand-rubber. Doesnt shine spinwise, but good speed and nice control.
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 External Review for Butterfly Sriver G3 on October 13, 2013
Best overall rubber I've tried so far, been using it for three years in replace of Hurricane forehand , possibly the most balanced butterfly rubber ever. Has the speed of evolution mxp and the control of palio Thors. Used this rubber for forehand on timoboll w7, 2.1mm sponge. It's not very bouncy unlike tenergy but it provides the spin and power when you commit to your shots. Performs equally well close and far table and is superior for topspin play. Great for far table lob, drive and counters. Great for close table smashes and blocks due to reasonable hardness. You can put a lot of spin with this rubber on medium close table loops. Only weakness is not so good for short spin serves due to sponge hardness and lack of tackiness, it retains the power of kawa sriver without of gluing for offense players who seek extreme power. I recommend this rubber for all round players of any level.
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 External Review for Butterfly Sriver G3 on May 25, 2013
Best rubber for Control but be aware the red side wears away within weeks
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 External Review for Butterfly Sriver G3 on July 27, 2012
After trying a number of faster/tensor rubbers and also normal Sriver again, I find this is a very good compromise. To me it feels how a rubber should feel, nothing exceptional but a reliable tool, especially for lower class players like me. No weaknesses so far, very good at spin variation with some more speed than Sriver.
To me a rubber is good if I do not have to be concerned about its behavior, just play, and I get this from this one.
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 External Review for Butterfly Sriver G3 on November 26, 2011
Playing it at f/h in 2.1mm, black color.

Amazing rubber. Faster than classic sriver but not as fast as modern tensors. I think this isn't a downside. Many modern rubbers are too fast and uncontrollable for my skills. Sriver G3 is a perfekt balance between classic and modern sge rubbers. Nonetheless the G3 is a powerful rubber with good control.

Very grippy topsheet. Loops and serves are very spinny with a lot of control. Blocks, hits and smashes are precise and stable. Short game is good. The hardness I would classify as medium +.

Sriver G3 is an excellent rubber for controlled offensive play who can do it all without weaknesses.
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 External Review for Butterfly Sriver G3 on September 11, 2011
Great forehand rubber. Medium to medium-low throw. Ball stays fairly low across the net and produces a conservative and reliable arc when looping. Hit is flat shots are easy as well. Reliable as it is very consistent and you get out of it what you put in. Very grippy thus it generates very good spin. Speed is as fast as you could expect without sacrificing control. Very good short game as well. Pushing is excellent and so are flips. Serves are spinny too. Blocks are accurate and consistent. Overall and excellent rubber.
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 External Review for Butterfly Sriver G3 on July 2, 2011
Good rubber, very fast speed and spinny when you loop. Should pair with soft to midium soft blade in order to achieve control. Easy to serve with, and as well as receiving. Unbelievable power when I hit it hard but still good for blocking. It is a fast all rounded rubber with a lower then average throw angle.
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 External Review for Butterfly Sriver G3 on January 13, 2011
This rubber is not powerful at all. Although this rubber was rated with similar power to tenergy it is not even close. It has good spin, but the one thing that shines with this rubber is control. On my blade it feels like you're hitting the sweet spot on all areas of the blade, ITS GREAT! It's pretty fun to play with for me, because I haven't experienced this much power and spin on a rubber with so much control. Although, this is not for you if you're looking for an aggressive, speed oriented rubber.
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