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Butterfly Sapphira

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Easy-To-Handle Rubber For Attack

• A rubber for controlled offensive strokes.
• Sapphira is an all-round rubber that makes your offensive strokes more powerful.
• A wide range of players, from beginners to veterans, will find Sapphira an advanced rubber for the modern all-round strategy.

Class: All-Round
Surface: Inverted
Style: Pimples-in Rubber

Speed: 87.5
Spin: 85
Hardness: 35

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Reviews of Butterfly Sapphira (7)

This is exactly what Butterfly describes it as. It is an excellent all round rubber. Depending on the blade you use, the power of the shots can be quite high. I had a lot of fun using it with the 38mm ball. It works well with the 40mm ball as well. Both chops and topspin can be quite skinny. The control is very good as well. No issues with short game, or 1 m back from the table either. Butterfly today recommends it as a beginner forehand rubber. It surely beats the kind if equipment I had as a beginner. I highly recommend it for it mix of control, spin and speed.
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I don't know if disappointed would be the word, because I have seen butterfly's rubber chart and this one is definitely on the lower end of the chart. I got the 1.9 version, of this rubber, and although it has some great control and feels to it, it lacks quite a lot in power and speed, but then again that is not the fault of the rubber, simply just a difference in play styles. This is why I am rating it as such. Overall after playing with it for a while, I would have just gotten both sides of my paddle as the aibiss 2.1.
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Surprisingly this cheap Sapphira can play like the normal DHS Harricane except it was lack of speed that can kill the opponent especially close to the table game where giving chance to the opponent to attack however in contrast if you loop hard enough it may create the opportunity for you to attack. With this price tag please do not expect too much from this rubber but using for training purposes it works well for you. Also, I found it only suitable to use for the forehand if you put it on the backhand it does not generate the power to kill your opponent. Therefore, do not expect with lesser strokes to end the game.
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very good rubber better than mark v and globe 999t
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good for blocks and punches. got one on my amultart zlc. its controllable but the speed is there when you need it, maybe its because of my blade too. reliable both close and far from the table game especially for blocks and counters,. not reactive to spinny serves. like an anti. which is a good thing for returns, but a bad news if you are to loop a heavy underspin ball.
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