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BRYCE is created by an entirely new process which reduces energy loss at the ball rebound as much as 18% compared to other rubbers. As both rubber and sponge are flexible and highly resilient, they catch and absorb the oncoming ball and catapult it with your own added speed and spin. Top 20 world ranked Kalin Kreanga and Werner Schlager play with BRYCE.

Speed: 120
Spin: 95
Control: 72
Density: 35
Reglue Effect: High

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Reviews of Butterfly Bryce (27)

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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce on May 18, 2014
Horrible balance between spin and speed. Low throw.
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce on February 20, 2014
a good rubber for forehand and backhand i used mark 5 on my forehand and bryce for backhand when the first time i hit a high shot it went very fast i ordered bryce speed FX when saw the review i think bryce is the best rubber of butterfly
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce on January 28, 2013
I used this rubber to get more speed on the kill smashes with my FH. And for that it is great. My opponents wondered where the sudden acceleration from the ball came from. One even described it as "the ball exploded from your blade". Other than the great speed the rubber feels hard and heavy without too much control or spin. I've replaced it with a Bluefire M3 for more control and spin. But for raw speed you can't go wrong with this one.
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce on May 30, 2012
By far the best rubber I've ever used, though I've never tried the newer Speed or Speed FX versions. I tried Tenergy 05 on a stiga graphite wood blade a few years ago and it was awful. Switched back to Bryce and the difference was immediate. I currently play with 1.9 Bryce on both FH and BH on a classic Stiga Super Carbon (Alser, 1980s) and it plays great - control with power as I need it.
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce on October 10, 2011
With speed glue amazing. W/o speedglue, it is not a good rubber period.
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce on September 16, 2011
The bryce its a good rubber u can do good chops with ur backhand and have a good loop to its just that its hard to raise the chops because the low throw angle
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce on June 26, 2011
Bryce was great with speedglue and that's it. the problem it holds is that it lacks the spin and power needed to win games. Using a Butterfly Viscaria light it does not work. the soft feel of the viscaria feel destroys the speed and makes a dead hitting sound. stay away from this rubber and get a tensor for the same price. the tensor may not be as durable, but you would ratehr have a rubber that would spin off the table than a durable rubber
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce on June 14, 2011
this rubber is i buy my bryce with my technique,but i use butterfly michael maze blade, in carbon blades bryce is very spinny and fast but have control a lot.
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce on June 11, 2011
I have never owned/used bryce, but from a receiver's perspective it is the fastest rubber i have played against when my opponent loops from mid-distance or when he blocks from close to table
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 External Review for Butterfly Bryce on April 10, 2011
Ahh good old Bryce. The #1 rubber in the speed-glue era, the true beast of power. With speed glue, this rubber is explosive in its power and versatility. However, I will conduct the remainder of my review on unglued Bryce.

- Thick topsheet which prevents "bottoming out" when hitting hard or counterlooping far from the table
- Very stable for flat counter-hitting and smashes
- Hitting harder yields more power, while touch shots have a lot of control
- Blocking is effortless
- The topsheet does not have a very high amount of grip (for example, compared to Sriver EL)
- Spin for serves are not as effective
- Flat trajectory, medium-low throw...sometimes difficult to counterloop or lift underspin
- Expensive...REALLY expensive for a pre-speed-glue ban rubber ($$$)
- People who still want to use speed-glue: this is THE perfect rubber
- Counter-drivers, offensive players who want a stable backhand rubber (or a controllable, medium-hard FH)
- People who like to spend $$$ without sensible reason
- Nothing really special without glue. a slightly upgraded version of the Sriver series
- There are so many better options out there for the same amount of money or less
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