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Reviews for XIOM Yanus DF (9)

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Would say that(unusally for my self),after 3 trainings i did not use to be familiar with this one. Occasionaly rubber acts like very grippy,spinny and fast enough. In other ocasions,i see no grip,no spin and throw angle too high...Celluloid or plastic ball,same thing.I used 1.5 BH. Maybe allrounders can take some advantages from this sheet,but spinners or def.players definitely not.For first time, i can not specify playing characteristics after few trainings. Anyway,i do not reccomend-too pricy for average quality(add 3eur and you get Omega V tour).Will try some more time and update shell come.
My first impression was not accurate...
It is maybe the best BH rubber i've tried.
Now my bh spin and smash goes right where i wanted. In few words-i dont miss flips never! Will try 2.0mm,and update aggain.Update2:
Now i am using 1.5 version for 9months. Feels like i shell never change Yanus. I improved bh 200%, rubber looks almost new after more than 100h of play. Really this one have 2 faces-during pimple have so much control,chop goes low with so much backspin rotation. If you attack,changes face and become very dangerous topspin weapon(slower but full of rotation). Flat hits are revellation for me-1.5mm goes very very fast and precise. Light weight , thin and soft(40*). Recommend for all kind of styles
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If you hit the ball fairly flat, as in counterhitting, the pace off the rubber is comparable to a "normal" offensive inverted rubber. Once you start looping more, the speed is noticeably slower. Main thing I noticed right from the beginning was that the topsheet had almost no grip. You really need the ball to sink into the soft sponge to generate mechanical spin. This made it hard to generate spin off serves or very slow loops where you just brush the ball lightly. However, it was a pleasure to use this rubber to hit loop drives. You get good spin and pin point accuracy...very very consistent. Once you get used to the rubber, you can also get decent pace (I used the 2.0mm version) though obviously slower than a normal rubber. In fact, for loop vs backspin and loop vs block, this rubber was not only good for a defensive rubber but good for ANY kind of inverted rubber. For counterlooping when someone is hitting aggressive loops at you, however, it does put you at a disadvantage. Also I found it hard to "reflect" topspin when fishing away from the table. Somehow the ball went back fairly spinless and often floated long. Blocking is solid. Of course, the main reason people use defensive inverted is for chopping, and it does give you enough control for that too.
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I love this rubber. It has enabled me to improve my game tremendously. Some rubbers take time to get used to. I was immediateely impressed with the Yanus. I have purchased a number of sheets on different blades. I believe it plays best on allround blades. Presently I use an Oversized Sitga Allround WRB straight-handled blade. Such wonderful control. I have a 1.5mm on one side, and now the XIOM Omega IV (Europe) on the other. A near perfect combination. The Yanus allows for high-speed chops. The key is to wait for the ball to drop near it's lowest point and then chop/or push the ball.
Also one can attack with this rubber. I use the 1.5 on my forehand sometimes to loop, a ball. It works well when your objective is spin and not speed. Amazing rubbber folks.
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Butterfly Tackiness Chop II is better choice.
Review helpful?    Yes | No give more control for defensive player like me..a good speed but a no so spinny..
i improve my game with Yanus DF..
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Advantages starts form serving even soft chops are very effective. Can easily change the gear with or without spin.Smashing the ball with a basic wrist movement is possible. Next generation could be a little bit harder.
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Soft and spiny, excellent for off and over the table chopping good for looping. Best rubber I have played with for modern defensive player, for medium to high level. Because it is soft it has high catapult effect some players do not like this but makes for a safe return Even number 91 woman in the world liked it BTW. It is a bit easy to chip the edge but sheets last one year of heavy play.
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To give some context, my previous favorite rubbers were Donic Vario Big Slam and Andro Plasma 380. I like them because it was easy to get good control, but my coach said there wasn't as much bite in my attacking shots as he would like. So I tried this Yanus and my coach was impressed with the power of my topspin, and I felt more than happy with the control. I don't know about advanced players or super-attacking players, but for an advanced beginner like me I think this is great.
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A great hybrid rubber, attacks well and clicks like there's no tomorrow. Great control on chops and near the table pushes.

The only con I can see is it's durability, chips easily as all 3G tensors
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