XIOM Omega VII Pro

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Firm and solid grip on plastic balls, improved spin and dynamics.

The plastic ball elasto futura generation withcycloid made a significant progress on a technical platform.
Dynamic Friction has evolved to synchronize better with Carbo Sponge and to give extremely powerful advantage for offensive play.

New spin ratio per distance created the new equilibrium of speed & control.

New generation has finally achieved True Professional Aggression.

Speed: 96
Spin: 97
Control: 67
Hardness: Hard

Review by TableTennisDaily

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Reviews of XIOM Omega VII Pro (12)

Review by zorback (Verified Customer) for XIOM Omega VII Pro on October 19, 2019
Good control on backhand not too fast, very good for flicks, ok for looping but deteriorated fairly quickly and mostly dead after 2 months of use.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Pro on April 27, 2019
this rubber definitely need boosting. I put two mild layers of falco tempo long on the sponge and it plays much better. more dynamics, lot more spin and very good ball feeling. unboosted rubber is hard, fast and uncontrollable. boost add dynamics to the sponge and lifting backspin is no more a problem. throwing angle stays low and makes the topspins difficult to counter. if you are attacker with consistant topspin strokes from both wings this rubber might be lethal weapon. I cant agree this is useful for beginners. this rubber demands really good set of skills.
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Review by duke8253 (Verified Customer) for XIOM Omega VII Pro on February 8, 2019
Really good rubber when paired with my new XIOM Ice Cream AZX, read a lot of reviews and based on those reviews this should be a really good choice for that blade. And turns out it is.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Pro on August 1, 2018
I played Tenergy 05 now i play omega VII Pro. This rubber is a very good option to the tenergy 05!
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Pro on May 25, 2018
Good speed spin and control but less durable.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Pro on May 6, 2018
saya sangat menyukai karet ini
begitu menyenangkan
bermain putaran menjadi lebih indah
hanya sedikit lebih lambat daripada tenergy 05
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Pro on May 1, 2018
Lot of hype from this rubber but sadly it didnt do wonders for me. Spin is very minimal and speed is not that fast.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Pro on April 19, 2018
High quality product both top sheet and sponge is different from others xiom series, it's looks premium quality. Black sponge very porous but feels springy and hard. The top sheet extremely grippy and got a Matt elastic finish. Compareing with the previous
omega v pro it's actually feels very similar in every area. Omega 7 does not feel faster than omega 5 pro. Also 5 pro has more spin I think than the new one. So is it worth the new premium price for xiom pro 7 , I think not. May be it has more juice in it and holds it performance for longer, yet to be seen for full durability test. One thing I do like better on the xiom omega7 pro is it's got beautiful clicking sound when putting good topspins. Excellent rubber overall minus the price.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Pro on March 29, 2018
I havent really rated or reviewed before, but I feel like this rubber deserve a shout out.
Very light and high quality rubber with lot of capabilities. Lightness is very much noticeable. Used it on backhand, felt nice.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Pro on March 16, 2018
Dont play with it on hinoki blades or thick wood blades.

The worst thing for me is that it has very poor performance on new Xiom blades such as ZX2 with soft hinoki top layers: low speed, low throw. It definately needs harder outer layers to perform. Quite surprised that Xiom didnt test Omega 7Pro on their new blade series, half of which are with hinoki outers.

Plays really great on hard blades whether they are stiff or not (TB ALC, Innerforce ALC, Korbel Japan)
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Review by yogi_bear for XIOM Omega VII Pro on January 24, 2018
I got this from and xiomtt korea. The Omega VII Pro is the newest Xiom rubber that was just released this January. I have this rubber late December 2017 and I was able to fully test this for a few weeks. This is indeed a different ESN rubber because it doesn't feel like the previous Rasanters. The texture of the topsheet is different with the Rasanters being smoother compared to the topsheet of the Omega VII rubbers. The topsheet is soft and the Pro version feels like it is softer than 45 degrees overall if you take into account the soft topsheet and the sponge. The sponge is a black porous sp[onge like the usual carbo sponge that Xiom has but it looks different from the older rubbers. The topsheet is very grippy, it seems to be a little tacky compared to the plain grippy topsheet of the Rasanters. The O7P is one of the easiest rubber to use. I think aside from the weight which is 45 grams cut to a 150x157mm blade head, the rubber is very easy to use which is its main selling point. Even people who have tried the O7P say that the rubber is so forgiving that even with poorly executed shots, the ball goes in and gives you a huge room for mistakes but still be able to return the ball with ease. I would say even intermediate level players can use the O7P with ease and confidence. The Omega 7 Pro is a very fast rubber. It is a purely offensive rubber that can attack near and far from the table while leaving room for errors. It is very forgiving that even if you slap very low flying balls, you would still be able to land the ball on the other side. It is faster than the MX-P and slightly faster than the Rasanter R47. The speed of the O7P is more or less equal to that of the Tenergy 64 speed but with a higher angle. The spin is quite surprising because the Omega 7 Pro is not only very easy to produce spin, it is very easy to produce very heavy spin. The very grippy topsheet when combined with the topsheet softness lets the ball sink deeper into the sponge allowing the player to have more grip with the ball. The level of spin for the O7P is very high, in fact it can be spinnier than the MX-P but it is easier to use. The O7P loops well either by thin brushing contact with the ball or sinking the ball deeper and use more sponge compression to produce spin and speed in stronger shots but the Omega 7 Pro favors the sponge compression more because it is just the way it was designed to do with the polyballs. It is a trend with polyballs that people need to compress the sponge more when spinning the ball to produce heavier spin and the O7P is geared towards this approach. The O7P is also an excellent attacking and blocking rubber in the backhand where in those backhand shots like flicks and slaps near the net are very accurate and easy to do. It also blocks very well despite having a sort of tacky topsheet. It absorbs the impact easily on very strong shots making blocking very easy while maintaining control over the ball. So far, the Omega 7 Pro is the easiest high speed/spin rubber in the market right.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Pro on January 11, 2018
I did the test with other six players. The new Omega VII Pro has a very good catapult, the topsheet is very grippy and the hardness is a little softer than 47.5 touching with the fingers the sponge and topsheet, but the power and the feeling is precisely that of a hard rubber. The Omega VII Pro is more suited for players who prefer middle distance than close to the table position, because from the middle distance the rubber accelerates and develops its strength in terms of speed-power-spin. The best feature of the O7Pro is the countertopspin because when the ball arrives at the opposite side of the table, it accelerates forward increasing the spin and speed and for the opponent is very hard return the ball. Only the Mizuno Q3 is better in countertopspin over the table and close to the table because is more insensitive to spin so you can hit very hard every kind of topspins and you always will find the table. In the opening topspin the O7P has a huge amount of spin if you hit the ball tangentially and with a fast movement of the arm: on the fifth ball you can go forward with a strong power and finish easily the point. The ball flight curve is medium-high in slow topspin and medium in strong topspin. The block is almost perfect, very safe and precise and only the Z1 is on this level. The service is very good, but only the players with a very good and fast movement of the wrist can impart a strong spin on services. Another good feature of the O7Pro is the short reply to the service because the ball trajectory is low and with spin and also the step "short cut - short cut" is amazing. The O7P is also a beast in forehand flip, you will make a mistake rarely. The O7P is a powerful topspin rubber similar to the Aurus Prime: you can hit strong forward also the ball with a good amount of underspin above the table . Also the weight is lower than other rubbers and this thing is fantastic. Enjoy!
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