XIOM Omega VII Euro

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ELASTO FUTURA generation with CYCLOID made a significant progress on technical platform. DYNAMIC FRICTION has evolved to synchronize better with CARBO SPONGE and to give extremely powerful advantage for offensive play. New spin ratio per distance created the new equilibrium of speed & control. New generation has finally achieved True Professional Aggression.

Speed: 94
Spin: 98
Control: 67
Hardness: Hard

Review by TableTennisDaily

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Reviews of XIOM Omega VII Euro (14)

 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Euro on June 18, 2020
A nice rubber. Like Rakza 7 soft with a slightly softer topsheet. Very easy to play with. You dont have to be powerful to get lot of spinn out of this rubber. Very speedy close to table In every way and also speedy far from table as long as you relay on topspinn. It is a soft rubber so trying to hit a powershot from far from the table is not that fun. Not a rubber for the elite but for me it is a god rubber. Trying to reglue this rubber on another blade after some time is hard because it shrinks a bit, like 4 mms from handle to top.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Euro on June 4, 2020
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Euro on October 7, 2019
Great control, very good spin. When you need it is fast. Very good control in passive game. I forgive many mistakes. Very light weight. A great block. It worked great for backhand on a Tibhar Cedric Nuytinck blade which has a second layer of zylon - carbon.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Euro on September 20, 2019
I just tried using this Xiom Omega VII on both Bty. Taksim & DHS Hurricane 301, CPH blades for over a month already. I have used many Omega V, Euro & Tour rubbers before so I am familiar with their characteristics. OME VII is the new generation of Xiom rubbers for 40+ plastic balls with Dynamic friction. I found that it does not play as good as the old OME V rubbers in general especially in the control and short play areas. The only good point is lighter in weight. I don't thing it is worth the extra $$ !!
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Euro on September 8, 2019
Very high quality rubber. It's slightly softer than the V Euro and noticeably faster and spinnier. Basically, if you liked the V Euro, this is just an upgrade.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Euro on June 29, 2019
Very average in all deptt.Nothing special,blocks ok-ok.Failed product-useless rubber
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Review by duke8253 (Verified Customer) for XIOM Omega VII Euro on February 8, 2019
Really good rubber when paired with my new XIOM Ice Cream AZX, read a lot of reviews and based on those reviews this should be a really good choice for that blade. And turns out it is. Using it on the ZLC side as BH.
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Review by shezie (Verified Customer) for XIOM Omega VII Euro on September 29, 2018
Not for me. In my blissful state of ignorance I made the assumption that the omega vii euro would be an improved version of the omega v (my rubber of choice)... boy was i wrong. This rubber is hard, doesn't have gears or that nice soft dwell like the v, it has a low throw and feels like its made for flat hitting. Not to mention the rubber quickly develops a film of moisture very quickly causing the ball to slide off... Many might love this rubber, but I don't and wish I could get my money back from xiom because I feel slighted.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Euro on July 21, 2018
Am using this now on my forehand in 2.0mm thickness (red) instead of Nittaku Fastarc-C or Evolution FX-S, mainly because of the weight benefit. The sealed rubber in the package weighed in at 57.5g and the rubber weighed 40g (!) after cutting it to size, which is phenomenal. My racket now weighs 158g, with Sanwei Feather Carbon, Acuda Blue P2 and Omega VII Europe. However, I needed to adjust quite a bit. This rubber supports AGGRESSIVE play much better than passive play. This means that it is more often than not safer to try and lift up the opponent's underspin from the serve and attack straight away rather than pushing back and waiting for 3rd or 5th ball attack. I got more spin in my serve because of Omega VII and counterlooping is also way better now. Still, if I have to play against certain opponents, I will still pick my other racket with the Fastarc-C, because sometimes you just have to stay in the game long enough...
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Euro on June 26, 2018
It is a good rubber and here is why.
Firstly, it is definitely designed for the new balls (mid 2018 as of today). It does not spin like the spinnest rubber out there, but it grips the ball so well! Thesedays many rubbers do not grip so well anymore. I tbelieve in order to impart spin on the ball for shots like the banana flick, you need to grip the ball in the limited amount of time and space given. This series, Omega VII Pro & Euro, does that well.
Secondly, its light. I have tried both Pro and Euro, they are a lot lighter than many rubbers out there. So using it on at least one side of the bat will help bringing down the weight and adjust balance of the setup. When used on both sides, you save a lot of weight and can recover from your strokes a lot quicker. Note that for people who prefer heavy setups, you might not want to use it on both side. Personally I enjoy lighter and softer setup as my swings are more compact due to my own abilities.
Thirdly, this rubber controls well. The Pro version shoots off quicker, and to some it might be too quick. On the other hand this euro version, it is a little more steady than the Pro, and still give you way more than enough speed to kill and finish the set off. Need not to say that the softness of the sponge helps in the control department by giving you more dwell and feeling.
I use it on both sides of my setup. I appreciate Jun Mizutanis style so I kinda play like him. I do a lot of backhand flicks, punches, loops, sometimes even logs off the table.
My girl friend uses this Euro version on her forehand side. She is a close to table attacker, and she is enjoying a lot more safety and dwell time compare to when she was using the Pro version.

Apology for lengthy writing. I dont usually write review, but I felt like this rubber deserves a shout out.

Have fun playing table tennis people!
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Euro on May 28, 2018
good for bh flick,flat hit..the sponge is 42.5 degree which is good for stiff has high sheet is medium & not grippy..sponge feel like medium..i use max 2.2mm both fh n bh..not spin sensitive..spin & speed is good has high throw angle..chop is ok..perfectly designed for plastic ball..the black sheet is softer n more controllable meanwhile the red one is kind of harder n less dwell time also harder to control in bh so I put it on fh..I recommend the 2.0mm thickness
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Review by bizeizei for XIOM Omega VII Euro on May 14, 2018
Amazing rubber..good for bh flick,flat hit,block,spin..defend is very easy using this rubber..attacking also very forgiving..the sponge is 42.5 degree which is good for stiff has high sheet is elastic..sponge feel like has very high consistency..i use max 2.2mm both fh n bh..awesome control..not spin sensitive..spin & speed is good enough..the ball placement is superb i can put it wherever i has medium to medium high throw angle..chop is ok..perfectly designed for plastic ball..very recommended rubber
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Euro on May 2, 2018
It's a really great rubber. I have take this in 2mm on the two side. It's speed but for short game this rubber is very controllable, because when you don't hurt the ball the rubber don't take the spin. For doing a good topspin you must hurt the ball, with the plastic ball it's work very well. It's really make for the news balls !
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Review by yogi_bear for XIOM Omega VII Euro on March 2, 2018
I got to review this for and The Omega VII Euro is the younger brother of the Omega VII Pro having a lesser amount of speed and slightly lesser amount of spin. Just like the previous series, the euro version is always the more controllable one except for the Omega V Euro which seems to be harder than the V Pro version. Anyway, as tradition of Xiom for tis Euro rubber version, the Omega VII Euro is fast attacking rubber with high level of spin. Strange thing though that the Omega VII Euro seem to feel a bit more firm than the 7 Pro version and this is probably because of the topsheet hardness. You can say that the 7 Euro is a very good all around attacking rubber that can do everything well from attacking to blocking and also short strokes inside the table. The Omega 7 Euro is a do all rubber that is not too fast with very good control and high level of spin. If the Omega 7 pro is designed for higher level of players, the Euro 7 version is the best for intermediate and advanced players. Even beginners using a 2.0 sponge can use it well because it is very easy to control and use. The topsheet has the same topsheet with the 7 Pro but has a lower spin potential than the 7 Pro. The Omega V Euro seems to be harder in its sponge and seem to be tackier or grippier but at the same time it is also spin sensitive. The Omega 7 Euro however is not as spin sensitive. I find the V euro sometimes spinnier than the VII Euro spinnier when you are doing brushing contact with the ball on loops. This rubber is good for both backhand and forehand as this is already very spinny and controllable for most players and their levels. It is best paired with medium hard or stiff blades.
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