XIOM Omega VII Hyper

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Omega VII Hyper combines spin with speed for super offensive drive play.

Designed to achieve maximum grip on the plastic ball, XIOM Omega VII Hyper breaks new ground. A perfectly calibrated rubber reaches a new equilibrium of speed and control.

Speed: 93
Spin: 98
Control: 92

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Reviews of XIOM Omega VII Hyper (3)

Review by silentpanther for XIOM Omega VII Hyper on June 17, 2020
THIS is forehand rubber... I bought this for my backhand to add more speed, but the straight throw on this rubber is super difficult to control. Your shots have to be perfect or they're in the net or off the table. For comparison, on my OFF++ Long 5x blade, I can use Tenergy05 on backhand with no problem. THIS rubbber is much faster lol, and much less forgiving. I use a chinese stroke usually on forehand. This rubber is fine if you do a chinese or euro stroke on forehand. It's ridiculously fast and spinny, and not that hard to control. But on backhand, it makes punches really strong, though they're difficult to do with it. Once you've got some distance from the table... it's still actually pretty difficult on backhand but not as much. I'm only 3 hours in. If you feel like relearning the game completely on backhand then go for it, otherwise it's for the forehand.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Hyper on March 21, 2020
agree with swejoe review..first,i stick the rubber with Sword long 5 blade which is long 5 clone blade on fh,it feels so hard like there was no sponge like swejoe said,it was very spinny but when away from the table,it always caught the net,maybe bcause i lack power..then i changed the blade to viscaria..suprisingly,the rubber feels amazing and softer..i can feel the sponge engaged when driving and looping..its easier to control and no problem when playing away from the table but when playing full force close to the table,the blade angle must be closed or it will go long..overall,i changed my h3 to this bcause i got tired of boosting..when the 60degree sponge come out,i will use it on fh and use 55degree for bh
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 External Review for XIOM Omega VII Hyper on February 21, 2020
Hard, speedy rubber with lot of spin. As a intermediate player it is hard to control when hitting hard. Ive put it on FH, with DNA Pro(M) on backhand on a homemade blade(off-). As long as I focus on controlled strokes it gives a lot of spin and speed. When putting in some force I really need to close the racket angle or the ball will go long. Really long. Easier to use than I thought thou, short game, blocking and service is no harder then with H3N or Rakza7. A lot of gears and when I hit the table with full power(rarely) it has a low angle with tremendous amount of spin. The rubber will take some time to get used to. Compared to H3N it feels like a rubber without sponge glued to the blade.
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