Victas ZX-Gear In

by Victas
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Victas ZX-Gear In is a new high-control premium blade designed for use with the new plastic ball. The innovative new Zexion® carbon fiber is placed directly on the core ply provides for a perfect combination of high power and unbelievable control. This highly elastic carbon fiber optimizes energy transfer upon ball contact and increases flexibility and elasticity of this extraordinary offensive. In aggressive attacks, the ZX-Gear In provides for both fantastic speed and spin and consistently high control.

ZX-Gear In is part of the Victas ZX Family of blades. A new sensory carbon wood that uses the latest high-elasticity fiber “Zexion®” that balances power and operability, combined with an excellent high-elasticity fiber “Zexion®.” A lineup of three-blade types that allows you to choose the feel of the ball that suits your play style.

Country of Manufacturer: Japan
Blade Type: Offensive Plus
Ply: Wood 5, Carbon 2
Racket Head Size: 157mm x 150mm
Racket Grip Size: 100mm x 24mm (FL) / 23mm (ST)
Thickness: 5.9mm

Speed: 89
Control: 80
Weight: 89g

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Reviews of Victas ZX-Gear In (1)

 External Review for Victas ZX-Gear In on December 23, 2019
Victas have some of the most well made blades I've ever seen, and the ZX-Gear In (ZXGi) is no exception. Every inch of its surface is sanded silky smooth, including the handle and the wings. I suspect the top plies have been coated with some kind of varnish, giving them an unnatural smoothness and shine.
I'm happy to say that ZXGi has great synergy with Chinese tacky rubbers, unlike the other Victas blades I've tried. I used a boosted 40 degrees commercial H3 on FH and the result is quite amazing. The last inner structure composite bladed I used was Hurricane Long 5x, but HL5x was way to fast for me. I couldn't quite control the prominent catapult effect of HL5x, especially when it comes to blocking more powerful shots. ZXGi is much slower compared to HL5x, and its catapult effect is much more manageable. The blade makes blocking precise and consistent. I have to mention ZXGi's obscene amount of dwell time, and it allows you to easily load up massive spin on each shot. Coupled with a high throw angle, you have plenty of safety over the net when playing over the table or opening attacks against backspin. ZXGi has very decent top gear speed as well, which shows up readily when you put in more power. I'm still surprised that a blade with such good control and soft feeling could rally so easily away from table.
Because ZXGi is a softer blade, compared to outer structure composite blades like Ovtcharov true carbon or Viscaria, drives and smashes are slower and less deadly. Instead, ZXGi makes your shots more spinny, with higher arcs. So you trade a bit of speed for more spin and consistency, which IMO is well worth it.
In summary, ZXGi is a looper's dream blade. If you find HL5x a bit too fast for you, then I recommend you try ZXGi. It pairs well with both Chinese tacky rubbers and tensor rubbers (I use Vega Pro on BH).
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