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7 Reviews for XIOM Ice Cream AZX

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Just like what vladan said.
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different carbon on every side, interesting experience , try it
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One of the best blades I've tested ever. Highly recommended for the modern pips player due to the dual carbon. Personally use zlc for pips and alc for smooth. This combination makes pip shots shoot straight as a laser and gives forehand loops the safety and clearance over the table due to higher arc from the alc. Pairs well with xiom omega 7 series, may test Chinese rubbers in the future. Blade handle is exceptionally comfortable with minimal vibrations. Blade speed is higher than average but is still very controllable. Had the odd effect of landing every block last training session lol.
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First, i play with fh normal rubber, bh short pips. I choose zlc side for fh, alc side for bh. And: WOW, started to play like never before.
Blade made for poly ball only, has almost no vibration. Very,very consistent. Zlc side slower, anyway if i go off table-spins goes easy. In short game, and blocks very precise. Alc side is like made for short pips-now i got ability to attack from 2m off table, blocks goes so fast. Dislike: alc sounds like ball is broken every time. Overall, blade worth money i gave.
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I have Vega Europe on both FH and BH, and I use the ALC side for FH and the ZLC side for BH. This setup gives me much more control than I initially thought. The speed is there, slightly more on the ALC side than the ZLC side, but what is really impressive is the amount of control, especially with the blocks on both sides and the BH flicks. I am an offense- type of player (maybe allround+) and I have played with many blades, including several Xiom blades. By far, this is the best blade I have ever played with. I highly recommend it for the players who are at least at an intermediate level.
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I use the ALC (orange) side on my forehand, and the ZLC (purple) side on my backhand. I use Omega V Euro for my FH and Tenergy 64 for my BH.

Both rubbers are very compatible with this blade, especially if you tend to lean towards a European playing style rather than a Chinese playing style.

The ALC side is very hard, and the ball tends to shoot off with a trampoline effect. This can be attributed to the koto outerwood layer. The trajectory seems to be more direct and straight. For those who like to brush upwards and create a higher arc on the ball may want to find another blade. Because of its hardness and trampoline effect, I find that the Omega V Euro 2.1 is helpful as it's softer and allows the ball to sink into the blade more, creating more dwell time.

The ZLC is also hard, but not as fast as the ALC side. There seems to be more control for it, but as a lefty (and therefore, having my BH side always more developed and being able to brush more efficiently than my FH) I find that it is a tad bit too slow for looping mid distance or far distance without having putting on Tenergy 64. If I were to use a slower or harder rubber and lacking the technique to adapt, I would not use this blade. With that said, I do think that the ZLC side is very useful when it comes to drives, blocks, and looping from mid-to-far distance. The power and speed are both there, but it is not very forgiving. A slightly incorrect angle or an incorrect ratio of speed:spin and the ball will hit the net or fly out.

It took me a few weeks to get used to the blade, especially after switching from an allwood Petr Korbel blade, but the switch has been more than worth it. The blade is very high in quality, and the feel and touch has not been sacrificed for its power and speed.

However, a word to the wise: this blade is not intended to fix your game. This blade is intended to support and suit your game. If you struggle with consistency, form, and technique, please stick to a slower setup so that your game may improve in all areas much more efficiently.
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Love this blade.
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