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XIOM Omega VII China Ying

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Omega 7 China Ying is a high tension sticky rubber that blends ball control and spin of traditional Chinese rubber with the speed and power of a European tensor. Recommended for all players from intermediate to professional levels.

The hard sponge increases the consistency of the strokes and helps the player to improve technique.

Omega 7 China Ying is a sticky rubber designed for players looking for more speed and direct impact from the harder sponge with a sticky topsheet.

60 sponge hardness

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Reviews of XIOM Omega VII China Ying (1)

To keep this quick Im going to give it stats compared to my stats 09c a few comments and some pros and cons.

Spin: 9.7
Control: 9
Loop Speed: 8.8
Drive/Smash Speed: 7.4

Spin: 8.8
Control: 9.1
Loop Speed: 8.5
Drive/Smash Speed: 8.8

I believe the difference in loop speed and drive speed of the O7CYing is due to the fact it is high tension giving it fast kick off the rubber on loops but slower on drives and smashes due to the 60 hard sponge which doesnt allow the ball to sink very far to get the tensor kick.

-Very spin insensitive when even slightly hitting through the ball.
-High spin even on low effort shots. comparable to H3 in my opinion.
-Tensor helps make off balance shots have a higher chance to land compared to non tensors.
-Tackiness allows for higher gears better pace change and blocking.

-Horrible durability, the tackiness lasted for 6 weeks or about 50 hours of play before the hitting spot on the rubber became low throw and the surrounding area still medium low making some shots fly high or low.
-Hardness make it give little feedback, non issue if you have a good stroke.
-Slow smash speed means if you are playing higher level players or using a non off+ blade you may have to twiddle to a softer rubber to get more power out of a smash.
-Weight is very heavy, 63g after cutting on my cyber shape.

Overall would be an amazing rubber if you are okay with the weight and getting a new rubber every month. But with it lasting not even half as long as 09c and costing more then half the price it doesnt make sense if you arent at least at a semi pro level or have money to burn.

10/10 if you are rich AF. 8/10 if you are poor like me.
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