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6 Reviews for XIOM Tau

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very spinny
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tank for defenders
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I can name 100 rubbers that has more spin than this. Bought mine on TT11 and i got surpeised over the speed, not used to so slow rubbers. Someone said that it has good spin. I use to check the spin by hitting around the net a few times and my serves, that is my main weapon, and by playing sideloops and topspin. Sometimes measuring with a machine that counts how many times the ball spin per sec. That is a neat way to measure. Anyway spin in this rubber wasnt good. I dont mean there is no spin, but if you compare with other semitacky rubbers like Nittaku Fastarc G1, Nittaku Hurricane 3 Pro, both orange and blue, Yasaka Rakza Z, Rakza Z Hard, R48, Butterfly Spinart, Tibhar MX-S , especielly new Nittaku
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the spinniest rubber on earth and suitable for soft stiff wood clipper with very good durability! This rubber after 200 hours of playing is still in good condition... Control is not perfect when you put this rubber on artificial type of blade like harimoto zlc or joola zelebro but when you choose soft wood blade, this rubber is miracle, and red colour is better because it has less tackiness and it is more 60 degree than 57,5 degree. I recommend it for amateur players who likes spin balls
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After using 3 sheets of this, I have come to a conclusion. It's a decent rubber, with some issues. Main issue, is that the sponge is weak. It gives out or tops out very easily. On fast balls, you need to brush up to help the weak sponge from dying. Doesn't have gears.
The feel is unstable. On the first day, it feels very good. On the 2nd day and thereafter, it's mush city.
Just like thors and vega china, it needs a stiff blade to tame it.
Better than thors and vega china. However, it's still far away from Tenergy, Spin Art, H3 National, and even TG3 neo commercial.
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Butterfly Innerforce ALC
FH: Xiom Tau
BH: Xiom Sigma Euro I

Coming from using H3 NEO, this is possible the closest rubber to a Boosted H3 NEO. Just faster with less controll.
The package is nice and proffessional looking like all other xiom rubbers.
The rubber comes in square'ish as the sigma series and above, with oval shape on both sides with black sponge wich looks so nice TBH. It also is protected with a see through plastic that can be used for protecting the rubber when not in use, something that i really apreciated. When i glued it on i first noticed that its alittle heavier than H3 Neo since my setup got heavier. When i dropped the ball on the rubber it bounces a few times more than on the H3 NEO but quickly stops due to the tackieness of the rubber. And thats where the controll comes in. But the Rubber isnt as tacky as i expected, it should be more tacky IMO.

Play: First thing i noticed is that the rubber is pretty fast. Loops were pretty nice as H3 NEO but less controllable due to more catapult effect. H3 neo is more dead. Though the rubber is hard the ball digs very deep so that you can feel the ball better and makes the rubber easy to loop with. Counterloop were great. But smashes were alittle hard.. the ball would almost always miss a few inches from the table maybe because im used to H3 Neo. But that is something i can regulate while playing with it.
Forhand drive was also alittle weird or different. I had to make a more upwards move.

Short Game: As controllable as H3 NEO. Bounces alittle bit mor but easy to regulate on how to recieve. Flicks were easy.

Blocks: are almost as control able as H3 neo but shoots back alittle faster due to the catapulteffect it has.

Serves: I pretty much served better with this rubber as i got used to it in a few hours. I could generate alot of spin with it, Underspin, sidespin and even topspin serves were pretty fast. slow or fast serve improved for me. I think it's easier to serve with it because of the catapult effect and that its alittle softer than H3 NEO.

I havent tried this one on BH since i think this rubber is purely made for FH Loops. Though its a heavier set up i think this is my ultimate setup so far with Xiom Sigma Euro on BH. Xiom Tau can be improved with a tackier sheet.

If you are a H3 NEO user i would recommend this rubber if you want a faster upgrade of H3 NEO.

As Xiom says: Raise your standard and Win with Us!
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