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XIOM Jekyll and Hyde V47.5

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Spin Energy based on power dragging

SPIN DRAGGING is a necessary factor to create a successful probability for both high trajectory and high control when hitting. With general rubber manufacturing technology, the stronger the repulsive energy, the less time the ball stays on the rubber surface, but the new generation "V" rubber has realized a new paradigm that enables sufficient ball drag while delivering high energy.

Speed: 85
Spin: 86
Control: 91

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Reviews of XIOM Jekyll and Hyde V47.5 (6)

Amazing. The rubber is amazing, and it is surprising it has not caught on quicker on this premier comparison website!

In the move over recent years to firmer sponges that now provide the control that only softer ones have done in the past, Jekyll & Hyde is by far the best.

If you are a lover of the high throw (which I am not), Tenergy is very expensive but takes some beating. For all other attackers, J & H gives all the spin and power needed with your fast strokes, and unrivalled touch in the short game.

Better technique is always the answer to the touch game; but this rubber will bridge some of that gap in ability and is invaluable for that reason alone.

I have played all the major western-style offensive rubbers, majoring on Tibhar Evolution and the Xiom range. Jekyll & Hyde is a class apart.
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Using V47.5 on the backhand side of my BFY Viscaria. I used xiom vega pro / vega x on my backhand before changing to this rubber. My initial impression after +/- 2 hours of testing, combination of v47.5 and viscaria results in pretty hard feeling. On active strokes this rubber feels pleasing, low-medium arc with good spin. Passive block will more likely dump the ball into the net, however when the sponge is engaged the ball flies with high speed. On serves, I feel i can't impart as much spin as when I used vega pro, probably because my serve technique is just grazing the ball with the topsheet, and in order to get the spin, sponge engagement is necessary. I may update after more hours of testing.
UPDATE: Around 10 hours of play, I confirm this rubber plays best for flat-hitting. This rubber is not really spin sensitive, which helps a lot when flat-hitting through the ball. Topspin is best generated with quick wrist action, making this rubber very suitable for backhand flick over the table. However backhand topspin opening away from table is quite challenging because the arc is low and long. I still can't generate satisfactory spin from my serve, so I won't really recommend this rubber for serving.
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This rubber is not for lazy players.
You must to activate every potential with your own input. Very linear rubber with lowish throw.
Very fast and spiny it just force you to play in correct maner. Greath for players who use arm and body acceleration. After 3 weeks every day training is sill as new. It is a bit different from other tensor rubbers. It took me a week to adjust and to find a correct way to play. Very grippy , ball coupling is excellent. For blocking you must to add a bit direction and forward movement .
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Great Rubber. I'm using it on my BH
It's very grippy so you can create huge amounts of spin. It's not very spin sensitive so you still have great control. The tensor effect kicks in when you give full power to your strokes. These shots are really fast and deadly because you can still control them perfectly (with the right technique)

The only "downside" was passive blocking. You always have to give some power in to your shot or the ball goes into the net. But if you do active blocks the rubber is awesome.
Short strokes over the table gain huge amounts of spin and banana flicks are deadly.

Overall perfect rubber for BH. It combines everything speed, spin while maintaining control.
For FH I would recommend a harder rubber tough. Maybe the v52.5 but i haven't tested it yet.
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Wonderful. Better than T05.
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