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25 Reviews for XIOM Vega Asia

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It's just great rubber! I've bought it for 25$ from AliExpress and I was shocked what quality it is. It was my first tensor rubber I played. I was playing with it for 9 months and it is durable. Nothing had changed for that period. Doing FH loop I had touched the edge of the table and wow, it had ripped ( a topsheet peeled off the sponge (square 1 cm) It's still comfortable to play with but my coach said that I can't play with this rubber. Good speed, nice spin and great control. The topsheet is soft and the sponge is medium-hard. It is great rubber for FH attackers who wanna learn to do strong and stable loops. And it is good for BH to improve your technique. It has lower throw angle then Tenergy but it is enough.
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This rubber is very good for offensive strokes, it has alot of spin and is mediumly fast.
I recommend this rubber for intermediate player. Very good forehand rubber.
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It is suitable for a speed-based game. Shots are direct and feeling is crisp. Longer pimple structure wobbles a bit. But once I get used to it, punch shots and flat hits are powerful. It is not that heavy. Spins are ok, making it good for defensive blocks too.
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I bought this rubber for about $22 in a deal from aliexpress and using it for almost 3 months so far on forehand. As I've used Xiom vega Europe on Forehand for a long time, I'm comparing the stats of the Asia directly with the Euro. Here is my short review from mytabletennis site-

Been playing with Xiom Vega Asia since a week now on my DHS 301. It has a crisp sound, grabs the ball enough and does play semi-similar to Chinese rubbers. Requires effort to lift underspin balls and with its low throw, not as easy as Xiom Vega Europe. Doesn't feel bouncy as long as you don't engage the sponge on pushes, vice versa on strong loops which spins the ball like crazy. Flat hits are not forgiving, so don't go with a balsa blade setup with this rubber. You'd need an all round blade for sure. On Backhand, you need to close the blade enough to create a spinny arc. Far from the table play is much better than Xiom vega europe as there is more speed and blocks the ball well with out much reacting to the incoming spin. Given these properties, It would definitely grow on someone who wants to advance their game to next level.
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This rubber works very well with my balsa blade. I love it!
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I feel that this rubber is extremely underrated. I bought this rubber for my backhand in MAX (red version). First of all the most significant difference from Vega Europe was the speed and throw angle. I felt that this was the perfect backhand rubber for me due to its capability of flicking serves and returning topspin with ease. Compared to vega Europe, it is also slightly heavier and MUCH MUCH MORE DURABLE. The Vega Europe usually chips all around the side (probably because it is softer about 5 degrees compared to Asia) but Vega Asia never chips off. However Vega Europe does have more speed and control. All in all Vega Asia is the best for value, and the best performing rubber in the VEGA series.
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Surprisingly good for BH. Not very fast for plastic ball, speed is above average. The pimple strucuture is not as dense as Vegag Pro/ Tenergy 05, so the weight is significantly reduced, and much easier to "catch" the ball at by the softer topsheet. Therefore it's easier to spin the ball, but not as spinny as Vega Pro or Ternergy 05.

Blocking is very good, low sensitivity to incoming spin, very easy to do BH flick, very easy to block strong lop drive. I wish I know this rubber earlier, can save tons of money for something such as Tenergy 64.
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While it is a good rubber for variable topspin-play, it has a faible for fast TS with focus on speed. Sponge is exactly same as Vega Pro, but upper layer is softer...making the rubber overall feeling less hard - but still slightly harder than a Tibhar Genius.
Catapult is very good controlable and can "explode" at fast hits, giving this rubber lots of offensive-potential - even from mid-distance.
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Not so spinny on serves, but good control. Good for BH
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Otima ! Adorei essa borracha ! para escorar ela no erra ! o FH ficou afiado com ela ! puxa igual a Tenergy 5

Great ! I loved this rubber ! To anchor she does not miss! FH got sharp with it! Pulls the same as Tenergy 5
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Good Rubber accuracy is good
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Vega ASIA is faster but not as spinny than the vega PRO. Both have good control. Asia FH and Pro BH is a good and cheap starter kit. Both rubbers eats up a lot of Glue and a "one-time" use type of rubber because once you take it off a blade, it will curl up like crazy and tough to flatten out again on new blade.
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Good balanced rubber.
Best in Vega series.
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This is a very good rubber, don't be scared off by the fact that Xiom is not as known a brand as say, Butterfly. While Tenergy may be slightly better, the difference is small enough that this rubber is a better choice especially for the value, $38 vs $68. There are a few things to consider when buying this rubber.

Let me start off by saying I recently switched to modern defense play style and I used to be a two-wing looper. Still, I incorporate plenty of attack into my game as a modern defense, but with more of an affinity for pushing and chopping as well. I'm using this rubber at a 2 mm thickness on the forehand side of my BTY Primorac with BTY Feint Long II 1.3mm on the backhand side. It is definitely very fast and I could not really control it for the first 20 minutes or so, because my previous rubber of choice was the slow Sriver. As a high tension rubber, Vega Asia is a big change but I managed to adjust to it, and it has a satisfying cracking sound upon flat drive impact.

Of course this is very nice for blocks, but loops are important as well. It is worth noting exactly how nontacky this rubber is. You can't see the pimples in like with Sriver or other rubbers, which usually only happens with black rubbers. Because this one is red though it is interesting that the topsheet is completely opaque and very nontacky. As a result I am happy with that because it means the rubber will have spin durability, but you will have to use very good technique for pure spin loops. Still, though, there is ample spin for loop drives, and the high throw angle is good for keeping your loops against backspin over the net.

Naturally as a modern defender I still will need to chop every once in a while with the smooth rubber when twiddling is not possible. For that, this rubber excels. It produces a surprising amount of backspin and control for such a fast, nontacky rubber. I can get good consistency on my chops against medium-powered loops, and only will have problems when the opponent starts smashing loop-drives. This is fantastic for a high-tension inverted rubber like Vega Asia.

Counterlooping is also an important shot with the smooth rubber and this produces phenomenal amounts of kick when countering the opponent's loops from mid to far distance from the table. The control is very difficult however and needs time to get used to. After adjusting though, your opponents won't know what happened when the ball lands on their side of the table and jumps like a kangaroo upon impact.

+ Extreme Speed
+ Satisfying Crackling Sound
+ Nontacky topsheet (Spin Durability)
+ Thick Carbo Sponge (i'm using 2 mm)
+ Good control for chops
+ High throw angle keeps your loop drives out of the net
+ Good kick on counterloops
- Pure spin loops are difficult
- Loops are hardest shot to control with this rubber
- Must take time to get used to speed
- Huge adjustment required when twiddling between super slow long pips and extreme fast Vega Asia
- Flat shots need a very closed angle when driving or blocking because of the high throw angle

Overall it is a very high quality rubber and good for the price. If you're the type of player who likes to have good control and tons of spin on loops, you should probably go with a different rubber, but if you're the type of player who enjoys flat drives and smashes you'll have a lot of fun with it. This is the offensive player's rubber. Of course like me, you could have long pips on the other side and this could be very nice for you to control your chops while still having plenty of power for the attack, making your slower blade faster than a carbon blade upon flat drive.
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it's very fast, it's the least spinny rubber of vega family but it has enough spin to play a spin game. it has a soft top sheet on a hard sponge. excelent for shots. medium throw angle. good at serves. vega asia is a dream for shotters who wants a little control too. good for backhand it's incredible for active blocking same character with t64.
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perfect for medium to hard carbon blades for a backhand if you have that bh tennis spin stroke where you dig in into the sponge shot, no way the ball would return back. also expect high percentage shot due to window effect.way faster than tenergy catapult. best even for short active passive blocks even out of positions. been using it for a year and spin and consistency is the same. pushes are spinny too. sticked it to carbon side of dynasty 2-speed blade with t05 on the slower face side. great!! and reasonable price
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It's spin died just one month later
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Hello all TT fans! Well, I think that this is the best rubber ever! Forget the tenergy, go xiom and go vega asia or omega asia. Amazingly well balanced rubber when you can really fell what you are doing with the ball. It might be somewhat slower that tenergy 05 or 25 but , still, it a matter of definition! I 'm playing asia on stradivarius and this is the best possible combination for me. Amazing control along superb spin (better than tenergy) and sufficient spin. Durability is much more better than tenergys and I mean it since I have played with all tenergys rubbers. If you consider the price then you will end up that it is the best rubber on the market. try it, love it progress with it!
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this rubber is very durable and pretty good backhand rubber. only problem is that the rubber is quite springy and it has a few gears so its hard to play with near table. dwell time is also short so spin is not impressive
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It's a medium-slow rubber, but not a medium-fast. It's spin stay away from real spin rubbers, I mean it's a good rubber for those who want more speed than spin with some control, I don't say it's a fast rubber but it has more speed than spin.

It's good for the game close to he table and mid-distance.
It's spin for serves is poor but good for returning very spinny serves with tricky ball-colocation.

I think that in a hardo or mid-hard blade it could be greatter.
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alıÅıldıktan sonra gayet iyi bir lastiktir tavsiyemdir
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My level is not very high and I haven't used many blades or rubbers, so I only can compare it with the other rubbers and blades that I own (Stiga Offensive Classic AN (Winner) + Stiga Innova Ultra Light SynergyTech MAX + 2.0 = 158g

Proma Technic Off+ +RITC 2000 Tackspeed + DHS G555=189g

The setup is very fast (talking about a playing near the table). I feel it heavy at the start. I was able to make some good angles on my loops that I'd never do with my others setup. I have more spin than with the Stiga setup but less than the DHS G555. Less control than the G555 but more than the Stiga one. Some reviews say that is a Medium tacky rubber but I don't think so, it's untacky. Some reviews says is a medium hard rubber, i think is just medium, I don't feel it is hard. Good hits are more winners.

I think the setup is too fast for me but anyways I'm happy with it. I use it with this setup: Xiom Maximus OFF FL + Xiom Vega Asia MAX + 2.0 = 182gr
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hi qualty. max on BH/FH all+ on OFF blade with +++ control. a notch higher or same performance as BTY tenrgys on loops/smash/pushes/blck/flips. grippy but not tacky topshet. need to adjust though- diff with game play as Tibhar Genius T25, T5, Hexer, RevoFire, H3, Juic Air Condle, Barracuda.adjus the blade force cozz ball was low arc
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Great rubber for the GREAT PRICE! Definately faster than other siblings like vega pro and europe. Feels a bit harder as well with slightly less or about equal spin.
Carbo sponge sticks to the blade very well. Well done by Xiom.
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Good rubber, excelent for offensivb players near the table. I use this rubber with my Yasaka Hasha Deluxe. Good combination.
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