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10 Reviews for XIOM Omega VII Tour

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Bought this rubber a few weeks ago. I must say it is very fast, in fact it's to fast for me. Going forward with it is ok, ie you can loop or topspin pretty comfortable, spinny services are also very good. I'm have trouble with blocking and smashing the ball, which is a big part of my game. I'm finding the whole experience rather frustrating. And will be changing to other rubbers very soon.
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This rubber taught me how to loop. It has an extremely impressive amount of grip despite being non-tacky and very hard, the ball seems to sink into the rubber and just stay there. Offensive strokes feel like you're dragging the ball the whole way. While the rubber is very fast, it feels like there is little to no catapult effect, slow swings produce slow balls unlike most tension rubbers where the ball sometimes seems to rocket off. My main gripe with this rubber is it is comparatively more difficult to produce heavy pushes and serves, you need very high acceleration and very thin contact. Because of this, I would definitely not recommend this rubber for beginners. All the same it is an absolute joy to play with, and deadly in the right hands.
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Plays like a Omega 5 tour on steroids, Good, but play with Nittaku Fastarc G1 or Yasakas Rakza Z.
Among the most sold rubber in the world:
Whole Asian, every major store counts. Interesting, there are many ttplayers there, and its dominated by Nittaku, Yasaka, Butterfly, and TSP/VICTAS. No Andro, Tibhar, Joola, Stiga and so on. Only the domestic sells.
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Hard rubber with the speed of a rocket but controllable. Spin is great for me. This rubber is for attacker. From close to mid. I can do a compact stroke and spinny. And the block is good too. I compare this with my dhs rubbers that I often used. Same result with dhs but in a more compact stroke. Sorry for my poor english....
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its fast, some may say that it's too fast, this rubber is faster than lightning McQueen and sonic the hedgehog, decent spin and relatively low control, but a good alternative to tenergy 05, not recommended for beginners
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Not recommended for beginners. its fast . it requires to have technics , skills and good touch play, no mistake can be forgiven. not very sensitive to incoming spins but there is sufficient tackiness to produce good amount of spin. the 3rd ball attack on forehands and backhands definitely shows the beauty of this rubber, which is always easy to do . The control is OK and gives you confidence in receives and blocks . Counterattack is just another fantastic character of this rubber . even hitting the ball before it raise up is very comfortable and enjoyable too . i have it on my dhs fang bo b2 blade which has good feel and flexibility and speed . before this had mxp both for/back on my blade .
it feels much faster than mxp with almost similar throw angle. i definitely want to keep this combination and recommend it to who likes to have less dwell time and
speed of a rocket .
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Spin and speed are good. The only drawback is its lack of control.
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This rubber is simply amazing! Not recommended for begginers
I glued it on a Stiga Clipper CR WRB and the touch, the control and the BH loops are just awesome, just had some difficulty to block fast spinny drives, but does get better once you are used to it.
Serves, open ups and chops are very very spinny and fast, needs good feeling to keep the ball short on touch game.
Over all a great rubber, fits my style
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I use this with andro hexer grip sfx and a blade hurricane king 2
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The Omega VII Tour is the hardest hitting rubber and also thespiniest rubber in the Omega VII series. The Omega VII Tour will be out in August and I was privileged to test this ahead of the release. This is thefastest rubber right now in the market along with the Rhyzer 48 only that thisis at 55 degree hardness. I never thought I would use a non sticky ESN rubberthis hard. The Vega China was very hard at 54 degrees but this is even harderat 55 degrees ESN scale. At first feel of the rubber before gluing it to theblade, the sponge is very hard but the topsheet feels medium soft. I guess,Xiom designed it as a balance for the hardness of the sponge. When you pressagainst the topsheet, you can still feel your fingers dig into the sponge. Iwould not call it soft (i.e., the tospheet) but the ball can partially sink toit. It is on the heavy side. At 74 grams, it is even heavier than a DHS Hurricane3 rubber.

I tested this with several blades like Xiom Stradivarius, Fuga and Feel ZX3 but I spent the testing most with Stradivarius since it has the feel Ilike best. The Feel ZX3 is an awesome blade but since it is Kiso Hinoki, Ichoose to test the rubber more with the Stradivarius because it is a koto outerply blade. No offence to hinoki blade users but this is just a personalpreference on top plies that I have for myself. The Omega VII Tour has an extragear or two compared to the Omega VII Asia. The VII Asia is already extremelyfast but the Omega VII Tour still has extra speed that can offer. Mind you thisis not for the faint hearted. The rubber is not designed for intermediateplayers or players that are still mastering their basics. It is a beast whenyou unleash it provided you have the skills because the rubber is the bestrepresentative for an all out offensive rubber never caring about defense. Thisis the rubber you go to when you want an artillery to demolish your opponent’s shots. Onthe serious side, the advanced players will really appreciate this because thepower on the shots is simply above the rest of the ESN rubbers in the marketright now. I had to adjust with the rubber in my forehand because it was verybouncy on attacks. This is also because I am accustomed to slower rubbers thatare not as bouncy and not on the level or class of the Omega VII series ofrubbers. For the backhand, it was not a big problem because I adjusted to it ina span of 2-3 days. When you are doing topspins, I would caution you to take astep back away from the table the moment comes back because you would need to stay a bit farther from the tablebecause of its long trajectory. The Omega VII Tour shines the best starting atmiddle distance when you are past the initial attack and are already doingfierce exchanges with counter topspins. Its shines even better when you are farfrom the table because you will not feel a reduction of power and speed even ifyou will just an all wood blade. When I used this with the Xiom Fuga blade withthe Omega VII Tour, the power of the rubber carried it through even at fardistance from the table. I recognize that the Fuga is not a slow blade but withother rubbers on it, it would dwindle in its amount of power once you are farfrom the table.

The thing with the Omega VII Tour is that it does not have thehigh throw of the Rhyzer 48. The Omega VII Tour has medium or medium high throwwhen you spin with it but it does not have the profound arc of the Rhyzerrather it has the sharp and long trajectory when doing topspins againstunderspin or topspins versus block. The spin is one of the spiniest I havetried. It already approaches near the Tenergy 05’s level of spin. If I compareit directly to Tenergy 05, it is almost as spinny but I would trade the Tenergy’sextra spin to the Omega VII Tour’s extra power. In the longer ran especially inrallies, the Omega VII Tour can overtake the Tenergy 05. Also, the Omega VIITour’s hard sponge gives it a higher potential for spin and especially forpower because you can compress more with sponge and the stronger the shot, themore compression with the sponge is needed. The O7T will give you extra juicewhen the situation calls for a very strong finishing shot whether it is near orfar from the table.

The surprising thing about the Omega VII Tour is that it has a lotof gears. It is not linear in every way wherein even at soft or weak shots likedrop shots it would be bouncy but in the case of the O7T, the drop shots can beslow. I was surprised that it has a good degree of control on shots inside thetable but still needs some adjustments. Blocking is also very stable and I amtalking about passive blocks. Active blocking seems to be a bit bouncy and alsoneed adjustment. Nevertheless, despite its overwhelming speed, I would suggestto tame it and tame it with a lot of practice especially as a forehand rubber.If you are an intermediate level of player, I would discourage you to use thisin max thickness, even at 2.0mm I still think this would be too fast. This issuited for players who have mastered their shots and have very good control ontheir counter topspins and other form of attacks. In my opinion, I think we arefacing the best attacking rubber that is new in the market right now.
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