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XIOM Vega Japan is tuned to make more spin energy easier. Vega Japan makes the power-charged spin and flexible control. The Vega Japan is the latest high-performance HYPER ELASTO IMB rubber with all the spin and speed Tuned to load the ball with maximum spin, Vega Japan produces power charged shots colored with superior control feeling. Service returns and topspin attacks are more accurate and natural to enable greater confidence and create advantages to your game. Specially constructed Carbo sponge is synchronized with the energetic flow of Vega Japan. Raise your standard and Win with XIOM. Click on "Light Box" for larger and more photos images.

The Vega series of rubber, Vega Elite, Asia, Euro and Pro are highly durable and strong spin generating tensor rubber. All at an affordable price. Innovative enlarged attack window over the net is a speciality of this German rubber.

The XIOM Vega Japan uses the "hyper elasto" technology and a revolutionary black "carbo sponge" - more power to reveal your skills.

Vega Japan has a deep and padded ball-dragging feel at impact which reflexes upgraded tensile force of rubber to make more spin rotations. The padded contact allows for control. The spin-innovated makes higher and more curved ball-trajectory to create the largest safe-zone (big window) over the net. New black Carbo-Sponge maximized the dynamic efficiency to generate additional energy onto the ball. Accurate response to player's intention also makes more opportunities to lead the rally game. Resilient tensile structure of Vega Japan increases the lifetime of rubber to double.

Speed: 140
Spin: 120
Hardness: Medium 44.5 degrees

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Reviews of XIOM Vega Japan (8)

 External Review for XIOM Vega Japan on September 2, 2019
pair it on Stiga Dynasty Carbon, better than Nittaku G1 and TSP Ventus Speed for this blade
very similar to T05.
Good spin and speed
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Japan on August 20, 2014
Don't buy this rubber. What tarheel2536 said is true. When you try to remove the glue (butterfly chalk to be specific) from the sponge, the sponge crumbles. In fact, at one point, so much sponge came off that I could see the rubber on the other side. I was so furious that I tore the rubber up with my bare hands. It was actually pretty easy to do, which further shows how non-durable it is. I'm pretty sure that if you catch the racket on the edge of the table you will tear the rubber and the sponge.

I've reglued quite a few rubbers before. This is by far the worst when it comes to the sponge coming off while removing the old glue -- I never had anything that came anywhere close to being as bad as this rubber. Total waste of money.
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Japan on September 22, 2013
In my opinion the rubber with the best price/efficiency ratio.

Not as grippy as Tenergy05 or OmegaV Tour, but still very good.

Dont know about SigmaII Euro/Pro, but they are about the same price as Omega V Tour.

Very bouncy, took me a while to adjust from 2,0 mm to max mm.
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Japan on September 10, 2013
For the price, it really is a great rubber. On par with all the latest generation rubbers like Bluefire, Rasant etc. Because of the sponge hardness, it can be used for both FH / BH comfortably.
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Japan on July 23, 2013
My current favorite FH rubber. I've had more than a few Tenergy users ask to try it out after hitting against them and describe it as similar in effect on the ball. Nice spinny serves, solid pushes, and confident short & mid loops. For the price it seems like a great value when compared to the high end rubbers.
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Japan on June 21, 2013
A big disappointment. I was looking for a BH rubber with good control and spin, mounted on my fast, light Yinhe T-11+. Pushes are fine, but it doesn't "bite" the ball enough for BH loops. Vega Europe gives much better bite (though it's slower). FH loops are okay, though rubbers like Yasaka Rakza 7 (on the T-11+ FH) and Xiom Sigma Europe II are much, much spinnier. I can't wait for the replacement for XVJ to come in the mail.
UPDATE: I just pulled the rubber off the blade (easy). Then I slathered the rubber with extra glue to make the glue easy to pull off. Disappointing again--the sponge is so soft that pieces of the sponge came with the glue. The top sheet feels hard, under tension, but the sponge is soft.
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Japan on June 9, 2013
This is the best rubber.
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Japan on May 7, 2013
My game is allround type, chops, loop, flat smash, backspins etc. Currently use Adidas Fibertec Classic with VJ on FH and Vega Asia on BH. This combo fits perfectly for my type of game. Changed to VJ from Rakza 7 soft which has higher throw and made me struggle for allround game. This is a jack of all trades rubber. So far so good, definitely not disapointed.
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