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XIOM Vega Japan

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XIOM Vega Japan is tuned to make more spin energy easier. Vega Japan makes the power-charged spin and flexible control. The Vega Japan is the latest high-performance HYPER ELASTO IMB rubber with all the spin and speed Tuned to load the ball with maximum spin, Vega Japan produces power charged shots colored with superior control feeling. Service returns and topspin attacks are more accurate and natural to enable greater confidence and create advantages to your game. Specially constructed Carbo sponge is synchronized with the energetic flow of Vega Japan. Raise your standard and Win with XIOM. Click on "Light Box" for larger and more photos images.

The Vega series of rubber, Vega Elite, Asia, Euro and Pro are highly durable and strong spin generating tensor rubber. All at an affordable price. Innovative enlarged attack window over the net is a speciality of this German rubber.

The XIOM Vega Japan uses the "hyper elasto" technology and a revolutionary black "carbo sponge" - more power to reveal your skills.

Vega Japan has a deep and padded ball-dragging feel at impact which reflexes upgraded tensile force of rubber to make more spin rotations. The padded contact allows for control. The spin-innovated makes higher and more curved ball-trajectory to create the largest safe-zone (big window) over the net. New black Carbo-Sponge maximized the dynamic efficiency to generate additional energy onto the ball. Accurate response to player's intention also makes more opportunities to lead the rally game. Resilient tensile structure of Vega Japan increases the lifetime of rubber to double.

Speed: 140
Spin: 120
Hardness: Medium 44.5 degrees

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Reviews of XIOM Vega Japan (21)

Right of the pack you can notify that booster smell, thus you can see distinctive pimple structure on tensioned top sheet. This is not a rubber for beginners. It is bouncy. even its release date of this rubber is from 2013 it is not behind modern rubbers in terms of spin and speed. I have tried vega pro,europe df, asia df, omega 5 euro and omega 7 pro and i can say this is heavies of all them. It is easy to produce nice spin and speed but it lack top end gear compared to omega series(V,VII). Not so great over table doing short pushes, flicks are great. Good for backend looping and drive and for forehand if you need more dwell time. You can produce nice finishers. also have very sound . for 30 euros in my country it is good value.
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pair it on Stiga Dynasty Carbon, better than Nittaku G1 and TSP Ventus Speed for this blade
very similar to T05.
Good spin and speed

Updated March/2020....although this rubber is not the latest rubber from Xiom, but its spin capability is insane.
My son using this rubber for competition, all ball loop or drive contain high spin that opponent can not block it back on the table.
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Fast, spinny as heck, but with two huge disadvantages:

1) Much much heavier than any comparable rubber (mine weighs almost 50g cut, which is crazy), way too heavy for what it does.

2) Very low arc, low throw angle. Pretty much no safety over the net at all.
If you get the ball relatively high it's fun and powerful, but any ball for which you're not absolutely perfectly ready and catch at right the exact proper spot is too hard to play. T05 for example is much, much easier to simply put the ball on the table despite being even faster.
However, when matched with a high-throw blade (any flexible, thin blade), it makes for an incredibly powerful and easy to play combination.
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This is a great rubber, under rated more people should give this a try. Speed glue effect is nice on this one, very good speed and spin, also high durability looks new after 5 weeks 10hr a week, still has strong click when spinning and had not slowed down at all. I like it on bh but also good for fh. Powerful rubber needs more respect.
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Medium hardness, medium launch angle, fast, good spin, good for driving, distribution, blocks and topspin, medium arc enough to pass the net, very good in BH, in FH it would work in a very flexible wood, otherwise your shots go to the net.
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