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3 Reviews for XIOM Jekyll and Hyde X50

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I have used x50 in competition for the last 2 weeks, and I am impressed with X50. I am an intermediate/advanced, all-round player looping both wings.

My previous setup was TB ALC and Tenergy 05 on both sides FH 2.1/ BH 1.9 , my new setup is TB ALC and X50 Max on both sides. Therefore I will mainly compare T05 and X50.

Control is the main difference. X50 control is amazing compared to T05. In gameplay, I notice that I am more comfortable waiting for the right opportunity to finish the point. I would say that X50 is close to D05 with much better control and less spin sensibility. Serves, return of serves and pushes are better on X50, while blocks are a bit softer.

Speed: X50 is less bouncy and springy than T05. With the same stroke, there is slightly less speed, but not much less. It requires a little more than just a wrist flick. X50 is a good compromise between T05 and D09C which I find too slow (or requires significant increase in arm speed).

Power: A little less power than T05, but easily compensated by the confidence given by the rubber. Smashes are as fast as T05 and more controlled.

Spin: X50 is more spinny than T05, closer to Dignics. The arc is lower than T05 and required stroke adjustments with more forward motion and a closed bat. Initially, my loops were too low or went in the net. The slight tackiness gives some nice slow loops options.

Overall, I feel that Xiom X50 is the ideal compromise for me and the transition was fast. I played six matches so far with X50. I reduced unforced errors while keeping the speed and spin of my aggressive playstyle. Last night I beat 4/1 a player I lost against 4/0 with T05 and beat easily another player 4/0 against whom I struggled to win 4/3 only four weeks ago.

I cannot comment on durability, but it doesnt degrade on the edges like T05, so ot is a good sign.

Highly recommended.
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Switched from Rakza Z to This rubber with the recommendation of the Megaspin team. This rubber is actually the best forehand rubber that I have had the pleasure of playing with thus far, and I am happy to have gotten the opportunity to practice with it. The contact is crisp, yet the short game is concise and controlled. I feel able to switch from over the table play to medium distance rallies very seamlessly with this rubber. I was so surprised that this rubber is able to excel at so many different qualities. Jekyll and Hyde is ambitious, and achieves all of the goals its marketing claims. Perfect score
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A slightly tacky 50 degree rubber. Has a higher spin generation compared to the MXP 50 degrees and other 50 degree rubbers. Bouncy and very spinny but the control is top notch.

Feels like Tibhar MX-P 50.
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