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16 Reviews for XIOM Omega V Pro

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My current backhand rubber. I love the black sponge it looks cool. I could write pages from this rubber, but to put is short and simple. This is a really good T05 alternative. It is slower, than the T05, but faster, than the T05 FX. It feels hadrer and less springy, than the T05. The rest is the same. For it's price it is an outstanding rubber.
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Great rubber! 1 of the best FH rubber I've ever used. What I hate about this rubber is the weight but over all a perfect rubber for me.
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Comparing to the xiom vega pro which is one rubber still my favourite replacement for tenergy 05. The xiom omega v pro is the same beast with slightly softer feel yet still a medium hard sponge. Also its more durable rubber overall and kept it performance much longer than vega pro, Than again your paying more money for omega v pro. It takes few hours to unleashe it's full characteristics so don't be disappointed at first. Truly a worthy upgrade .
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Nice control rubber for backhand side of two-wing attacking player. Able to generate speed and spin for power loop but a lot of control for blocking and short game.
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Very good rubber. I use it on backhand and it fits perfectly. Huge spin and nice control. Highly recommended.
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I have been using Tenergy 05 atop a Nittaku Violin blade for the past 6 months, playing 2,3, or 4 times per week at an 1800 level. Xiom has taken everything I hated about Tenergy 05 and made it all better. T05 is known for its bounciness on soft to light contact shots near the net. Omega V Pro is very tame in nature, kind of like Bluefire M2. T05 catapults a bit when serving heavy back spin making the ball go slightly longer and higher than anticipated. OVP provides more spin with the same serve and the lack of catapult allows the ball to stay tight to the net like anticipated. Opening loops, T05 uses catapult to create a high spin, high arcing ball over the net, dipping sharply near the baseline. This is one of the highlights of T05 that I have not seen easily replicated by other rubbers. OVP comes close. In this type of shot, OVP creates very similar spin, but the arc isn't quite as high, nor does the ball land as deeply on the opponents side. Looping and counter looping... I couldn't tell much difference other than the arc. OVP is much lower throw, but speed and spin remain comparable. Smashing though... an all out smash with T05 is a low percentage shot. It's either going to hit, go in the net or go long. 33%. Very unpredictable. I don't have that issue with OVP. I feel a lot more confidence in my smash when a high ball approaches my side.
I want to add that I am using OVP in 2mm sponge thickness and comparing it to 2.1mm of T05. In my research prior to purchase, it was stated by several players that 2mm should be used by players who rarely go beyond 4 feet from the table (95% of my game). 2.2mm is for the player who serves or returns serve and immediately steps back 4 or more feet.
People have reviewed that the weight is very high. I don't have an issue with the weight. Yes it is heavier than Acuda S3, but it seems right there with the rest of the popular rubbers these days. My arm is no more fatigued than when I played with Bluefire, or TG3 Neo or Tenergy.
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This review comes after having tried this for almost two months, and coming from Xiom Vega Pro on my fh.
After a couple of years away from the tables, Vega Pro helped me a lot on recovering my fh, after a couple months I decided to get something more powerful, went to Omega V Pro and yeah, you grt more power.
The problem is the throw angle... In order to get all the power this rubber offers, you reeeally need to be down at the table. For the trajectory to be direct; if not, you'll just either throw the ball away, or hurt your shoulder.
Doesn't work for my technique, and I know it would just take more training to adapt it, but I was doing fine with a higher arc from Vega Pro.
EVERYTHING ELSE on this rubber is perfect... Xiom is really nailing it with their rubbers... Full consistency, a lot of speed, beautiful spin... Everything.
I recommend this for your bh, if it's not very spinny... Just flick and smash...

Keep spinning...
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Great rubber that has a slight advantage when playing with 40+ balls. The surface is non-tacky but provides some really good grip. Using it for FH rubber 2.0 mm and it does a great job - topspin, block or even chop. IMO it is suitable for almost anyone but the absolute beginner.
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This is amazing rubber ! I coming from omega v tour. Already had 3 sets from tour version and thinking the this is the best rubber. When i test pro from my friend i decided to purchase 2.2 and 2.0 sponge. Definitely pro is fastest rubber from the line. According to xiom graphic tour and pro version have the same speed. I found pro being more faster then tour.Pro have more direct and sharp feeling witch i really like . Huge catapult effect . The whole energy transfer in one direction .If you have good skills this is monster. The rubber have many gears .The same good grip like others rubbers from the line.
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Great rubber for my f/h. On a Donic Waldner Senso Carbon blade, amazing control, not bouncy, not very reactive to incoming spin. Loops very well, brush or drive. Agree with Xsponge - this rubber has ability to suck up a fast incoming drive and pop back a slow short loop. No real weaknesses, a real "do it all" rubber. Well done Xiom.
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slow at lower speeds , allows for some soft touches. but it gets fast when you start to hit harder(smash kills etc) , definitely alot of gears here.

control is definitely good both at low speeds and at high speeds.
had to adjust my passive blocks though , they kept falling short of the net , had to add a little push.

spin on serves is around yasaka 7 soft (9.3) or slightly higher.
spins on loops are very high , you can loop very hard and the ball will still hit the table with tons of topspin.
spin on loops rating around same as adidas p7 or slightly lower.

looping underspins is decent , easier with adidas p7 though.

weight is heavy , 48g after cutting on to a shakehand blade.

ratings across the board isn't that high , but its the gears and overall package that makes the rubber real nice to play with.
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Fantastic rubber! PRecision, spin, speed, control, everything's there. You can loop with heavy spin and your opponent is in trouble, or you can hit flat, same thing. Lot of spin on serve, my usual opponents now have more problems returning my services. Where this rubber shines is short game, much better control than all other latest rubbers. You can just touch ball or push with lot of spin, ball will not pop high, like with tenergy series. Speed - not lightning fast like rasant, but still fast, perfect for controlled attacking. Throw angle is medium, rubber is not light, but still lighter than tenergy, rasant and other top rubbers.
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Great rubber.
Top sheet is clearly soft, and the pips (column) are quite slim, both of them give nice feeling. Sponge is medium in my opinion. Sponge pore is small, similar to classical Japanese rubbers, which feels very unique and makes you confident with your stroke.

Many gears definitely.
Speed is fast but not super fast, good for hard and fast blades.

Throw angle is medium, not too high like Tenergy series. But it could loop very well thank the quality top sheet and good sponge.

Only thing I want to correct is its weight: this rubber is NOT average weight, it IS heavy! the cut weight on a typical Cpen blade is 46-47g!!! just a little lighter than T05, Sigma II pro and most of DHS H3 rubbers.

After Omega IV pro, V pro is my favorite rubber for FH, since my blade is very hard and fast. Some fans could use this on your backhand if you do not mind the weight. Mine is max, but next time I will try 2.0mm, that will be interesting.
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I've had 4 sessions with this rubber on the FH of a Rossi Emotion blade. It's a really great rubber, with a wonderful feeling of grabbing the ball for topspin.

It's not as fast as previous generations of Xiom rubbers - noticeably a notch slower than Omega 4 Pro, for example. The trade-off is that you gain an incredible sense of security in the short game. Service return is good for a rubber with such good attacking potential. The sponge does a good job of taking the pace out of the ball at soft contact speeds. The topsheet (mine was black) is a wonder - so much grip is available on any substantial stroke, and the arc for looping is high. Great for recovery strokes when on the run.

I find it hard to think of any negatives, really. It smashes and blocks well too. The throw is on the high side, so it doesn't suit my BH, but that's a personal thing. And it's too early to think about durability.

If you've tried recent tensors and felt they lack topsheet grip in comparison with some other rubbers, this is worth a try.
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I started to use the Omega V Pro on BH on my Xiom Vega Pro blade. I previously used Sigma II Euro which I really loved for its wicked spin and control. My frustration was that I never found a good technique to generate quite enough spin on high speed contacts. At low speed, you can generate surprising amount of spin but at high speed, the soft sponge bottoms out. You get good speed and control but diminishing amount of spin.
Enter the harder Omega V! In comparison to the relatively bouncy Sigma II Euro, you have to put a lot more effort in, but for sure, the speed is there. Not quite as spiny though but rather then disappearing, the spin cranks up at higher speed. Great for loopers.
Chops are effortless if done immediately after ball bounce.
I liked that this rubber was not unduly sensitive to incoming spin.
Many gears - better than anything I've ever used.
The surprise to me was how easy it is to slow the ball down and drop it just behind the net. On the other side of the net, of course! :-) it's something I never fully mastered with the Yasaka Antipower (which I did not like and ditched) but found it easy to do with the Omega.
When new, the Omega V Pro is not wild or anything but it does become a bit more predictable after a mercifully short break in period. That's something the Sigma II Euro didn't seem to need much - it's what it is from the start. On the other hand, another Xiom, the Vega Elite is just plain crazy for the first few hours of play.
I see hours of fun coming up with the Omega V Pro!
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I switched to this from IV Asia for BH. The control of this rubber is excellent, I can loop, push, chop, serve well and with a good variety of spin.Throw is medium-medium high. Blocking is good, not quite as good as IV Asia which has harder sponge, lower throw but is less forgiving. This is a very good BH Rubber for an offensive or aggressive allround game depending on blade and thickness, very slightly softer and with a bit more control than Omega V Tour.
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