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XIOM Omega V Pro

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• New power dynamics of professional swing speed
• Energized ball flight and rebound
• Extra precision for passive and offensive shots

Phased dynamics in the energy transfer between a ball and a rubber determines the rubber performance. Traditionally phased physical dynamics has been developed to produce the maximized spin and speed easily at lower swing speed. But the table tennis professionals can deliver solid contacts to the ball at higher swing speed. Their energy can be transferred more efficiently and precisely with the new dynamics, specially phased for the professional play. OMEGA V focused on the new dynamic mechanism for top professionals. Solid clicking, energy-charged repulse, and precise energy transfer allows the advantageous edge in small and big shots of the professional game. Experience the new dynamics and Win with us.

Speed: 98
Spin: 96
Control: 67

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Reviews of XIOM Omega V Pro (15)

Great rubber! 1 of the best FH rubber I've ever used. What I hate about this rubber is the weight but over all a perfect rubber for me.
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Comparing to the xiom vega pro which is one rubber still my favourite replacement for tenergy 05. The xiom omega v pro is the same beast with slightly softer feel yet still a medium hard sponge. Also its more durable rubber overall and kept it performance much longer than vega pro, Than again your paying more money for omega v pro. It takes few hours to unleashe it's full characteristics so don't be disappointed at first. Truly a worthy upgrade .
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Nice control rubber for backhand side of two-wing attacking player. Able to generate speed and spin for power loop but a lot of control for blocking and short game.
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Very good rubber. I use it on backhand and it fits perfectly. Huge spin and nice control. Highly recommended.
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I have been using Tenergy 05 atop a Nittaku Violin blade for the past 6 months, playing 2,3, or 4 times per week at an 1800 level. Xiom has taken everything I hated about Tenergy 05 and made it all better. T05 is known for its bounciness on soft to light contact shots near the net. Omega V Pro is very tame in nature, kind of like Bluefire M2. T05 catapults a bit when serving heavy back spin making the ball go slightly longer and higher than anticipated. OVP provides more spin with the same serve and the lack of catapult allows the ball to stay tight to the net like anticipated. Opening loops, T05 uses catapult to create a high spin, high arcing ball over the net, dipping sharply near the baseline. This is one of the highlights of T05 that I have not seen easily replicated by other rubbers. OVP comes close. In this type of shot, OVP creates very similar spin, but the arc isn't quite as high, nor does the ball land as deeply on the opponents side. Looping and counter looping... I couldn't tell much difference other than the arc. OVP is much lower throw, but speed and spin remain comparable. Smashing though... an all out smash with T05 is a low percentage shot. It's either going to hit, go in the net or go long. 33%. Very unpredictable. I don't have that issue with OVP. I feel a lot more confidence in my smash when a high ball approaches my side.
I want to add that I am using OVP in 2mm sponge thickness and comparing it to 2.1mm of T05. In my research prior to purchase, it was stated by several players that 2mm should be used by players who rarely go beyond 4 feet from the table (95% of my game). 2.2mm is for the player who serves or returns serve and immediately steps back 4 or more feet.
People have reviewed that the weight is very high. I don't have an issue with the weight. Yes it is heavier than Acuda S3, but it seems right there with the rest of the popular rubbers these days. My arm is no more fatigued than when I played with Bluefire, or TG3 Neo or Tenergy.
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