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8 Reviews for XIOM Vega Intro

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Thickness 2.0 on a viscaria blade. Intermediate rubber good for players in the early stages of learning to play competitively.
Needs a lot of effort to put good spin on the ball. Lots of dwell time but still not able to bring heavy spins.
It's not incoming spin sensitive - however the sponge has a lot of added bounce and springyness that it decreases the control.
Not very good for blocking because the combination of the springy sponge and the soft topsheet makes it lose a bit of control.
It's not a bad rubber - but compared to top-performing rubbers like tenergy series or even from the xiom line it has a huge difference.
If you're in the process of learning rallies and drilling - then this is a good starting rubber. But if you're aiming to play competitively there's probably a lot you'd be looking for that's not in this rubber.
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Not so spinny, not so fast. I used it mostly on my back hand when I switched over from my all wood blade to the carbon blades.
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I started with faster tensor rubbers with bigger catapult effects. Switching to intro gave me control and confidence in my game. I was no longer overshooting as much as before, and misreading the spin on the serve didn't mean I lost the point automatically anymore.
One major benefit of reduction in speed is pushing and short game. The ball doesn't bounce away as quickly, and you can guide your pushes safely where you want them to go. I started making a lot less unforced errors with this rubber.

As for attacking strokes, with the fast bouncy rubbers I'm always reducing my strokes in fear of overshooting. But with intro I'm able to swing confidently, and therefore also swing harder making up for the lack of speed if any.

It's quite grippy, decent spin.

Keeping the ball on the table won me many more points than any extra speed from faster tensors.

Loving the rubber, using 1.8 on both sides of an allround 5w blade. Agree with other reviews that it's like a slightly sped up classic rubber.
Cheap price too.
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Very forgiving and easy to play with, decent spin, low speed and not many gears. It's a good alternative to classic rubbers like sriver or mark V. Good value for the price!
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This is a very average tensor rubber. There is a good balance of speed and spin. It has just enough of both for most occasions. The controls is very good. But besides that, there is no other distinguishing characteristics to speak of. The topsheet is thin and the sponge feels medium soft. No tacky at all, but it grabs the ball very well.
I use Vega Intro on BH and I have no trouble lifting backspin or blocking. Overall, this is rubber is enjoyable to play with on BH. It's definitely too soft for FH. I would rate it as 8 out of 10. At such a price, there are plenty of other rubbers with similar or better performances. If you like Vega Intro, I would recommend any grippy, non-tacky Friendship 729 rubbers (Battle I or Focus II) at half the price (just make sure you get the 42 or 44 degree sponge).
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IT IS A TENSOR! It feels like playing with spring instead of sponge. If you have never used a tensor before you will not like this!
Drive: Okay
Loop: Good
Block: Very good
Push: Okay, but it can add more spin than classic rubber
Chop: Good spin, but the bounce makes chopping hard
Serve: not better than classic rubber

Update: After 3 more hours, I'm starting to like this rubber more than Mark V on my backhand side. Its speed allow better aggressive direct shot.
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I've been using this rubber on several different blades - an OFF++, OFF, ALL and DEF/ALL+ combo to see which blade I prefer with this type of rubber. I chose the Intro because I've not used tensors before and because it is a lot cheaper than the other versions of Vega rubbers. The rubber is not tacky at all but has a lot of grip - as much if not more than my Yasaka Mark V and generates a medium to high spin with good speed thanks to the mild catapult effect. The incremental speed this rubber generates is very linear so very predictable.

I classify myself as somewhere between beginner and intermediate player. I rely heavily on BH block, FH block and FH push for defense and BH drive with FH drive and FH loop for attack. I play mainly within 2.0m of the table.

I have 2.0mm on the FH and 1.8mm on the BH and found this rubber too fast and uncontrollable on the OFF++ and OFF blades for my game but put this down to inexperience with this more offensive/aggressive equipment. Dropping to the ALL blade I noticed a big difference in control and could put some real power into the stroke without losing too much control. It meant I could actually get more speed. It also meant touch was vastly better. On the combo blade, I found the 1.8mm on the BH to provide really good control but a significant drop in speed. On the FH the combination of the slight catapult added to the catapult effect of the blade actually provided more speed than the ALL blade, with the ball jumping off the bat really quickly but with a lot less spin. Flat hitting and smashes improved but high-spin loops became more difficult.

After being glued, removed and re-glued 4 times now, the rubber has remained perfectly flat (no curling) but the edges are chipping quite badly.

I really like this rubber and am still tossing up whether it or H3 Nero sits alongside Mark V as my top 2.
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I've been trying this in 2.0mm on my FH. It is a medium hard rubber that does everything well. I especially enjoy chopping with it. My chops and pushes are very controlled and stay very low. Decent speed and spin is achievable when you fully engage the sponge in looping and hitting though only marginally more than the popular non-tensor classics like Mark V & Sriver. It is a good inexpensive all round alternative for those who don't like soft sponges and don't want the additional catapult of the higher energy tensors. Since it is very controllable I think 2.0mm or Max thickness will suit most players.
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