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5 Reviews for XIOM Omega VII China Guang

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I changed my DHS Hurricane 3 blue sponge 42 on my fh for this rubber. My review will be comparing them. The first noticeble differnce is the catapult effect. While the H3 has none, the O7 china has a noticeble one. It is fairly quicker in short game and blocks than the H3. The second thing you notice is the lack of tackiness. The H3 is a ocean tackier than the O7 china. This impacts the game a lot, becaus with the H3 you can brush the ball as thinlly as you want, and the rubber will grip the ball. With the O7 china was happening at the begining the ball slipping on the rubber. After a few hours you get used to both of the things I said. In general, the H3 is spinnier (not saying the O7 china produces low spin, it's just not as much as a H3). Now lets go to the similarities... the throw angle is very similar, the speed on drives is very similar, and the hardness is similar as well. I would say the O7 china is easier to play with because you don't need to activate every single ball due to catapult effect (noticeble when compared with the hurricane, but not high at all compare with an euro rubber). Conclusion: the O7 china is a very good rubber, it is a fast rubber and gets faster with the force of the shot. It has medium control, and it is not the easiest rubber to use. It demands good technique and force. If tpu like to play passive shots this is not for you. If you thinking on a replacement for the Hurricane, I would say it is a heavily tuned hurricane with 85% of its tackines gone.
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After Vega DEF seems to have been discontinued, this seemed to be a good replacement.
Slightly softer now at 55 degree, but still plenty of power.
Can do everything reasonably well, no real weaknesses apart from of course being pretty damn hard and imo requiring some mild boosting occasionally to reduce the physical demand, help with recovery, help against humidity and so on.

In short, this rubber is not exciting at all, but it does what you would expect from it and basically causes me to not think about the rubber and instead about technique and positioning, which is good of course.

Would recommend if you have enough technique and power, like to boost a bit and look for something stable, spinny and powerful. But there may be better alternatives among current gen that I have not tested (yet).
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Spinnest that i have used and very controllable on blocks, pushes and chops. Still pretty fast but slower than Omega V Asia. My offence is probably +100 points using this rubber. I did have to change my strategy and technique to use it for full effect.
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Despite the name, Omega VII China Guang (O7CG) doesn't have a tacky Chinese topsheet comparable to any Hurricane. It's rather a hybrid rubber, to me it's similar to Tibhar K3, with just a slightly harder sponge (hence, less springy). From what I read, it's also similar to D09c (but I never tried that one). It's a rubber that requires advanced skills to be used. In short game, it's great and you can do anything. But the more you move away from the table, the narrower the window. Even just 1-2 meters from the table, if you aren't active enough (not enough power or too short strokes), the ball ends in the net. And when you really engage the sponge, the arc becomes surprizingly high and it becomes hard to keep the ball on the table. Beside that, spin control is very good, the rubber isn't much spin sensitive and you can do spinny services easily. For loops rallies, it's brilliant as long as you stay close to the table. Compared to Vega China, O7CG is bouncier and way less tacky. If you really want a Chineese feeling, but don't want to buy from DHS, get a Vega China (or Victas TDE) instead, it's tackier (and cheaper). I use O7CG on a Tibhar JC (inner dyneema/carbon) and I think it's a good pairing but I will try it on an outer carbon blade someday to see if it gets better (broader window) like K3 does. Comparing O7CG, VC and K3 (all max): service O7CG=VC>K3. loops K3>O7CG>VC. spin VC<O7CG=K3. speed K3<O7CG<<VC. control VC<K3<O7CG. short game O7CG=VC<K3. counter top O7CG<K3<VC. bounce K3<O7CG<VC. block VC<O7CG<K3.
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Very heavy rubber 56g cut to Viscaria. Not as tacky as H3. I prefer Xiom Omega VII Pro over this one.
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