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XIOM Vega China

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First Made in Germany sticky rubber in the world!

Combination of sticky surface top sheet with extremely hard sponge has been a key weapon for China to dominate the modern table tennis world.

But the uncomfortable truth is that unhealthy external chemicals like speed glue should be applied to balance out the proper elasticity from these hard rubbers.

Since the banning of ITTF against these hazardous chemical aids since 2008, boosters have been introduced.

Boosters are not only illegal in ITTF but also extremely impractical to use. Boosters also often increases the thickness of rubber over the rule of 4mm. Solution is New Technology. World-renowned TENSOR BIOS technology softens the hard rubber without illegal external substances to reach the proper elasticity in hard rubber.

VEGA CHINA, the original masterpiece of Made in Germany Sticky Rubber

54.0 degree sponge hardness.

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Reviews of XIOM Vega China (2)

My review compares this Xiom Vega China (XVC) to unboosted Hurricane 3 neo (H3) and Skyline 2 neo (TG2). The XVC has a very high throw angle compared to H3, TG2, and the new Sanwei Target National. This made it unusable for me, because I am used to the low throw angle of Chinese rubbers. One thing I did find nice is that XVC is very fast. I tried it on forehand and backhand, and with backhand I could get a fast block by barely moving my hand. This rubber was hard to control though, because using more movement or a longer stroke often made the ball go out (to be fair, I'm not used to this high throw angle, and after 3 hours I could do decent topspin loops and I found that my reflex-blocks, which usually don't succeed, had a pretty good success rate with this rubber, presumably because a very small movement is sufficient to get the ball forward with topspin). The catapult tensor effect is very strong. I found this much less spinny than H3 and TG2, it was very hard to do slow topspin loops and also to loop against backspin.
I recommend this rubber if you use tensors like Donic Bluefire M2 and want to migrate towards harder rubbers without getting a low throw angle. I do not recommend this for people like myself, who used unboosted H3 and TG2 and wanted to get something similar but faster. I tried both XVC and the new Sanwei Target National and found the new Sanwei Target National to accomplish this purpose better.
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I bought a pair of Vega China Max some months ago but didn't have time to try them. While cleaning my house last weekend I found an unused blade (a simple limba-ayous, 7-ply, Clipper-like blade) so I decided to try it during my training session this evening. Impressive. Adaptation time was very short (30 minutes warmup and I was ready to play a match with it). My conclusion after 2 hours: it's one of the most underrated rubbers around. It's basically a springy alternative to H3, much more forgiving, somehow similar to H3-50 but bouncier and faster on short game. Not as tacky as H3 series though. Usable even by beginners willing to learn Chinese technique. But in the right hands it becomes a spin monster, and quite fast. All those complaining about lack of speed from this rubber, sorry but I think you have skill issues. I love the hard feeling of the sponge! It's great for BH too, control isn't an issue as long as you are active. It's a pure offensive rubber. It's NOT a blade for passive/defensive game. One of the best hybrids (I call it hybrid because it's tacky but you really feel the tensor) I have tried (and one of the cheapest too). My only complaint is above average spin sensitivity. I don't understand why there aren't any reviews since 2014?
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