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2 Reviews for XIOM Jekyll and Hyde Z52.5

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In the beginning it was slightly tacky with insane grip and therefore the Spin was very high aswell. Sadly for me it didnt last like that and its Spin capabilitys went down slightly.
Speed was very high, once you put a little force into it.
This rubber is pretty hard, which makes it very precise and and decent for short game and Serves.
BUT you need good technique and cant get lasy, otherwise your shots will go long! It is more for direkt players with a forward stroke and less for looping.

Try Training with it even if you arent the best player. Once you can play good with this one, you will be as confident as never before with your usual Rubbers.

Surpisingly good for Chopping on slower Blade too :D
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Designed to play easier than the Dignics 09c because it is softer but the spin and the spring is equal to that of the Dignics 09c. Designed for very high level players.

Feels closest to Dignics 09c.
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