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Introduced Jan 2009

Spin is the most important element of modern table tennis. Not only the strength of spin but also the stability and secure feel have been desired by many players. VEGA series is the realization of the dream. VEGA is the mixture of two new technologies - HYPER ELASTO and CARBO SPONGE. Both of them are based on TENSOR technology which gives rubber the effect of built-in tension. HYPER ELASTO provides extreme spin and stability, and black colored CARBO SPONGE provides innovative efficiency of energy. Further, the feel of VEGA is exciting but comfortable. Its ease of use will help players play “winning” table tennis. Now four variations are available. All of them provide exceptional spin capability. VEGA PRO is for extreme spin, softer VEGA ASIA is for more speed, VEGA EUROPE is softer with more control, and finally, the softest VEGA ELITE is for extreme control.

Strategy: ALL
Distance from table: Mid to Far
Speed: 75
Spin: 85

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Reviews of XIOM Vega Europe (82)

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Review by lelinh777 (Verified Customer) for XIOM Vega Europe on August 3, 2017
amazing rubber performance, 10/10
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Europe on August 3, 2017
Outstanding performance. FH + BH on Viscaria . super loop, counter attack, chop, everything you can do with it.
Just got them today and beat straight 3 set games the guy, who I never win ( only in my dream )
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Europe on June 17, 2017
Good rubber if you like soft rubber. Comparable with rakza 7 soft .
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Review by guest_2ins36bb (Verified Customer) for XIOM Vega Europe on May 11, 2017
Hands down best rubber for intermediate-level play. Probably good for certain advanced-level styles too.
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Review by rizzy326 (Verified Customer) for XIOM Vega Europe on March 15, 2017
Used max thickness on the backhand. Its best attribute is control. It also lasts a long time, and can't beat the price. The max thickness was not good for me. Pushing was difficult. Didn't like the medium to low throw angle. used it on a 7 ply wood blade. maybe it's better on a carbon blade. Spin and speed is ok.
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Europe on February 1, 2017
I bought this rubber as an intermediate player keen to move on from Sriver to develop a more attacking style. Initially I found it difficult to control after the relatively deadening sriver but I soon got used to it and now find it helps my looping and especially counter looping and loop blocking. I don't find it so easy to push but this is probably just my bad technique. It gives a great range between snappy hitting and more delicate controlled play - I'd recommend to non beginners looking to speed up your game- written by my friend
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Review by zanelightning (Verified Customer) for XIOM Vega Europe on January 1, 2017
Very fast but reactive and requires almost 80-85 degree loop angle, very closed and caused mistakes due to that angle. I mischief prefer more open face looping rubbers. I moved it to backhand and was the same angle face but a very fast but lost spin over 2-1/2 months. I am trying a different rubber, it's good but to fast for me and not my style of play. 3.5 of 5 would recommend for fast European away from table players
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Europe on November 23, 2016
Top Sheet Thickness: Average (1.65mm).
Surface Thickness: Average (0.79mm).
Pip Length: Average (0.86mm).
Pip Width: Narrow (1.56mm).
Pip Spacing: Very Sparse (1.06mm).
Sponge Hardness: Medium-Soft.
Top Sheet Hardness: Medium.
Weight (Max): Average (43g, 0.212g/cm^2).
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Review by jshinn (Verified Customer) for XIOM Vega Europe on August 10, 2016
Very nice pliable and grippy rubber sheet. I use max and the spin while looping is good. Very strong driving loops, good control on short ball loops, and controlled blocks. Good offensive rubber sheet, off the table chops/slices are very doable if you have the technique. This is a good offensive rubber that makes looping and playing spinny shots fun. It's got good dwell time and after a couple weeks it feels like the ball sinks into the sponge and topsheet with nice feel during shots with a lot of wrist across the ball.
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Europe on June 22, 2016
Each sheet of this rubber looks fresh. It's superbly elastic, has durable topsheet and nice black soft sponge.
This rubber is on softish side, use blades with harder outer/bit stiffer to get maximum potential out of this.
Phenomenal control - quite easy to play where you want even if your technique is struggling yet. Great rubber for backhand play close to the table. In some way negate incoming spin during receives but you can block stable incoming attacks. For begginer-intermediate it's must a try rubber. Performance, quality and durability is superb with this price.
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