Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive - Chinese Penhold

by Yasaka
Rated 4.5/5

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Also available in Shakehand Version

MA LIN EXTRA OFFENSIVE is developed from the succesful Yasaka OFFENSIVE blade, but even faster, keeping light weight with good speed and a large sweet spot.

The center veneer is a little bit thicker and harder, which gives additional power.

The surface is lacquered by the factory to improve speed and durability.

Speed: 90
Control: 74
Ply: 5
Weight: 86g

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Reviews of Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive - Chinese Penhold (51)

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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on July 19, 2017
If you play like Ma Lin or Xu Xin this is the blade. For all-put close-to-the-table attacker or away-from-the-table power loopers. In short, power players with extreme stroke to take full advantage.
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Review by ritabeara (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive - Chinese Penhold on June 13, 2017
Great blade, I have been using this since day one and its been very performing with fast and precise attack. Very durable so far even after a few episode of collision. Well made.
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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on April 8, 2017
I've been playing with the CPEN version of this blade, and I must say I'm impressed. It's a very good blade overall and I understand why it's considered a classic by many players.

It's powerful but not too bouncy, you need to generate the speed yourself to get a faster ball. As a consequence, control is really good for an offensive blade (I'd say lower end of OFF blades). The blade is stiff enough but not too stiff (making it versatile, good in block/counter but still good in topspin play as well), it's medium hard but not that hard... it's hard to describe, really. It's taken me a long time to try this blade, I was afraid that it would have too "hard" a feeling for my taste (versatile topspin player, favoring limba-outer blades most of the time)... but it doesn't, and even though the external ply is hard, it does not feel that way. If you like only soft and flexy blades, this one is not for you, but if you don't mind a reasonably stiff / hard blade and hesitate, don't. Only thing to be aware of, for me : it has a medium-throw, it's taken me a bit of time to adjust in forehand topspin. Now I'm used to it and it's not a problem anymore.
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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on April 4, 2017
frankly to say this blade is a very good in all its aspects but the disadvantage of this blade is it is not still crafted as per expectations, i used the yasaka rakza7 on both sides but there were problems getting the ball on the table, so i tried using short pips on Fh spectol it was difficult too, then i purchased the aruna off+ where the handle is flared and flexible for Fh & Bh but was still not satisfied so i purchased the DHS CW-C blade which is a nice blade and heavy has a big head & face and nicely well crafted handle & good performance on the table , so after my observation & conclusion I came to know that yasaka malin has a short handle and the head & face in a bit small, so i added a piece of extra 6mm wood to the handle to make it a bit long and sanded the handle to fit my hand exactly, now i can topspin with short pips easily good control and now i am trying to put DHS skyline neo 3 on it , this blade is a very good blade but craftsmanship is a bit poor so players have no idea why they cant get good power on this blade, i figured it out after a year now this blade performance in really deadly, i hope in the long run yasaka improves and upgrade this blade with a beautiful head & a bit bigger face like Dhs & a flared handle like those of stiga blade, i recommend this blade for players of all types
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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on February 27, 2017
King of control. Very balanced blade. Large sweet spot. Good in everything but exceed in control. Soft and flex blade, so easy to drive and spin. The only blade that I felt redress Skyline Neo TG3 weakness in control, giving it many gears. But if you want speed, you will need a very fast rubber, like Donic Blue P1 Turbo. Even with P1 turbo control is there.
Rewiew for CP JTTA version. Mine has 91gr, so it's heavy. Good for smash, but has not the same feeling and power for smash like 1 ply hinoki.
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Review by malvascory144 (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on February 23, 2017
Great blade
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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on December 30, 2016
Mine is 87g pairing with Rakza 9 & 7 soft, I think this a very good all wood offensive blade with a reasonable price, if you are an offensive minded style of play, get use to it with this blade before upgrading with more speedy & less control blade. After all this the legendary YEO blade.. a must have blade ^^
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Review by supaflyqtpie (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on December 28, 2016
Solid 5 ply wood blade. This is on the stiffer/harder side of the spectrum for a wood blade, so the bounce is quicker because of less dwell, and overall speed is a good (for 5 ply wood). Decent loops and good counter hitting, but it loses power with distance away from table, so looping mid distance takes more effort. Very good paired with modern medium/medium-hard rubbers.
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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on October 25, 2016
My blade of choice at the moment. I have a JTTA approved version. The straight handle is just perfect for my large hands. The blade feels solid without unwanted vibrations. Stroke feedback is very good, speed and control are well balanced and can be tuned by choice of rubber. Highly recommended for intermediate level.
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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on September 15, 2016
Good blade. Despite being hard it has a lot of flex. Many of gears too, slow on touch strokes but explosive on swinging harder. Sweet spot is big, but the feeling of sweet spot is not as distinct as in most composite blades due to the vibrations that follow after hitting the ball. Vibrations are more pronounced with the new plastic ball. This makes it unsuitable for consistent hitting, however, looping is a dream. Overall, very nice blade. I use JTTAA version, don't know how the regular version plays.
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