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Reviews for XIOM Vega Elite (24)

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Muy buena goma para divertirse, muy similar a la Andro R37 pero con mejor arco.
Aunque le falta velocidad es una gran goma, mi compaero de equipo la monta en una madera de dureza media, su juego es muchsimo mejor ahora.
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Good on forehand (serves, loops) on a stiff blade, didnt like it on the backhand side.
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Vega Elite max, on Stiga ALL Classic and XIOM Diva. Butter-soft, hyper bouncy topsheet on very soft, springy cream sponge. This rubber is made for close to the table play, with a super high dwell time. Spin seems irregular; sometimes topspins are super spinny but at other times the ball seems to float long. It has a high throw on drives meaning the ball always clears the net and so blocking is very easy, however its bouncy nature often throws it too high to spin down in time unless a slower stroke is used. This bounciness makes service receive difficult. Service itself is one of its best points, due to the very grippy topsheet and high dwell time. A very impressive click is produced stepping back and one can achieve a large, bowing arc. However it is simply too slow to rally effectively against aggressive players and bottoms out immediately when smashing. Regarding durability this rubber should last if it is taken care of; otherwise it loses its grip quickly. The edges hold together well. Vega Elite would suit a close to the table topspin player who wants a soft, glue-effect rubber to do the work for them. Enjoy your TT!
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Not a professional player here. But my review might be useful for the average hobbyist. The sponge on this rubber is soft and it's good for players looking for that "hard blade-soft rubber" combination. My issue with this is that the top sheet has very little grip/tackiness to it. And I think the speed the ball bounces on the sponge and the almost zero tackiness to this rubber is giving me issues in putting spin on the ball specially when serving. It's great for "catching" the ball in top spin to top spin rallies due to the dwell time, but putting spin is something else.
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I have tried this as i wanted a low throw rubber for my backhand. I got a low throw but not much else. This feels like a fist generation tensor, it's springy all the time, serves and pushes pop-up and does not allow you to get proper spin on them. Speed is pretty linear and very few gears...ok if you want only control, not ok if you want the occasional strong hit to catch your opponent off guard. Good at blocks and not much else. Go for Vega Europe if you want a backhand soft rubber because is a much better rubber from all points of view.
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Quite disappointed in this 2mm red rubber. It proved bouncy up close to the table which caused control issues on blocks and lacked speed and spin back from the table. Things improved when I used it on the backhand but not enough for my liking. I prefer to use something faster and spinnier like HexerPS or Hexer+.
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I tried this as a possible alternative to 05fx,it`s a nice rubber and a lot of players in my area are using it but it doesn't come close for me.I found a lower throw,less spin and arc,not as good in chopping and pushing the feel is softer however it does improve with a couple of layers of Falco booster but the Tenergy still gives me more of a cutting edge in everything
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Good rubber however I would recommend Tenergy
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this rubber has great spin possibilities but also good for blocking and when you block you are able to the keep the speed given to the ball
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Emmmm for a fan of Xiom rubbers I must say not my cup of tea :).


Great pack like all other rubbers by Xiom. Grippy top sheet, very soft with soft sponge (very, very soft rubber). Its sponge is very porous and light. No sheen on top sheet. 100 % grip no tack. Good amount of grip when dragging fingers over it.


So so basically. If you play slow game spin is ok but faster you go it diminishes rapidly. Rubber is so soft that even at medium speed you hit the blade all the time thus reducing spin significantly. Opening loops are ok since you are the first in rally to hit the ball. Spin on serves is also sub par. Rubber is to bouncy to grab the ball when serving. Good side of this rubber is low reactivate to incoming spin but that is about it :).


Probably the biggest problem of the rubber. Way too soft for serious play. Blade contact all the time making it hard to finish point or to judge throw angle when attacking. One positive aspect is blocking opening loops. Since this rubber is bouncy and does not react to inc spin much, blocking those first loops is really easy and dangerous for opponent.


Not that great in a short game but off the table amazing. Rubber is too bouncy for short game so it may be difficult to do short returns in order not to get attacked on 3rd ball. Since rubber is slow from distance control is high off the table. Very easy placing the ball left and right, and it is also relatively easy in terms of depth.

Other characteristics:

Silly soft and bouncy rubber with medium - low throw. It does not last very long time since top sheet is very soft. You will start losing grip in about 20 days of playing and it will deteriorate fast after that.

Recommendation :

Personally I would recommend this only to beginners (so they can get used to tensors), blockers with limited physical capabilities or older people.

Have fun playing TT :) Enjoy life!
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I've tested Vega Elite, Europe and Asia. Also Omega 4 Elite, Europe and Asia. Now, Vega Elite is my choice, for the gears and the best control. Other rubbers like Tenergy 05 or DHS Skyline Neo have more spin, but you have a lot in VE. I Play RPB and use it on both sides of a carbon blade (Spintech Carbon Phenom), close the table. And close the table, I don't need more speed than what it brings.
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The most important thing for me is, how well the rubber "grips" the ball.

The best rubbers in this category (which I have personally tested) are Tenergy05 and OmegaV Tour.

Vega Europe/Elite and OmegaIV Elite are not so good.


What I like about the Vega Elite is the sound. The loudest rubber I have ever played with-if you hit the ball correctly.


And just because Vega Elite is not as grippy as Tenergy/OmegaV Tour, doesnt mean, you could not produce spin yourself. Of course you can!
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Very good rubber.

Great spin, feel and trajectory.

But it's not for me. It's way to bouncy. It's just doing to much for me.
2.0 mm.
I'm mostly a close-to-the-table-player. So my tecnique doesn't fit the rubber.
But far from the table it shines. both on forehand and backhand. Very pleased in that department.

Due to the tensor and non-tacky surface, the ball is to directly in serves for my style. For me it needs just as much wrist-work as a full-tacky rubber. The ball needs to get deep into the sponge to make a lot of spin. High throw to get it deep or just very hard contact when hitting the ball.
But when I hit the ball right, I could make very spinny, fast and low serves. Just like af chinese full-tacky rubber. But with a different tecnique and feel.

It's a great rubber. But I would need to practise much harder to get the best out of it.

It's not for me in my current style of playing.
I've found rubbers between slightly-tacky - half-tacky with medium sponge giving me more spin-posibilities. I can make very tricky serves and serve-returns. And the ball is holding a bit back so it won't bounce too much close to the table. But when attacking, there's not too much tack. The ball goes through the tack. I don't feel the tack is holding back on the ball.
Great for an allround-player like me.
And it pairs well for my Blue Thunder 550 and 555.
Soft on soft (Vega Elite on Blue thunder) is not a good combi. gives a wrong soft feel especially when it's a non-tacky soft tensor (very bouncy) rubber.
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Good controlable rubber. A step-up for any classic rubbers ie Sriver, Mark V. I used for my backhand. Has medium throw arc which is good for backhand stroke.

This rubber can produce wonderful 'click' sound.
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I use red 2mm XVE on my FH.
I found it difficult to neatly glue on, due to it's flopiness. I succeeded but when the light bounces off the surface, there is a slight lumpiness, even though I applied the glue very thin and even.
The XVE also seems to have a break-in period, where for a few hours it was very high bouncing and unpredictable. It wasn't just getting used to it. A much better player who sometimes plays/coaches me, also agreed. This perhaps explains the apparent difference of opinion in other reviews. In any case, after a few hours of use it gets MUCH better behaved.
It has very good control, which allowed me to rescue some difficult to reach, low flying balls way off to the side. I'm still getting used to it but starts to really grow on me as an FH rubber.
Anyway, I think it's a good rubber and the other reviews cover the particulars pretty well.
This rubber is for medium level players and perhaps a bit less forgiving for beginners.
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blocking and counter spin is nice and good for both fh and bh. vega elite is a top spin weapon for intermediate players. plenty of life time also for a soft rubber.

in my opinion, it deserves better ratings. someone destroying all the database this is unfair. spin is over 9.

edit: i got used to the rubber. light, loud fast controlled, very spinny and amazing feeling what else could i want from a sheet. from the best soft rubbers.
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Have used for 14 months on my 5 plies cpen. Good blocks and hitting. Loops are more of control style so follow up is necessary. i don't use it on service because its bh rubber. The topsheet consider durable only after half year, the edges then starts to chip after some knocks.
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This rubber is very low throw. Who said it is high throw must have mental problems. :) Vega Pro is high throw.

This rubber is good for my backhand but not for my fh, due to the low throw.

It has many gears.
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I use Vega Elite during one year in my BH nice for block and passive game Aldo good for loops in the close game. Not so good in far distances.
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Hard to control in the short game very good spin too uncrontrolling for me
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Very good rubber. Surprised this hasn't received as much press as the Europe and the pro. I've tried the entire Vega series and am quite confident this is the best. I have it on max on my forehand and am thinking of adding it to my backhand as well. The speed suprised me, you can really hear a click sound and generate speed with a good shot.
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This rubber is fast, soft, spinny and bouncy but still has good control. I was used to Tenergy 05, but due to the crazy Butterfly prices I tried this and do not regret. Of course Vega Elite is not better than Tenergy (at least for me) but it cost almost half.
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Amazing allround rubber! One of the best for me.
It is very spiny gum with reasonable speed and has the best control of all tensor rubber which I've played so far. Good to play in a mid distance as well as a passive game, close to the table.
As for me, is even slightly better than Vega Europe (a little slower but with more feeling).
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After using Tenergy 25 and Roxon 450 for a long time I decided to give Vega Elite a try. Vega Elite displays the opposite strengths and weaknesses of these rubbers. By far the biggest strength of Vega Elite is it's blocking. It is the best blocking rubber I have ever used. But that is probably about it. The negatives out weighted it's positives. When pushing the ball floats up and is very difficult to stay low. When attacking the speed and spin is not on the same page as Tenergy 25 or Roxon 450 although Xiom market it as a very spinney rubber. It is around 30% slower than T25, 20% slower than R450, and spin is 30% less too. Attack balls do not bite and kick but instead pop up and open to opposition attack. It also lacks the attacking consistency of T25 and R450. I got a lot more attack balls back on the table with T25 and R450.
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